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Is it possible to have a thumbnail of an image display in Excel 2010 and when you click on the thumbnail, it is viewed in its normal size?




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hi Andrew

Thanks for your reply. That worked well, though with one small issue.

The main problem I get is it is a template I am creating to record trading results. I want the ability to be able to click on the thumbnail of my trade and have the chart open up. That part of it works well for the initial setup, but each chart may vary in size, yet I would like to have the thumbnails all appear the same size. At the moment, that size is 3.7cm high by 2.7cm wide.

So, when I go to record a different trade that has a smaller or larger chart, I just right click the existing thumbnail and click Change Picture. But when the new chart comes in, the size of the thumbnail often varies. Is there a way to have that size absolute, so that all pictures brought in are the same size?

thanks again Andrew


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