access 2003

  1. M

    excel 2013 user form to update access 2003 database

    Hi All I was wondering if anybody knows a quick and dirty way for an excel (2013) user form to populate an access (2003) database. I have created the database in access and they match the questions in the user form but i'm having difficulty in getting the to to communicate (a connection has...
  2. J

    Access sql fields to rows with aggregates

    Hi, I have the following scenario: Table1: ID Code Value 400 100 Red 400 101 Green 400 101 Green 400 102 Blue 400 103 Brown 400 103 Brown 400 103 Brown 401 100 Black 401 102 Yellow 401 103 Green The above table has 3 fields: ID, Code and Value When codes appear multiple times for the same ID...
  3. P

    Connecting to Access

    Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies for any inadvertent mistakes on my part! I'm trying to connect to Access 2003 from Excel 2010 using the data connection wizard. Both files are in the same place on a shared drive. At the moment, I can set up the connection to a query I have already...
  4. J

    Access 2003 Left Join with Subquery Confusion

    I'm trying to use a Left Join to a subquery in Access 2003 and it isn't working as expected. When I run the subquery by itself it returns the expected results. Here's the subquery: SELECT 'T0901' AS TestNumber , NAME AS TestName , TUBE AS SOFTTube , '0901 -- ' & [ID] & ' / ' & [NAME] AS TestID...
  5. J

    Export field value to excel cell

    Hello. This is my fist posting on this forum, and first posting on any forum for that matter. I have been trying for some time to export the value in my access field into an excel cell. The user will dblclick a hyperlink, which will open the corresponding file, as well open an excel template...
  6. B

    Vb-access runtime error 3001

  7. P

    CopyFromRecordset method stops at 65536 records

    I am using ADO to query a table in MS Access 2003, and outputting the data to Excel 2003 worksheets using the CopyFromRecordset method. The table has more than 65536 records, so I cannot use DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet and need to use VBA with ADO. My problem is that after making a call to...
  8. K

    Check to see if fields in form are set to null

    Hi. I'm developing an ordering interface in Access 2003 using forms with rows (approx 50) describing per article including two text boxes - one for number of ordered articles and one for number of orders delivered. This interface works as intended. The problem is that sometimes, people forget...
  9. E_DPSG

    Access: Return closest Date problem

    Hi all - I have a query that I am trying to return the closest matching date (but in the past) where I do not get a hit between the joins. Something like this: iif(A.DateVal is null, (Select Max(B.DateVal) From B Where (B.DateVal<=A.DateVal)),A.DateVal) This returns a -1 What am I missing?
  10. C

    Image generation from table data

    Hi all, I'm looking to generate images/image files, basic rectangles made up of smaller squares, with varying colours based on data in my Access 2003 db tables. Basically the table has fields storing rating values which determines the colour of squares on the face of the rectangle. My search...
  11. S

    Access 2003 Pivot Table

    I have created a pivot table in Access 2003. How can you get rid of the annoying filter drop down arrows? I am using this for a report and there will be no data updated and no filtering. I believe you may have to write some VBA code to get this to work but I can't find anyting on the web...
  12. A

    HELP QUICK - Forgot MS Access admin password!!

    Hi all, This is my first post and it's very urgent!! I tried adding a password to my MS access 2003 database as an administrator and it seemed to have saved ok, however when I go to open the database again and type in the same password it does not work!! Other users can open the database...
  13. S

    Integration of Access, Excel and Sharepoint possible?

    Possible connection between excel, access, and sharepoint? (And other questions) <HR style="COLOR: #ffffff; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Hello all, I'm a new user whom just registered yesterday. I'm currently using Excel 2003, Access 2003 and...
  14. S

    Possible connection between excel, access, and sharepoint? (And other questions)

    Hello all, I'm a new user whom just registered yesterday. I'm currently using Excel 2003, Access 2003 and Sharepoint 2007. Overview of the current situation At this moment, i have all my data stored in Excel like a 'database'. This Excel file is available in a staff Intranet, deployed...
  15. M

    User Parameter Query (Acess 2003) to Word Template

    Hi, i am struggling with how to effectively 'export' the results of a query into a word template, where the query prompts the user for a query parameter. I have set up the word template (.doc) and added in bookmarks to send the query data too but I cannot seem to get my head round how to...
  16. A

    dlookup in access?

    Hi i have two tables, firstly business area tbl contains an ID, description and email field, secondly initiatives table holds business area description and business email. When the user enters the business area description from the dropdown lookup in the initiatives input form i want the email...
  17. H

    How to enter algebra formula?

    I am new to access 2003 and I've been trying to add a formula to an existing access form. The Formula I need solved is (((L x R)(/A))(/12))=F L - Labels R - Repeat A - Across F - Footage I want to be able to enter the various numbers and have it solve what's missing. I always have the...
  18. M

    Too many rows of data

    Hi! I'm stuck with too many rows (250 000 and counting) of data that I need to manipulate in a Pivot table. If I could use my Excel 2007 this would be no problem at all but I have to make it work in Excel 2003. I tried to handle the problem with consolidated Pivot Table but I wasn't too happy...
  19. L

    Update on a Linked Table Failed

    I have a table in Access 2003 that is linked to a sql 2005 server. So far as I know I ahve all the essential parts for this table/form to update to the server correctly. I have a primary key, as well as a timestamp field in the table. Here is the situation i'm attempting and horribly...
  20. Jon von der Heyden

    Change pivot cache data source

    Hi All I have a workbook that contains several macros. One slices and dices data from another workbook. The next one will upload that table to an access database. Then another macro to pass parameters to a query in that access database. The workbook then contains several pivot tables from...

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