Why is there no "initialise" option for my code to run...


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Dec 21, 2013
I have a userform with a 7 page multipage tab strip set up...
Pages 1 thru 6 are used to collect data from the customer, and I have various bits of text displayed, and pics, to assist the customer whilst I fill in the data.... and so the very last page, pg 7, Is a kind of "review" of the data previously collected on pages 1-6, in a nice neat, easy to read layout..without all the fuss...

So I set up some text boxes, on the review page, to match what data I wanted from each of the 6 pages, and decided that a "for loop" for each of the 6 pages would suffice... assuming my TB's were correctly numbered etc etc.

Trouble is.... what I "think" I need is for it to go get the data when I click the page 7 tab (Initialise ??)
but there isn't an option...

DO i have to use mouse move ? or is there a way that the data is automatically just presented??
One of the options im looking at is that a macro will print the review page, from a different location in the workbook...... but if I havent clicked onto page 7 and then moved the mouse, will the data still be there ??

cheers for any help....

oh... should point out... when I dbl click the userform to enter the code, it "thinks" i want to change "multipage1_change"
The header for the page, says it page 7....

can I address "page 7" in any way ?
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There is no Initialize event for multipage or tabstrip. You couls possibly use thw MultiPage enter event, but it would help to know more about what you are doing.
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The Multipage control itself has a Change event that is triggered when you switch to a new tab.
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Ive scrapped the for loop idea...

What I guess I need to know is how do I address the texboxes in other "tabs"....
and how do I get all of the textboxe on page 7, reflect what is in page 1 thru 6... automatically...
so that when I clidk the tab, all the data is there...
ie : on pg1
textbox(x) = customer name
so I need textbox(x) on page 7, to show the same..
on pg2
textbox(y)= type of Property
so I need textbox (y) on page 7, to show the same...

I have average of 5-6 textboxes, or option buttons, etc on each page....
Page 7 is just a sumary sheet of all that data, so that I can use page 7 to "commit" changes to database with a command button...
or the user can go back to the original page to correct any data....

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So do you have one TextBox for each page of the Multipage and want to summarise which OptionBox is checked on each of the other pages?
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As far as I know you just address your textboxes by name. The tabs don't matter at all.

So if you have:
Tab1 - Textbox1
Tab2 - Textbox2
Tab3 - Textbox3

Then you can have on the last tab:
Textbox4 = Textbox1+Textbox2+Textbox3

Edit: I think I would use the change event on the last tab. When the user selects that tab, run your code to populate the textboxes. They don't need to be populated before that (since they aren't visible anyway). But you do want to run the same code before saving if the form can be saved without switching to the last tab (unless the save button is on the last tab too and is the only way a save can be initiated).
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