1. J

    debits do not = credits due to rounding when using % to calculate

    <tbody> <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> See below example. D671 = 41,298. 41,298 x %. All % = 100% but when the result hits the debit or credit column, debits do not = credits by a few cents. Any suggestions? JE AMT DEBIT CREDIT </tbody> <strike></strike>...
  2. J

    Can Microsoft Access improve efficiency for the task described? Advice needed

    Hello I am trying to cut down on the amount of time spent on a very manual task which is performed on a monthly basis using Excel. The account is a receivables type account and it starts off by exporting the general ledger in an excel format for the month in review. Then two columns are...
  3. pcorpz

    help adding an AND to my if or statement!

    =IF(OR([@[Item Group]]="Labor",[@[Item Group]]="Labor - 3rd Party",[@[Item Group]]="Sub Contracts", [@[Item Group]]="Cloud Services"),[@[Total Sales]]*0.8,[@[Total Cost]]) I want to add another condition to only the "Labor" item group... and the condition is [@[Item No]] does not equal "Paid by...
  4. E

    Extrapolate? Forecast? Trend? I don't know what to call this problem.

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. This is what I need to do: I have data for three months. I need to determine what data the remaining 9 months will have based on the first three months. For example, January I had 1 credit memo. February I had 1 credit memo. March I had 3 credit memos...
  5. J

    Calculating Total from Debit and Credit columns

    I haven't seen this exact question answered so would like some help here. It is related to a bank account running total on an Excel Spreadsheet. I have 3 columns: Credit, Debit and Total I have tried this formula: =IF(OR(ISBLANK(B3),ISBLANK(C3)),"0.00",D2+B3-C3) for the 'Total' cell (column D...
  6. pcorpz

    need help with formula to make cell a negative value based on values on other cells

    Hi mvps! I have a quantity column (column M), and have two date columns (return and credit memo, columns S and Z) -- i would like the formula to add a (-) to the qty if either of the date columns have value.
  7. F

    Complex Macro request, can someone please help?

    Hi guys This is a bit too complex for me and I’m not too sure if it’spossible using excel. I have 3 columns I want to compare Column A = Clients Column G = Amounts Column N = Case ID So let’s say Client | Amount | Case ID Mike | 50|123 John | -50 |123 Mike | 50 |123 Mike |...
  8. P

    Move Numbers in adjacent cells

    Hi all, Kindly advice me for a VBA code so that to move the duplicate numbers from credit side which is col. "J" to col "I". Note that the code should move the second number. I present below an extract of original data and expected result. Thank you all in advance Original data <colgroup><col...
  9. T

    VBA to replace formulas

    I have a template for journal entries that I need to get into a different format. Right now I'm writing formulas that are working, but I cannot drag down so I'm thinking there might be a vba solution. There are 6 columns, B:G, account, center, debit, credit, company, plant. account and center...
  10. M

    Keeping the formula blank until data is entered

    Hi guys. I'm creating a bank statement format on excel; but need help in the balance column. I want the amount to be displayed only if the value is entered in debit credit columns (either 1 column). A B C...
  11. S

    Help to check balance account number

    Hi all I have file data.xlsm with 03 sheets("result","balance01","balance02") Now I want macro VBA to check value each account number in row i sheet(balance01).column(B,C) with the same account number in row j sheets(balance02).column(F,G) If the same account but value(Bi) <> value (Fj) or...
  12. I

    VBA macro

    I have 1700 hundred record some are debit and some are credit I need to move credit value in debit column with negative sign as value
  13. K

    Improve VBA

    Hello, would you please improve the macro? The issue arises when I have numbers in both columns (A and B) in Debit and Credit. For example In Debit 1,000 and in Credit 1,200. So, in column A should be (200) after running a Macro. Sub MoveCredits_v3() With Range("A2:A" & Range("B" &...
  14. N

    credit card conundrum

    Hello everyone, I’d really appreciate your help with this problem please… We are managing our business spending across 4 credit cards. Each credit card has a different limit. The total limit is £54,000 Every time one of the cards hits it’s credit limit, we move spending to the next card in...
  15. G

    MATCHing an ARRAY within a SUMPRODUCT

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate a weighted credit score for the credit ratings I have in my bonds portfolio. The first table represents the different S&P credit ratings (column A) and their arbitrary scores (B). The second table represents the bonds I have, the investment in each bond (C), their...
  16. R

    I Need a formula to show full, partial and zero credit results

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Robert, and I have just one Excel formula issue. The following formula works perfectly, but I want to add criteria for "0" credit as well. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robert...
  17. S

    Negetive and Positive to be match

    Hi Expert's Ihave an issues e.g column “A” I have same value of debit and credit, I need tomatch this debit and credit value how it possible? A 1222 1222 -1222 -1222 Thank in advance
  18. B

    Seeking help in forming an excel formula

    A kind of leave called commuted leave is credited half the half pay leave (another leave) every year. While commuted leave is credited maximum 30 in a service period, half pay leave is credited 60 in a service period (15 every year). Now if E13 = Half Pay Leave Credit, H13=Commuted Leave Credit...
  19. B

    Excel formula

    A kind of leave called commuted leave is credited half the half pay leave (another leave) every year. While commuted leave is credited maximum 30 in a service period, half pay leave is credited 60 in a service period (15 every year). Now if A1 = Half Pay Leave Credit, B1=Commuted Leave Credit...
  20. C

    If cell containts multiple text criteria, then return specific values

    Hey guys, I need some help. So right now I have a drop down list in place in cell A39. It contains 5 options (credit card, line of credit, loan, car rental, other) I'm trying to set up a formula in cell F39 so that when "credit card" or "line of credit" is chosen in cell A39, it will take 3%...

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