Run-time error 445


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Aug 9, 2011

This vba code was done from excel 97 and I'm trying to run in 2007 and got run-time error 445 and highlight Set fs = Application.Filesearch. Is there any solution to get around this?

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim OpenName, PON As String, CODE As String, Response As String, PONMessage As String, MyString As String, DaughterPON As String, DaughterCODE As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

OpenName = ActiveWorkbook.Name  'Check file name
PONMessage = "You have not entered a PON Number. To enter a PON press 'Yes', to exit sheet press 'No'."
If OpenName = "Agar Plate Exposure.xls" Then  ' If file is the template

    Do While PON = ""
        PON = InputBox("Please enter the DaughterPON of the new batch: ", "Enter DaughterPON") ' Enter PON Number
        If PON = "" Then ' Check if entry or cancel has been hit
            Response = MsgBox(PONMessage, vbYesNo, "PON Error") ' Error message explaining that they either need to enter a valid PON or exit sheet
            If Response = vbYes Then ' if 'YES' then continue loop
                ActiveWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False ' Close template without saving
            End If
        End If
        If Len(PON) = 6 Then            ' If PON contains 6 characters then
            If IsNumeric(PON) = True Then ' If the string contains only numbers then
                Response = MsgBox("You have entered DaughterPON Number " & PON & ". Is this correct?", vbYesNo, "PON Confirmation")
                If Response = vbNo Then   ' If they click the 'no' button - reset PON
                    PON = ""
                End If
            Else                          ' Otherwise explain the entry must only contain numbers
                MsgBox "Sorry, your entry must only contain numbers."
                PON = ""
            End If
        Else                              ' Otherwisw explain a PON requires 6 numbers
            MsgBox "Sorry, a PON needs to have 6 numbers."
            PON = ""
        End If
    Dim FullPath As String              ' Set a variable for the full path of the current file

    FullPath = ActiveWorkbook.Path      ' Assign the current path to the variable
    Set fs = Application.FileSearch     ' Set file search object
    With fs                             ' With the fs object
        .NewSearch                      ' Clear the previous object settings
        .Filename = FullPath & "\" & PON & ".xls" ' Look for any files named with the entered PON
        .MatchTextExactly = True        ' Ensure an exact match
        If .Execute > 0 Then            ' If the search finds a file with that PON -
                                        ' Send message explaining the file already exists
            MsgBox "Sorry, a file with this name has already been created. Please open the existing file."
                                        ' Close the template without saving
            ActiveWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False
                                        ' Else save the workbook with the New PON as normal
            Do While CODE = ""
                CODE = InputBox("Please enter the DaughterCODE of the new batch: ", "Enter DaughterCODE") ' Enter product CODE
                If CODE = "" Then
                    MsgBox ("You must enter a product code.") ' Error message for no product code input
                End If
            ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="Polybag"
            Cells(3, 4).Select
            Selection.Locked = False
            Cells(3, 4) = PON ' Puts value of PON into worksheet
            Selection.Locked = True
            Cells(3, 6).Select
            Selection.Locked = False
            Cells(3, 6) = CODE ' Puts value of CODE into worksheet
            Selection.Locked = True
            Cells(1, 9).Select
            Selection.Locked = False
            Cells(1, 9) = Date ' Enters the date into worksheet
            Selection.Locked = True
            Cells(7, 2).Select 'Parks cursor
            ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="Polybag"

            ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (FullPath & "\" & PON & ".xls")
        End If
    End With
End If

End Sub

Is there anymore on this code that doesn't support 2007?


Excel Facts

Why does 9 mean SUM in SUBTOTAL?
It is because Sum is the 9th alphabetically in Average, Count, CountA, Max, Min, Product, StDev.S, StDev.P, Sum, VAR.S, VAR.P.
FileSearch is no longer support in Office 2007 and above you would have to use Dir commands

Sub Open_My_Files()
Dim MyFile As String
MyPath = "M:\Access Files\"
MyFile = Dir(MyPath)
Do While MyFile <> ""
If MyFile Like "*.xls" Then
Workbooks.Open MyPath & MyFile
Range("C3") = 6
ActiveWorkbook.Close True
End If
MyFile = Dir
End Sub

Second sample

Sub mefiles1()
'List files in a folder
F = Dir("m:\Access Files\*.doc")
Do While Len(F) > 0
ActiveCell.Formula = F
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
F = Dir()
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