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Thread: Excel VBA Active WorkSheet Name

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    Default Excel VBA Active WorkSheet Name

    I would like to find out the WorkSheet Name Of the Current work sheet so that I may check it to see if the user is on the right WorkSheet.

    If variable <> "RIGHT" Then
    I then want to make the correct sheet active using the name I just tested for.

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    x = ActiveSheet.Name
    If x <> "RIGHT" then Sheets("RIGHT").Select

    Although, it might be simpler just to select the correct sheet, rather than test if the right sheet is selected first...


    It will not error if the RIGHT sheet is already active..
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    Sub testme()
    Mysheet =
    If Mysheet <> "Sheet1" Then Sheets("Sheet1").Activate
    End Sub

    But if the user only needs one sheet why not activate that in a workbook open or something?
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    Thanks WORKS FINE.. I could not find it anywhere

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