Using info. from a Website... I am a VERY basic user!

The Crusader

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Oct 12, 2002
Early Sunday morning...starting surfing... found you! WOW! This is a fantastic forum, with many gracious moderators...(now that I have buttered everyone up); but seriously ->

I have managed to understand Vlookup for worksheet to worksheet calculation, but I want one of my worksheets to capture its information from a Website. (So that I no longer will need to do the data entry). Then the Vlookups on the other worksheets will use this data.

What do you need to know?
What do I need do?
Am I making any sense?
All and any words of wisdom will be rewarded with further accolades!

Thanks in advance!!!

Excel Facts

Excel Can Read to You
Customize Quick Access Toolbar. From All Commands, add Speak Cells or Speak Cells on Enter to QAT. Select cells. Press Speak Cells.

You can create 'Web Queries' which allow Excel to extract data from a web page and bring it into Excel. You can see this by choosing Data, Get External Data, New Web Query. They aren't always straightforward (especially if the page has multiple tables but you only need one) but they can be useful.

If you need any specific help post back and provide the page address if possible.
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Dan, thanks...but...
I am not able to use the 'create new query' option. It states that is hasn't been loaded and to attempt to reload it. Well I've reloaded Excel (via my Office 97 disk) and still nothing! Arggh!

Maybe a little more detail of what I have (and need):

For the people I work with, I run a 'Hockey Pool'. I use Excel day in and out for my work... but oddly enough the workbook for the Pool is more 'needy' that my work templates. We have an engineering group for any work applications; I highly doubt they would consider working on the Hockey Pool.

So not that you have the history;
I want to be able to access one of the many websites that display players stats, and draw the necessary data from there, with the necessary criteria (ie goals, assists, points, etc).
I don't want it to alter the other worksheets in the book (ie fonts, formulas, etc)I have Vlookups throughout the remainder of the workbook.
Do you think I am asking the wrong questions?
Is this possible?
Should I really be spending my time paying someone else to update the stats? (LOL)

Any help would be great,
I guess I'm a little 'needy' like my workbook!
Thanks again...
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You may be able to copy the data into your worksheet and then extract or link information from there.

What site do you get the information from?
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On 2002-10-13 13:33, The Crusader wrote:
The one I'm using for data entry is:

but Yahoo offer one that is downloadable:
I'm one of these self-taught users, and have been fairly successful with 'cracking' formulas...but accessing data from the www is eluding...

with the Yahoo information
- download th file (right-click Save as)
Save the file in your Excel folder or where you can find it

- the file is a text file
- open the file in Excel ( change to open all files)

- start at 3rd line
- click comma delimited

- finish

or with
- highlight the information and then copy Ctrl-C
- paste into am empty sheet as Text
- use Text to Columns delimited by spaces
- do minor edits if necessary

You will have the stats in Excel format.
Use your Vlookup etc as required

I did not list all the steps but the above should give you a general idea of what is required.

HTH Dave
This message was edited by Dave Patton on 2002-10-13 17:04
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