Serious problems with ActiveX


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Aug 30, 2009
Hello everyone
For two days I excel is acting strange and unpleasant .
Every time I open any file with macro , made ​​by me ' or other , does not allow me to use activeX controls .
For example , if a sheet is a button created as a control module that works .
If the button is created with an ActiveX control does not see it right , if in the " Development " and " Mode ' design " , right click and I highlight the button to see its properties goes out the window with the properties of the sheet .
If I try to insert an ActiveX object in the sheet out a message that says :
Can not insert object
Do you have any advice or do I reinstall ?

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Jun 29, 2014
Caused by Windows update, use a disk cleaning program (e.g. CCleaner) to delete all temp files, or manually search for *.exd files and delete them.


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Aug 30, 2009
Hello Rick , thanks for the answer
I use win7 on desktop and WinVista on the laptop
with laptop no problem, System Restore and everything went fine.
with win7 a disaster
. additional components does not take them , even after cccleaner all update files have mysteriously disappeared from the list office updates
. System Restore , after the restart , by mistake and not restoring to an earlier date
. I used cccleaner to clear any temporary files
. I uninstalled office and then I reinstalled
. Result does not change

probably wait for a new update that all systems , at least on win7
Patience use modules control


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Aug 30, 2009
Waiting for the release of a patch , I solved the problem this way:
I uninstalled these updates KB 2920734 and KB 2726958 .
Deleted files ° .exd
Now excel works well
Attention this is valid for Windows7 and Excel2013 for other versions of excel you have to look for other updates
Excel2007-2010 : KB2553154
Excel2003 : KB2984942

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