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This video has been published on Mar 13, 2013 .
After a long, long hiatus 'Where Is It Wednesday, with MrExcel has returned - with the debut of The 2013 Edition! Getting right to task, bill addresses the question on everyone's mind: "How do I exit Excel 2013!?" As Basic and Simple as this question appears to be... it is not. Follow along with Episode #1665 as Bill "MrExcel" Jelen takes us through the amazing maze of Exiting Microsoft Excel 2013.

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Transcript of the video:
MrExcel podcast is sponsored by Easy-XL.
Where is it Wednesday?
Is that short, would?
That theme can only mean the return of where's it Wednesday.
We used to write that in Excel 2013 edition.
So 1665, how the heck, do we exit Excel 2013?
Well, hey! Welcome back to the MrExcel netcast.
I'm Bill Jelen.
Got a note at YouTube from Abhijeet and Abhijeet says, hey! You see all the traffic out there where people asking how the heck we exit Excel 2013?
And that's very interesting, it's hard to exit to Excel 2013.
If we go to file, there is nothing here.
That will let us exit Excel like [ file ], [ exit ] is missing.
So, right now I have three different workbooks open and if I come up to the x in the top right hand corner, this is now closed.
It's not exit anymore, its kind of like the bottom [ x ] used to be in Excel 2013.
So, I close red, I closed yellow, I closed blue and that seems like quite the hassle to have to go through, to close all the files.
What happened to file exit?
All right, starting over again the problem is even worse.
If you're using file close, [ alt F C ] and then this is the last one [ alt F C ].
They like spawn a new blank instance of Excel to replace the last one.
All right, so we just want to close Excel.
We want to close Excel, how do we do it?
All right! Let's go back.
Well, some people are saying you have to come down to the taskbar, right click and choose close all, but see there is no close all, so that's not going to help.
The method that I've been using is [ alt ] F for file, and then X for exit.
Going back all the way to Excel 2003, which would be the file exit command [ alt F X ].
There's also something we going to add the quick access toolbar.
So, right up your customize, quick access toolbar.
It's not a popular command because no one can find it.
Choose all commands and come down to the ease, near the end of the ease and you'll find exit.
All right, you can add that your quick access toolbar, you'll see that I've already added it of course, you just click [ add ] to add it.
All right, so we have three workbooks open now.
I'm going to go ahead and make it a trivial change to each one.
All right, and if I hit the [ X ] to exit.
All right, it's going to ask me for each one, remember if I don't want to save the changes to all, don't save all.
Hold down the [ shift ] key, when you click don't save and they'll let us out of Excel.
All right, so adding that exit button is one way to go.
The other way to go is my shortcut key of [ alt F ], which opens the file menu and you see there's plenty of shortcut keys over here none of them say, X for exit.
But it still works just click [ X ] or type [ X ] at this point, and it will close Excel.
All right, there you go.
Hey, thanks to Abhijeet for sending that note in.
Thanks to you for stopping by, see you next time another netcast from MrExcel.
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