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Aug 26, 2009
Can some one please help......!

I have data in one cell which is shown below

------- Activity Log - 2010-07-27 13:20:29 -------<br /><br />!~1.2010-07-27~!Raghavendra K - created Change Order<br />!~2.2010-07-27.1~!Raghavendra K - set Status: CCF Filed<br />Raghavendra K - set Response Date: 2010-07-30<br />Raghavendra K - set Type: Sizing and Scheduling<br />Raghavendra K - set Revenue: Chargeable and Funded<br />Raghavendra K - set Product: Activator<br />Raghavendra K - added Primary PMO: Joel Gosselin<br />Raghavendra K - added Notification: Chris Ullock<br />Raghavendra K - added Notification: David Fowler<br />Raghavendra K - added Notification: Mohammed Zia<br />Raghavendra K - added Notification: Yan Faubert<br />Raghavendra K - added Originating Customer: Bell Canada (IPVPN)<br /><br />

i need the above data in diffrent cells as shown below

------- Activity Log - 2010-06-28 14:52:54 -------

Raghavendra K - created Change Order
Raghavendra K - set Status: CCF Filed
Raghavendra K - set Response Date: 2010-07-02
Raghavendra K - set Type: Sizing and Scheduling
Raghavendra K - set Revenue: Chargeable and Funded
Raghavendra K - set Product: Activator
Raghavendra K - added Primary PMO: Ravi Mittal
Raghavendra K - added Originating Customer: Swisscom AG
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Can you AutoAverage in Excel?
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Nov 7, 2006
I may have misunderstood your query so this may not work

Try (untested)

Helper column

in B1

in C1

Copy / Paste Special / Paste Values back into column C

Sort column C ascending
delete all blank rows as they contain "added notified" and you dont want them

Sandeep Warrier

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Oct 31, 2008

The split data would be the name in one column and activity in one column. Am I right?

Excel 2003
Cell Formulas
B1=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("!",A1)),MID(A1,FIND("!",A1,2)+1,FIND(" - ",A1,FIND("!",A1,2))-FIND("!",A1,2)-1),LEFT(A1,FIND(" - ",A1)-1))
C1=MID(A1,FIND(" - ",A1,FIND(B1,A1))+3,LEN(A1))

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