Runtime error on code 1072896658 (c00ce56e)


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Sep 8, 2014
If you put the following hyperlinks into cells I2:I10 and then run the code below it is failing on the line:

    Set details = JSONConvert.ParseJson(.responseText)("details")

With the runtime error code in the title of this thread.

Any ideas please?



Sub Dog_Form()

Dim LastRow     As Long
Dim x           As Long
Dim urls        As Variant
Dim dogLinks    As Variant
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    LastRow = Sheets("Races").Range("I" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row
    urls = Sheets("Races").Range("I2:I" & LastRow).Value
    Sheets("Dog Form").Visible = True
    For x = LBound(urls) To UBound(urls)
        dogLinks = getDogForm(urls(x, 1))
        Sheets("Dog Form").Cells(Sheets("Dog Form").Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Resize(UBound(dogLinks), 20).Value2 = dogLinks
    Next x
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("U2").FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-18]=0,"""",RC[-18]&"" ""&VLOOKUP(RC[-19],'Look-up'!R1C8:R50C9,2,FALSE))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("U2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("U2:U" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("V2").FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(IF(TRIM(RC[-17])="""","""",IF(OR(RC[-17]=0,RC[-17]=0),"""",IF(VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)=""-"","""",IF((VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)/RC[-17])*100>100,"""",VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)/RC[-17])*100)))<70,"""",(IF(TRIM(RC[-17])="""","""",IF(OR(RC[-17]=0,RC[-17]=0),"""",IF(VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)=""-"","""",IF((VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)/RC[-17])*100>100,"""",VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'Track Records'!C3:C7,5,FALSE)/RC[-17])*100)))))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("V2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("V2:V" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("W2").FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(IF(TRIM(RC[-7])="""","""",IF(AND(RC[-18]=0,RC[-7]=0),"""",IF((VLOOKUP(RC[-2],'Track Records'!C3:C7,4,FALSE)/RC[-7])*100>100,"""",VLOOKUP(RC[-2],'Track Records'!C3:C7,4,FALSE)/RC[-7])*100))<70,"""",IF(TRIM(RC[-7])="""","""",IF(AND(RC[-18]=0,RC[-7]=0),"""",IF((VLOOKUP(RC[-2],'Track Records'!C3:C7,4,FALSE)/RC[-7])*100>100,"""",VLOOKUP(RC[-2],'Track Records'!C3:C7,4,FALSE)/RC[-7])*100)))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("W2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("W2:W" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("X2").FormulaR1C1 = "=(TODAY()+1)-RC[-23]"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("X2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("X2:X" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("Y2").FormulaR1C1 = "=DATEDIF(RC[-6],RC[-24],""y"")&"" Years ""&DATEDIF(RC[-6],RC[-24],""ym"")&"" Months """
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("Y2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("Y2:Y" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("Z2").FormulaR1C1 = "=DATEDIF(RC[-7],TODAY()+1,""y"")&"" Years ""&DATEDIF(RC[-7],TODAY()+1,""ym"")&"" Months """
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("Z2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("Z2:Z" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AA2").FormulaR1C1 = "=INDEX(Races!C2,MATCH(TRIM(INDEX(Races!C11,MATCH(TRIM('Dog Form'!RC20),Races!C12,0))),Races!C10,0))&"" ""&INDEX(Races!C3,MATCH(TRIM(INDEX(Races!C11,MATCH(TRIM('Dog Form'!RC20),Races!C12,0))),Races!C10,0))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AA2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AA2:AA" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AB2").FormulaR1C1 = "=(LEFT(INDEX(Races!C4,MATCH(TRIM(INDEX(Races!C11,MATCH(TRIM('Dog Form'!RC20),Races!C12,0))),Races!C10,0)),3))&"" ""&INDEX(Races!C3,MATCH(TRIM(INDEX(Races!C11,MATCH(TRIM('Dog Form'!RC20),Races!C12,0))),Races!C10,0))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AB2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AB2:AB" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AC2").FormulaR1C1 = "=INDEX(Races!C5,MATCH(TRIM(INDEX(Races!C11,MATCH(TRIM('Dog Form'!RC20),Races!C12,0))),Races!C10,0))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AC2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AC2:AC" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AD2").FormulaR1C1 = "=LEFT(RC[-3],4)&"" ""&INDEX('Look-up'!R1C1:R50C1,MATCH(TRIM(MID('Dog Form'!RC[-2],5,30)),'Look-up'!R1C2:R50C2,0))"
    Sheets("Dog Form").Range("AD2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AD2:AD" & Sheets("Dog Form").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row)
    Selection.NumberFormat = "0"
    Range("A1").FormulaR1C1 = "Date"
    Range("B1").FormulaR1C1 = "Track"
    Range("C1").FormulaR1C1 = "Dis"
    Range("D1").FormulaR1C1 = "Trp"
    Range("E1").FormulaR1C1 = "Split"
    Range("F1").FormulaR1C1 = "Bends"
    Range("G1").FormulaR1C1 = "Fin"
    Range("H1").FormulaR1C1 = "By"
    Range("I1").FormulaR1C1 = "Win/Sec"
    Range("J1").FormulaR1C1 = "Remarks"
    Range("K1").FormulaR1C1 = "WnTm"
    Range("L1").FormulaR1C1 = "Gng"
    Range("M1").FormulaR1C1 = "Wght"
    Range("N1").FormulaR1C1 = "SP"
    Range("O1").FormulaR1C1 = "Grade"
    Range("P1").FormulaR1C1 = "CalTm"
    Range("Q1").FormulaR1C1 = "Dog Name"
    Range("R1").FormulaR1C1 = "Trap Number"
    Range("S1").FormulaR1C1 = "DOB"
    Range("T1").FormulaR1C1 = "Dog ID"
    Range("U1").FormulaR1C1 = "Form Event"
    Range("V1").FormulaR1C1 = "Form Rating - Sectional"
    Range("W1").FormulaR1C1 = "Form Rating - Full"
    Range("X1").FormulaR1C1 = "Days Since Form Event"
    Range("Y1").FormulaR1C1 = "Age at Date of Event"
    Range("Z1").FormulaR1C1 = "Current Age"
    Range("AA1").FormulaR1C1 = "Event Entered"
    Range("AB1").FormulaR1C1 = "Event Distance & Track"
    Range("AC1").FormulaR1C1 = "Grade"
    Range("AD1").FormulaR1C1 = "Time"
    Range("A1:AD1").Font.Bold = True
    Columns("A:AD").Font.Size = 8
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(21).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(21).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(22).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(22).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(23).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(23).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(24).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(24).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(25).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(25).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(26).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(26).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(27).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(27).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(28).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(28).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(29).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(29).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(30).Copy
    Sheets("Dog Form").Columns(30).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

