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Thread: Where do I put SUMIF...revised

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    First a word of thanks to all that have given advice over the last few days. I finally got my function to work on one spread sheet now I modified it to use with different data and need to add a SUMIF,

    The equation so far is this: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($A23&D$3,RIS_GR_MAINS!$D$2:$E$503,2,FALSE)),"HELP",VLOOKUP($A23&D$3,RIS_GR_MAINS!$D$2:$E$503,2,FALSE))

    The lookup ($A23&D$3)=19176, this appears twice on the referenced sheet one value is 1000 the other is 500. I need to add a SUMIF in my function to find all instances of $A23&D$3 and add them together, in this case return 1500. Please ignore the term "HELP" in the equation, it is a flag for me elsewhere and will be replaced with "" when everything works properly.

    Any takers? Happy Easter to all!!

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    Vlookup will just locate the first instance that meets your lookup value.

    If you clearly describe your challenge, someone is sure to provide a good alternative.

    A clear concise example with the results that you expect is often very useful.

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