1. A

    Vlookup Only The First Lookup Value

    Hello, I think I have a fairly simple problem (but one I can't fix). Column A of sheet "Model" has hundreds of thousands of account numbers, many of which are duplicates. I need to vlookup based on those account numbers to return data from Column B of sheet "Cost", but I only want to return data...
  2. Y

    Macro to copy values across rows and transposing them and add the user id

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me with this problem with amacro. I have a table of data that appears below(input data) whichhas usernames down a few rows and one or more accounts across 70 columns. On a regular basis, I would need to able to copy all theaccount numbers that are present...
  3. F

    Select account to send email from

    Hi I have a code that runs through a list of people and sends individual files to each one. The code automatically sends the emails from one of two email accounts I have. Problem is, it's the account that isn't associated with the message! As this spreadsheet will be used by many different...
  4. J

    Can Microsoft Access improve efficiency for the task described? Advice needed

    Hello I am trying to cut down on the amount of time spent on a very manual task which is performed on a monthly basis using Excel. The account is a receivables type account and it starts off by exporting the general ledger in an excel format for the month in review. Then two columns are...
  5. J

    macro to move list headers to columns

    Hello, If I download a list from exact it looks like below: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Subtotaal Akro Netherlands Inc. - 1682 19.0263 22-08-2019 19603880 60 - Inkoopboek 85 Plaatje zwart MDF 19.0282 11-09-2019 19604279 60 - Inkoopboek...
  6. A

    excel 2002 convert numbers to mathematical

    i copied numbers from an online account. pasted them into excel 2002. how do i convert the numbers to numbers i can multiply etc? i tried putting a 1 into a cell then copying and paste special multiply tried converting the cell to numbers thanks all
  7. V

    INDEX MATCH two criteria with SUMIF

    Hello, Does anyone know on how to combine SUMIF with INDEX MATCH. I have an issue whereby my lookup only identify first result that is in Sample C2. My intention that my formula will sum all the figure in column C i.e 700,000. My lookup value need to be maintain on Account number & Item no...
  8. B

    conditional formatting

    is there a rule I can setup so that the account number in column B highlights in red if I have a word in the description column I that would make it jump out as the incorrect account? like bonus payments go to 6950 and commission payments to 6955. I sometimes accidentally post them to the...
  9. A

    Limitation on rules in power query

    Hai, Can i know that how many number of rules maximum in power query? I have some rules in power query as below, the problem the query not functioning if i add few more query to this. Really need your help and how to increase numbers rules or any other alternative. Thank you in advance...
  10. A

    Tag duplicate rows based on a specific criteria

    Hi Excel Guru's Need help please, I know what my logic should be, I know what my result should be, but I am unable to build any formula to show the result I need. Below is the data set up and three different scenarios. The column named [Primary File Number line TAG] is where I would like to...
  11. K

    Struggling with Loops

    I have two worksheets in my workbook. Sheet1 contains customer order information with column A holding their account number. Sheet2 contains customers name & address information with column A also holding their account number. I need VBA code to start at cell A2 of sheet1 and check the account...
  12. M

    What formula should I use?

    Can someone please help? I have this data in excel 10 and I’ve copied and pasted values from 2 diff databases into one worksheet for comparison. Currently my columns are laid out horizontally and the following data is entered A. account numbers 16023-74530 ascending order from database 1 B...
  13. megera716

    Keep leading zeroes after Text to Columns

    I have a comma-separated .txt file of employee bank account information. When I open in Excel and run Text to Columns, it removes the leading zeroes from bank account numbers that have them. Even in the formula bar if I click on one of the cells that I know was an account number with a leading...
  14. J

    Return multiple account numbers based on multiple names from a list

    Apologies in advance. This is my first time posting. I have a list (DATA A) with two columns of data, Name and Account. I am trying to match the account numbers from Data A to a separate list (List B) which contains names, but where the names are separated into two separate columns for First...
  15. V

    Index/Match & Offset Problem

    Hi, below I created a simplified version of two worksheets I have. I'm trying to create a formula in Sheet2 that will find the 1st instance of the fund# in Sheet1 B:B, get the value to the left of it in A:A, offset that cell by the amount of rows between that cell and the 1st instance of...
  16. O

    Edit Queries grayed out - How can I view the source data in Excel and append data to this source?

    I still have access to an intern's account who no longer works here. He created a report in "Service" under his "personal workspace" so there isn't an option to download the *.pbix file. So I ended up going to "Desktop" and I was able to select the same dataset he used in "Service" and I...
  17. C

    Index, Offset, Index... I'm getting crazy

    For the pros… Been working on this for the last day…. I have a monthly report that update each week. It consists of cost center and account number. I want to control the budget and have the total of each account for each cost center. Not very complicated up to now… Here is the fun part: I have...
  18. 0

    SUMIFS Across Rows with Multiple Criteria

    Hi Group! I've got a question on using SUMIFS to pull data horizontally with multiple criteria. I have a table of data in which the column headers are month end dates, and each row corresponds to a unique account with monthly data amounts. Example <tbody> #D0CECE[/URL] "] #D0CECE[/URL] "]A...
  19. J

    Annuity draw-down over 25 years period

    Hi gurus, I will be very grateful if any one of you can assist on this. One of our team members who created the below has left the company and when we recover the file, we realised the formulas are totally gone! And none of us are able to work out the formula. Appreciate if any kind soul can...
  20. T

    Macro, delte a row based on values in a list

    Hi i have a big ledger in excel. In column E i have account numbers on each line + a lot of more info. To make a working pivot table i need to delete many lines containing some of the account numbers. This is the ledger: 1: Bilagsnummer; Bilagsår; Bilagsbeskrivelse; Dato; Konto; beløp 2...

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