two column merge


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Jul 22, 2010
I have a excel file 4800 rows of data. I need to merge two columns of data into a one, or at least a new column.

I know how to do the formula to merge cells just can't figure out how to do complete columns. and don't want to do (=A1&", "&B1) 4000 times. :(

By the way I am working on a Excel for Mac it that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help,


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Excel Facts

Difference between two dates
Secret function! Use =DATEDIF(A2,B2,"Y")&" years"&=DATEDIF(A2,B2,"YM")&" months"&=DATEDIF(A2,B2,"MD")&" days"


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Nov 11, 2008
Enter your formula at top copy your formula down to all rows in same column


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Mar 10, 2008
In the first row (let's say row 1) enter

=A1&", "&B1

Assuming you have a list of data in columns A and B with no empty cells, and your concatenation formula is in C1, then hover over the lower right corner of C1 and double-click once you see the cursor change to a cross (or plus sign).

If there are gaps in your data, or you're formula is not immediately next to the two columns of data, rather than double-clicking the cross, click and hold the mouse button down, then drag your mouse downward until you reach the bottom of your data or include as many rows as is in your original data.

It's called "filling down".

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