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Thread: "report" generation (advanced)

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    Hi guys,

    Here's the problem.
    I'm working with a rather complicated excel worksheet, which pulls its values from other worksheets, depending upon the value entered in its criteria field.

    for eg: if i were to enter Job #112 in the criteria cell, it would pull all relevant data (from wherever) and post it on the work sheet. I need to do this for about a 100 different jobs. Hence need for a macro.

    these job #s can be found in a range on some other worksheet.

    Here's my question:
    I want to be able to pull all the relevant data for a particular job, save the worksheet with a unique name (say JobNo####.xls), and then carry on doing this for each job.

    Pls Help.

    appreciate it.
    thks a lot folks.

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    Hi Anonymous,

    What you describe is probably pretty easy to do in VBA. Without specifics of what data you are trying to pull, and from where, I can't provide specific code, but perhaps what you were hoping to find out is how easy this is to do? This is actually the type of thing that VBA does best. It could become a big job if you want to output the data in a very unusual format, or want to have the capability to find and extract a lot of different kinds of data from a lot of different places, but still it only becomes tedious, not hard. Chances are that if you can break the problem up into small pieces, you can get answers to the various pieces on this board by posting them one at a time. If you need the whole job done quickly and don't want to piecemeal it, get specific about the problem requirements (providing a copy of the workbook would help) and request quotes.

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