Some questions on Comments....


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Aug 27, 2006
Hi guys,

I am trying to add some comments to some cells of my Excel sheet. Some questions...

1) I already have much of this information that i want in the comments in other cells of another sheet of my excel file. Is there a way i can make a comment linked to another cell, to show that data. Or, will i be forced to just copy and paste the info into each comment?

2) How can i set up my comment so that it only shows when i mouse over the cell that contains it, and dissapear when the user moves the mouse off it, without the user having to click the cell or unclick the comment once it appears...

Excel Facts

How can you turn a range sideways?
Copy the range. Select a blank cell. Right-click, Paste Special, then choose Transpose.
Which comments are you using their are four different types, the code for each is different!

For a standard in cell comment, from the Right-Click add Comment option:

If you build a list of possible comments on Sheet3 then code like this will add a comment to any active cell on any sheet, from the text in your master list of comments!

Sub myLoadComTest()
'Standard module code, like: Module1!
'Load Comment: This is a Test!

With ActiveCell
On Error Resume Next


On Error GoTo 0
'Get comment text from list of possible comments on sheet3!
.AddComment Text:=Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A3").Value

'Comment format options!
'.Interior.Color = vbYellow
'.Comment.Shape.Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = 48

End With

End Sub
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thanks joe.

Please keep in mind that i am a total excell newbie.. i didnt even know there were different kinds of comments.

Regarding the 2nd part of my question, i think i need to clarify...

i dont want to link a comment to an existing COMMENT on another page, but an existing cell.

in other words:

I would like a comment that i have for cell A1 in worksheet 1, to actually take the text from CELL B20 in worksheet 2.

Any ideas?
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That is what my code does!
It loads a comment into the active cell using text that is in another cell!
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oh ok, great!

Can i trouble you to give me an idea how i would insert this code? As a excell newbie, all i really know how to do is from the screen level. Ive never put code in a spreadsheet.....
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Hit Alt+F11

If the Project manager box is not up, hit: Ctrl+R

From the Editor Toolbar: Insert - Module
Then paste a copy of the code I posted.

You will need to change the code to use the Sheet and Range that holds your text for the comment!

When done editing the code, Click the top-most close "x" at the upper Right.

To run the code, select the cell that gets the comment. Then from the Excel Toolbar: Tools - Macro - Macros...

Then select the macro name and hit run.

If you select "Options" on the macro utility you can assign a Hot-Key to the macro so you will only need to hit the Key-Combo you assigned, to run the code!

Like: Ctrl+z
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If you have a list of possible comments in a table of cells on Sheet3 and Column "A" then this code will let you pick which comment to use from the list of possible comment texts. It then adds that text to a comment it builds in the cell that was active when you ran the code!

Sub myLoadComFromLst()
'Standard module code, like: Module1!
Dim myCell$, mySheet$
Dim myCom As Range

mySheet = ActiveSheet.Name
myCell = ActiveCell.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False)

'This is the list of comment text location, Column "A" one "Comment text/Row!"

'Get comment text to use!
Set myCom = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Select your comment text.", Type:=8)

On Error Resume Next
'If prior comment exists, erase it first!
On Error GoTo 0

'Make comment!
Sheets(mySheet).Range(myCell).AddComment Text:=myCom.Value

'Comment format options!
'Sheets(mySheet).Range(myCell).Interior.Color = vbYellow
'Sheets(mySheet).Range(myCell).Comment.Shape.Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = 48

End Sub
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i'm a bit confused. So i would have to have the users hit a button each time the worksheet loads to get this to run? Ideally what i am shooting for is to have users just see the comment as a popup when they mousover a cell.

Also, i should have mentioned this before, but i have actually about 200 cells that i want to link thru comments to about 200 other cells, not just 1 cell.

Is your idea still feasible?
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