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Thread: Converting columns of data

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    I am fairly new to excel and have to convert a large number of columns of data in different files. I asked this question before but got an answer that only converts data one value at a time. I need to convert large columns of data to there Ln value and cannot do this one at a time. Is there a way to do this that is not so time consuming? Thanks

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    I'm not familiar with your data or how large they actually are. I'm just visualizing using the LN function and then copying it down the whole column.

    data is in A2

    then type in which ever column you want to see the result
    on the same row.
    then copy/paste down the row.

    Alternately try linking each sheet as Access tables in a database. setup queries with the same formula. Then your data will be refreshed instantly whenever the excel sheets are refreshed.

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