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Sep 13, 2006
Hi All

This is a long one/complicated one... (for me anyway!)

I have been producing a spreadsheet to show resource availability for people on work projects. i.e. what they are doing with their time, when will they become free for more work.

I have been helped in previous posts to work out the formulas used for this. (thanks!).

Now i have a list of names and projects, and time they are spending on the project within a particular month.

Now i want to report on:
a) how many people are working on the project in a particular month
b) the percentage of time spent on the project compared to time spent on other projects.

I would suggest i need to
a) create a calculation/formula of no of employees divided by number on a particular project. (word specific?)
b) create a calculation/formula of time per individual working on that project compared to others times NOT working on the project.

I know it sounds complicated and i hope i have explained it sufficiently to get some responses..!?

Thanks very much


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It would be helpful ( for me anyway) if you could provide some data to work with and what you have already.

My first thoughts are that a pivot table might do what you are after
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Hi GorD

Thanks for responding.

I am at work at the moment, so am unable to send a copy of the spreadsheet ( i can do this- this evening..)

I am also unable to download the software to enable me to upload the sheet from work.

Is there any sort of data i could provide via this HTML box..? (for now..)

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Ok, ive managed to produce an example of data...

Name Project ID Project Task SEP OCT NOV

Mark A123456 Finance Analysis 0.5 0.6 0.2
Tim B543212 Marketing Analysis 1 1 1
John ZZZZZZZ Sales Program 0.6 0.2 0.1
Harry A123456 Finance Analysis 0.5 0.6 0.3
Jimbob B543212 Marketing Analysis 1 1 1
Gary A123456 Finance Analysis 0.6 0.2 0.4

0.5 represents 50% of his time allocated, where 1 represents 100%.
Another worksheet will therefore state that in september Mark is free for 50% of that month- as he is only allocated to 0.5. And Tim will be unavailable SEP-NOV as he is allocated 100%.

For example project A123456 is being worked on by 3 people.
Firstly i want to identify- in a formula- how many people are working on A123456.
Secondly, i want to identify what percentage of resource has been allocated to that project compared to the other projects.(i.e.for SEP 0.5,0.5,0.6 compared to 1, 1 and 0.6 for other projects). So i can say "20% of our resource currently is allocated to project A123456"

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Not sure if this is going to help much, but if you can turn your data into a list format, rather than the tabular style.
Also it would be easier if everybodies time was allocated including non contract time.
1NameContractJob TypeMonthHrs
2MarkA123456Finance AnalysisSep-060.5
3TimB543212Marketing AnalysisSep-061
4JohnZZZZZZZSales ProgramSep-060.6
5HarryA123456Finance AnalysisSep-060.5
6JimbobB543212Marketing AnalysisSep-061
7GaryA123456Finance AnalysisSep-060.6
8MarkA123456Finance AnalysisOct-060.6
9TimB543212Marketing AnalysisOct-061
10JohnZZZZZZZSales ProgramOct-060.2
11HarryA123456Finance AnalysisOct-060.6
12JimbobB543212Marketing AnalysisOct-061
13GaryA123456Finance AnalysisOct-060.2
14MarkA123456Finance AnalysisNov-060.2
15TimB543212Marketing AnalysisNov-061
16JohnZZZZZZZSales ProgramNov-060.1
17HarryA123456Finance AnalysisNov-060.3
18JimbobB543212Marketing AnalysisNov-061
19GaryA123456Finance AnalysisNov-060.4

See next post for pivot tables
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You can then use pivot tables to summarise how you like
21Contract View -(you can take the names out if want)
22Count of HrsMonth
23ContractNameSep-06Oct-06Nov-06Grand Total
27A123456 Total3339
30B543212 Total2226
32ZZZZZZZ Total1113
33Grand Total66618
35This would show FREE TIME
36Sum of HrsMonth
45Sum of HrsMonth
46ContractSep-06Oct-06Nov-06Grand Total
50Grand Total100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%

Only problem seems to be that not all the time is accounted for so the %ages are not what you might need.
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Thanks for doing this...
I will look at it in more depth when i am back in work on Tuesday.

Cheers for all your effort.
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I have had more time to look at this now- and it seems ideal!

I assume i will have to download HTMLMaker2.42 to view the formulas will i?

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No ,there are no formulas - it's all done with pivot tables.

Unfortunately, I think I will have overwritten the spreadsheet I created by now.

But if you have other questions fire away, and I or someone else on the board will do their best to answer.
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Hi GorD (or anyone)

Can you please confirm that i need to download the HTML Maker?
I cant see where i need to dl it from...!/ help... again!

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