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This video has been published on Jun 7, 2021 .
A new feature debuting in Microsoft 365 Excel. If you save your file to OneDrive Excel will record every change anyone types in the workbook. You can then see those changes using Review, Show Changes, in Excel Online. It is tracking the changes anyone is making in Win32 Excel. This is HUGE!

Transcript of the video:
Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast episode 2412.
Holy smokes! This is awesome. Show Changes is new in Excel.
This wasn't even on my radar. I didn't know they were working on this.
I got a note that said that this is going to general availability soon.
So sometime in June 2021. I have it. The file has to be saved to OneDrive and then you open it in Excel Online and there is a new option now to See all of the Changes. I can't believe how cool this is.
Alright, so check this out. I created this file yesterday.
And at 7:09 PM I filled in this row. 7:10 PM. I saved it to my OneDrive.
And then I type some data.
This this, this, this, this and here like right now it's the next day. So today is Monday.
And I'll type this. And this is at 10:14 AM.
And then I'll come over here and just put in some stuff equal row times column.
Alright, now I can't see the changes here in Win32 on the desktop version of Excel, but if I go out and open this file in Excel Online.
You see it's already open Excel Online, discover new changes.
And here on the review tab there is something called show changes.
Oh my God, it's amazing alright. So just now Bill Jelen edited E5 to G19.
That whole range right there and I can see the changes and it will open it up.
Or hide those changes and then here at 10:14 AM, that's when I change this cell.
And this cell or where type this and where I typed today is Monday.
It goes all the way back all the way back to yesterday, right after I saved to OneDrive.
So there are 7:10 PM and even typing “I saved to OneDrive”.
That must have been right the first thing I did after I save to OneDrive.
This is what you can filter to see just things from this workbook, a particular sheet, particular range.
I think you can even come to a cell and say when did this change?
Like here this 345, I should be able to right-click, Show Changes and it will show me the history of that cell.
This is crazy.
Now you know, look, I realize not of peopl use Excel online, but this will drive me to Excel Online.
I'm going to work in Win32.
I'm going to work on the desktop, but then if I want history I can figure it out. Let me show you how amazing this is.
Alright, so here I am. Back in Win32. Control+N for a completely new workbook.
New workbook.
At this point is not saved to OneDrive, so they don't know where it's going to go, but I'll save it to OneDrive.
Alright, we are good to go. Any change that happened now should be logged.
I can come down here. I can type stuff 234, 567, 890.
I can put in some formulas equal this times two. Copy that down.
Oh and lets turn on AutoSave. I had that turned off, right?
And then some more changes so equal that raised to the one point one power.
Oh shoot, I should've rounded that: =ROUND(, comma 0 alright.
So this thing is living here in Win32. I'm using Win32.
I'm happy with it. I close it. File, Close.
And now I'm going to go to Excel Online. In Recent, Another Show Changes example.
Alright, it looks just like it looked in Win32, but when I come here to Review and Show Changes.
It's a complete history of the spreadsheet.
Here, these cells, right-click, Show Changes and so it shows where I did the ROUND. And then before that I put in the formula.
Look at this. Every single change.
Every single screw-up!
Your manager is going to be able to see everything you screw up and what you fixed. My God.
Hey, another question I thought of: So, remember this was 234 and this is 2 * 234. I changed this to 567 which changes this to 1134.
Does that change get logged?
No, no it doesn't because I didn't change the formula. So I right-click here and Show Changes.
It just shows the change I made an hour ago where I typed in the formula, not the fact that this formula changed as a result of some other input cell.
Good to know.
This actually opens up more questions than it answers, right? Check this out.
A great great new feature that's coming to Excel Online first, but it will really help all of your documents, even if you're working in Win32 and saving them to OneDrive, you'll be able to come and get this complete history. How long do they keep it?
I'm not sure. I am trying to figure that out. Yet another feature makes this book obsolete.
I'll have to update this book. MrExcel 2021. It has all kinds of other great features in Excel.
Click that I in the top right hand corner.
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We'll see next time for another netcast from MrExcel.


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This looks like it would be a great help for some of my projects at work - particularly where multiple people in a team are working on the same document, and I can see for myself what changes others have made. The one sticking point is the online element. I work in a law firm, and whilst we have the entire suite of OFfice products, we are forbidden from using Office online. It would be great if we could use it on desktop version, but I suspect that isn't in the pipeline.

For my personal account, on the other hand....!

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