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Jul 28, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I need one help Becaue I want to create Macro. Please help me it's very urgent.I want to create macro which help me to create Parameter sheet.Actually My parameter sheet would be like this that I received many files to create Parameter sheet.What is in it that I received changes from client side there is no limit of columns and rows.I received data like this.

Example : ID Name DOD DOB
A01 | David | 18-02-1985 | 18-02-1996
A02 | Harry | 18-07-1956 | 18-03-1995

These are sample sheet which I received from Client Side After received the file I have to add seperate sheet and after that I have to make Parameter sheet on the seperate sheet like this.

Example:- CMD | ID | FieldName | Field Value
C | A01 | Name | David
C | A01 | DOD | 18-02-1985
C | A01 | DOB | 19-02-1996

I have to paste also Field Name with value for every ID .So I Need a Macro code for this Because in the received file there is no limit of columns or rows. So Please suggest me for this.

Thanks a lot...........

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Jul 28, 2010
Actually I want to paste data in other sheet like we received the data like ...

In columns ID Name DOD DOB

These are headings of the columns 1 but there is no limit of columns.
and also in headings have data like this

A1 David 18-02-1995 18-02-1975
A2 John 14-05-1996 15-05-1974

And I want to make sheet like this via macro code.

CMD ID Filed Name Field Value

These are the headings of the other sheet.

And I want to make like this.

CMD ID Filed Name Field Value
C A1 DOD 18-02-1995
C A1 DOB 18-02-1975
C A2 Name John
C A2 DOD 14-05-1996
C A2 DOB 15-05-1974

Please help to make this macro I know how to run macro but I Stucked in this I make a macro before but So I am not able to do this.So Help me.

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