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Feb 21, 2004
Hi, I'm a very basic excel user so sorry if I'm not technically correct.
I use XP Office 2003 excel for a Flight Time calculation program.
Basically it's just adding flight hours and minutes together.
The cells are formatted "custom" with [h]:mm selected.
My question is,"how do I avoid having to type the SHIFT-SEMI COLON for every line."
eg, if I want to enter 1hr30mins I type "1 shift semi-colon 30".
Is there any way to have this automatically entered so I can just type the numbers.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a website that will show a tutorial for excel formulas, maybe a good book. I thought possibly starting with something like a "dummies" book but I'm sure there should be a better one.
thanks a lot
greg :oops: :oops:

Excel Facts

What is the last column in Excel?
Excel columns run from A to Z, AA to AZ, AAA to XFD. The last column is XFD.


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Oct 27, 2002
I use a small macro to do this

Try pasting the follwoing into the worksheet coe area. To do that right click on the X icon at the top left of the required worksheet and paste the following code.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Dim TimeStr As String
Dim InputRange As Range
Dim cellValue As String
Dim SecondsInDay As Long
Dim SecondsSince1200 As Long
Dim Hours As Long
Dim Minutes As Long
Dim SecondsInHour As Long
Dim bValid As Boolean
Dim Test As Variant

'Set InputRange = Union( _
Range("g44:g47,d44:d47,j44:j47,M44:M47"), _
Range("f45:f47,i45:i47,l45:l47,O45:O47"), _
Range("F9:F11,G8:G11,I9:I11,L9:L11"), _
Range("G17:G20,I18:I20,G26:G29,I27:I29,G35:G38,I36:I38,J35:J38,J26:J29,J17:J20"), _
Range("J8:J11,O9:O11,M8:M11,M17:M20,O18:O20,M26:M29,O27:O29,M35:M38,O36:O38,D8:D11"), _
Range("D17:D20,D26:D29,D35:D38,F36:F38,F27:F29,F18:F20"), _
Range("F9:F11,I9:I11,L9:L11,O9:O11,F18:F20,I18:I20"), _
Range("L18:L20,O18:O20,F27:F29,I27:I29,L27:L29,O27:O29"), _

SecondsInHour = 3600
SecondsInDay = 86400 '(24 * 3600)

On Error GoTo EndMacro

'If Application.Intersect(Target, InputRange) Is Nothing Then
' Exit Sub
'End If

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 And ActiveSheet.[D8].Value <> 0 Then
Target.Cells(1, 1).Select
Target.Cells(1, 1).Activate
MsgBox "Error - You cannot select more than one cell for entry." & vbCrLf & "Please select only one cell and re-enter a time between 0(0:00) and 2359(23:59)", _
vbOKOnly, "Too many cells selected"
Target.Cells(1, 1).Value = ""
Exit Sub
End If

If Target.Cells(1, 1) Is Nothing Or _
IsEmpty(Target.Cells(1, 1).Value) Or _
Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then
Exit Sub
End If

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
bValid = False

With Target

If IsNumeric(.Value) Then
If .Value < 1 Then ' we probably have a real time
' convert to a time string
SecondsSince1200 = SecondsInDay * .Value
Hours = Int(SecondsSince1200 / SecondsInHour)
Minutes = Int((SecondsSince1200 - (Hours * SecondsInHour)) / CLng(60))
TimeStr = Hours & ":" & Minutes
' time was entered as a time
bValid = True
End If
End If
' process as a string
If .HasFormula = False And Not bValid Then
cellValue = Trim(TrimNonNumerics(Target.Value)) ' clean up value if string
If Len(cellValue) = 0 Then
MsgBox "This entry cannot be interpreted as a time", vbOKOnly, _
"Incorrect time entry"
End If

' format time based on number length
Select Case Len(cellValue)
Case 1 ' e.g., 1 = 00:01 AM
TimeStr = "00:0" & cellValue
Case 2 ' e.g., 12 = 00:12 AM
TimeStr = "00:" & cellValue
Case 3 ' e.g., 735 = 7:35 AM
TimeStr = Left(cellValue, 1) & ":" & Right(cellValue, 2)
Case 4 ' e.g., 1234 = 12:34
TimeStr = Left(cellValue, 2) & ":" & Right(cellValue, 2)
Case 5 ' e.g., 12345 = 1:23:45 NOT 12:03:45
TimeStr = Left(cellValue, 1) & ":" & Mid(cellValue, 2, 2) _
& ":" & Right(cellValue, 2)
Case 6 ' e.g., 123456 = 12:34:56
TimeStr = Left(cellValue, 2) & ":" & Mid(cellValue, 3, 2) _
& ":" & Right(cellValue, 2)
Case Else
MsgBox "The time entered " & cellValue & " cannot be recognised." & vbCrLf & _
"Please re-enter", vbOKOnly & vbInformation, "Invalid Time Entered"
.Value = ""
Exit Sub
End Select
End If
' this will create an error is the time sting is > 23:59
Test = TimeValue(TimeStr) ' need to do thai as the enable events will disable error trap
Application.EnableEvents = False ' the change causes yet another change event
.Value = TimeValue(TimeStr)
Application.EnableEvents = True

' value is 0 to 2400

End With

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Exit Sub

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Target.Cells(1, 1).Select ' an error is generated if more than one cell is updated

If Target.Cells(1, 1).Value > "" Then ' we have an invalid string most likely
MsgBox "Error - You did not enter a valid time: " & Target.Value & vbCrLf _
& "Please re-enter a time between 0(0:00) and 2359(23:59)", vbOKOnly, _
"Incorrect time entry"
End If

Application.EnableEvents = False
Target.Value = "" ' set value to blank
Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

Function TrimNonNumerics(StIn As Variant) As Variant
Dim I As Integer
I = Len(StIn)
If Not IsNumeric(StIn) Then
While I > 0
Select Case Mid(StIn, I, 1)
Case "0" To "9"
Case ":" ' Time strings
Case Else
'remove a character
If I = 1 Then
StIn = Right(StIn, Len(StIn) - I)
StIn = Left(StIn, I - 1) & Right(StIn, Len(StIn) - I)
End If
End Select
I = I - 1
End If
TrimNonNumerics = StIn
End Function
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