Private Function getDogForm(ByVal url As String) As Variant

    Dim forms   As Collection
    Dim form    As Object
    Dim ret()   As Variant
    Dim x       As Long
    Dim details As Object
    Dim dogName As String
    Dim trapNum As String
    Dim dateOfBirth As String
    Dim dogId As String

    With CreateObject("msxml2.xmlhttp")
       .Open "GET", url, False
       Set details = JSONConvert.ParseJson(.responseText)("details")
    End With
    Set forms = details("forms")
    dogName = details("dogInfo")("dogName")
    trapNum = details("dogInfo")("trapNum")
    dateOfBirth = details("dogInfo")("dateOfBirth")
    dogId = details("dogInfo")("dogId")
    ReDim ret(1 To forms.Count, 1 To 20)
    For Each form In forms
        x = x + 1
        ret(x, 1) = form("shortDate")
        ret(x, 2) = form("trackShortName")
        ret(x, 3) = form("distMetre")
        ret(x, 4) = "[" & form("trapNum") & "]"
        ret(x, 5) = form("secTimeS")
        ret(x, 6) = form("bndPos")
        ret(x, 7) = Right(form("rOutcomeDesc"), 3)
        ret(x, 8) = form("rpDistDesc")
        ret(x, 9) = form("otherDTxt")
        ret(x, 10) = form("closeUpCmnt")
        ret(x, 11) = form("winnersTimeS")
        ret(x, 12) = form("goingType")
        ret(x, 13) = form("weight")
        ret(x, 14) = form("oddsDesc")
        ret(x, 15) = form("rGradeCde")
        ret(x, 16) = form("calcRTimeS")
        ret(x, 17) = dogName
        ret(x, 18) = trapNum
        ret(x, 19) = dateOfBirth
        ret(x, 20) = dogId
    Next form
    getDogForm = ret
End Function

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