XL2BB - Excel Range to BBCode

A new way to show Excel range in messages - XL2BB

Although experts prefer to read your description and question instead of working in your actual file to solve your problem, there are times that it is difficult to explain an issue without providing actual data with formulas and extra information in an Excel-friendly format. To provide this kind of information, we've been using various add-ins to convert a selected worksheet range to HTML code to include in posts.

However, posting HTML in posts is not allowed anymore due to certain security and layout concerns. Therefore you won't be able to use any of the previous HTML maker tools. If you try to use these add-ins, generated codes will not be rendered as HTML but as plain HTML code. This led us to build our own BBCode to be used to convert a selected range to BBCode that can then be pasted and rendered in posts. It is called XL2BB.

For the forum migration in November 2019, more than 90 thousand existing posts using HTML-based code were converted to XL2BB code. We found that there were many different versions of HTML Makers in use and the output from some tools has not been converted yet. We are still working on converting these after the migration.

XL2BB captures the cells in the selected range and converts it to a special BB code hash that you can paste into a post. XL2BB is one of the two acceptable ways to post your worksheet to the MrExcel Message Board.

Click XL2BB Excel add-in for detailed information, sample usage and download page.

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