access 2007

  1. J

    SET DB error Excel VBA

    Hi all. I updated an Access database form an older version and it now has the .accdb extension versus the .mdb. I updated the VB code where it's pointing to the database but getting an error on the following bolded section. Thinking it's because I converted to .accdb. idrive =...
  2. J

    Compile Error: With AutoFill a Form

    Good afternoon all, I am getting the following error message when using my combo box to auto fill some fields on my Access 2007 form, "Compile Error: method or data member not found. The cbobox has an embedded query behind it that pulls (correctly from 2 different tables) all the information I...
  3. L

    Access 2007 VBA Compile Error.

    Hi All, I am creating a user form in Access 2007. I am receiving a Compile Error within my VBA coding. Please take a look at the code below and see if you can help. Compile Error: Expected: End of statment Recived on line: DoCmd.OpenForm “frmPasswordChange”, , , “[UserID]" = ” & Me.cboUser...
  4. A

    Delete Access Form From Excel using vba

    Hi, I have 2 forms in an access database (access 2007-10). I am trying to delete these forms using vba in an excel workbook. My access database has NO database password but the VBA project in access HAS a password. In the access database I have created a sub procedure (named DeleteAll) which...
  5. D

    How to Avoid, repetition in one filed of Access Query...

    Hi All, I am kind of stuck on finalize a crucial report in MS Access..... and tried to Google it as well but didn’t find any useful solution.... I will try to explain it with an example... Lets Say i have a Table in Access with below data: Table 1: <tbody> Material Description Qty A...
  6. A

    Data Hierarchy

    Hello, I have a database that manages employee training and documents. As part of my data structure, employees are assigned a job function which contains a set of procedures they are required to train on. Each employee may be assigned many job functions (there is the company core, department...
  7. M

    Only partial data obtained from connection with Access 2007

    Hi, I have a data connection in Excel 2007 linked with an Access 2007 file. On my computer it works fine but on my colleagues computer it doesn't quite work. When he opens and updates the file, the linked table deletes some data. In the table once it gets past 13/08/2015 it does not produce...
  8. M

    "Could not find installable ISAM" error

    Hi, I am using a macro enabled .xlsm Excel 2007 workbook. I have 4 data connection to the same Access 2007 file from which I get various pivot tables. My issue is that the spreadsheet works perfectly for me and others in my office, but one colleague in another office (who has Office 2007)...
  9. D

    Excel 2007 linked to Access 2007 query pulls default of query formula instead of correct answer

    Hello - first post here. I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 that is pulling from a query built in Access 2007. The formula in the query reads: RetireElig: IIf([age]>=65 And [ServiceYrs]>=10,"65 & 110",IIf([age]>=60 And [ServiceYrs]>=15,"60 & 15",IIf([Age]>=55 And...
  10. C

    Change the Conditional Format Color of a Text Field Using a Button

    On a form, a text field has the three color conditions allowed in the Conditional Formatting dialog box. OBJECTIVE: I need a button to change the color of the text field from one of the three to a new color condition (grey). RESEARCH: In my research I have found a delete condition (I...
  11. U

    Exporting Multiple Queries on different worksheets of a workbook

    Hello I am new with Access and VBA, My purpose is to export Queries in one workbook but different worksheets. I am working with Access 2007. When I add an Ouput file for the Queries to go in a specific workbook I get a compiling error stating: "Compile query expression...
  12. T

    concatenating or otherwise summarizing Yes/No data in Access 2007

    I have true/false data (as yes/no check boxes) where my first field is my record name (record_name = "A" thru "Z") and the remaining fields are titled "One" thru "One_Hundred". The data are checked if my record_name tests positive for my field name criteria. For example: if record_name "B"...
  13. T

    Proper database setup

    I know enough about the Access 2007 I'm using to be dangerous to myself and others, but hopefully someone will feel pity for me and help... I set up a database to track several different types of data for 300+ "sites". I have a table that has all the site numbers and their names; another table...
  14. G

    Truncating instead of rounding

    I've inherited an Access database. It pulls the amount of pounds sold of our products from our sql server and converts to tons by pounds/2000. However, it truncates after 2 decimals which leads to a huge amount of error. I tried changing the format to 4 decimals but it just takes the existing 2...
  15. D

    If Statements to Prevent Form From Inputting w/ Missing Fields

    I have a form in my database with 12 data input boxes. The user inputs the forms and then they press a "Save" button and it saves it as a new record in a table. I would like to implement a check though of sorts where when the user presses "Save" it checks to make sure all fields are filled in...
  16. W

    Insert Into SQL Statement losing data...

    I have been trying to build a SELECT query to drop data from multiple tables into one in order to easily build a report off of that table. I am only focusing on one table at a time and have run into an issue with an INSERT INTO statement. For one of the fields in the destination table which is...
  17. J

    Expression builder escape character?

    I'm trying to set up a default value for a text box. It will be a file path that contains an ampersand. Everytime the form is loaded the text box evaluates the ampersand and so it disappears. C:\J&B changes to C:\JB and so the subsequent code doesn't run. Is there a way to escape the...
  18. W

    Ignoring blank fields run through SELECT query

    I am using the following SELECT statement to remove unwanted characters from a field. However, if the field is blank, a #Error is populated. Can anyone help me with a workaround for this? SELECT MID(table.column,Instr(table.column,"badtext")+3,LEN(table.column)-Instr(table.column,"badtext")) AS...
  19. K

    Line not executable on Sheets.New.Name (very novice)

    I apologize in advance for any noob poster mistakes - I am very novice, trying to edit an Access database. I am trying to upload .xlsx data by changing a hard-coded workbook and worksheet name to a more flexible one. The worksheet name includes a date that will be changing every time this is...
  20. K

    Calculations in Forms with Restrictions

    Hi, I have a form with several subforms (using tabs). in each of the subforms for multiple fields I have calculations summing the fields in footer sections. These are then brought into the footer of the main form, so the user can see up to date information on the master record (for lack of...

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