Can Microsoft Access improve efficiency for the task described? Advice needed


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Mar 20, 2019

I am trying to cut down on the amount of time spent on a very manual task which is performed on a monthly basis using Excel. The account is a receivables type account and it starts off by exporting the general ledger in an excel format for the month in review. Then two columns are inserted one for " Staff Name" and one for "Category" because the GL does not provide this information. This information is then placed in another excel schedule for reconciliation. It can be very time consuming moving from one excel document to another for better analysis. The second excel spreadsheet assists with balances per staff member at a category level. There are about 5 categories and therefore 5 tabs for each category and movement for the employee month by month. As the account is a receivables type account debit entries indicate a receivable amount and credits indicate a reduction of the employee's balance. Credit card statements for example, as one of the categories, is a debit entry and when the employee submits a credit card expense report and it is processed it is a credit to the account. I want to be able to apply credit entries to debit entries by creating a reference number. And reference numbers that are not applied will make up the balance for the employee. The report however must take on the description of the debit entry and not the credit entry. If Access can do this for me on a monthly basis and all that I have to do is import the GL with reference numbers time will be saved by not having to type out the information into another worksheet. Also, if staff ID which is provided in most cases in the GL can be used to reduce the time spent on typing out the staff name because a relationship can be created between the staff list and the GL import, so much so the better. Finally, I'd like to be able to delete credits and debits that were applied after the Fiscal year so that outstanding amounts remain. I appreciate your advice!



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May 17, 2006
hello jayped

From a quick reading, it seems there is a well defined process. As such, the work can be done efficiently in either MS Access or MS Excel. You just need someone knowledgeable in Excel or Access to assist set it up.

regards, Fazza

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