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You Are Invited to Post Your Articles at MrExcel

The migration of the MrExcel Message Board to Xenforo has consumed the better part of 2019. But now that we have migrated, I would like to take advantage of the excellent editor that we have in the new software. I frequently meet a person or co-worker in real life who has an Excel question. In the course of solving this problem, I come up with a process or set of steps that might be useful to someone else or even useful to me in the future.

Have you ever had an Excel problem, Googled for the answer, and end up a post from two years ago, written by you? This happens to me frequently. I always think, "Hmmm - I guess I knew how to solve this at one time!".

When I come up with an idea that might be helpful, I will often record a YouTube video, or collect a bunch of screenshots and go through the process of having it encoded in HTML to be included on my website. But frankly, both of these processes take a bit of time. With the great new editor available from Xenforo, it becomes easy to write up a quick article with screenshots pasted in. You don't need to know HTML. You don't need to figure out how to edit videos. It is easy.

So today, December 2, 2019, we are opening the Excel Articles tab at the MrExcel Board. If you have permission to post answers here, I am inviting you to post articles as well.

To get started, click on the words Excel Articles in the top navigation bar.

On the top right of the screen, click Add Excel Article.

Give the article a title and a tag line. Write your article. Paste in up to 10 screenshots per article. When you are done with the article, choose the version(s) of Excel, add three or more tags, and click Save. That's it. Your article will be live.

Articles will appear if you click Excel Articles at the top, but the article will also appear as a new post in Other Forums / Excel Articles. This post is where people can click "Like" or add comments to your article.

This is designed to be easy and hassle-free. But please don't abuse the power. Specifically, articles should be about Excel, VBA, Power Query, or Power BI. This is not a place to advertise your product. No links to gambling sites. No politics. No spam. We reserve the right to moderate your article. If you are using Excel Articles to spam with posts that have no relation to Excel, you will lose the right to post at the board.
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