1. M

    Staff rota

    Hi All, Say I have a restaurant and need certain staff on different tasks each night. We try to make it so that each member of staff perform each job at some point in the week. I want to avoid one member of staff being in the pair that for example washes pots 3 days a week when everyone...
  2. I

    Using variables to reference workbook filenames

    Hi all, I've written some VBA which manipulates data in two existing workbooks, and am trying to add some extra functionality - but am struggling to get this to work using variables to replace hard coded filenames. Within the code I have the following: With extwbk.Sheets("Sheet1")...
  3. S

    Exclude a specific value from drop down list

    I have a table where I have staff names. I use these staff name to create down down list using INDIRECT formula and it works perfectly. Now I want to create a new drop down list, but want to exclude few specific staff name and show rest of the staff names. I using below formula but I get an...
  4. V

    Struggling to produce report based on horizontal table.

    Hello All, This is my fist post here so please accept my apologies if this doesn't followthe usual format for asking questions. I have a worksheet which I use to monitor staff holidays and plan resourcesaccordingly. Part of this sheet is a table with a list of about 50 staff on theleft and the...
  5. D

    Advanced Query or VBA Code

    I have a spreadsheet that contains over 3000 rows of student data. The last two columns contain Staff Code and Class. I am looking for a way to add the staff code to the class (sometimes we have two or maybe three teachers). What I normally do is use the concatenate function. I sort the...
  6. J

    Can Microsoft Access improve efficiency for the task described? Advice needed

    Hello I am trying to cut down on the amount of time spent on a very manual task which is performed on a monthly basis using Excel. The account is a receivables type account and it starts off by exporting the general ledger in an excel format for the month in review. Then two columns are...
  7. P

    Code to unlock a locked spreadsheet without pw

    Hi guys, I have an xls that has been locked by a previous staff and both staff and password are gone... any vba code to unlock the thing?
  8. B

    Match multiple criteria returns a specific result

    I am trying to build a vacation scheduler for a staff of approx. 100 staff and most of it works fine but I can't figure out one last piece. What I have is a dashboard, a staff list, a vacation list and then a DOR (day of rest) list. The dashboard has each employees name in B9:B100 Dates are...
  9. N

    Template for staffing numbers

    Hi i would like to design a spreadsheet with my staff in the first column and time across the spreadsheet. A coloured bar across the weeks would show when that staff member was available. The bar would be blank when they were on leave. This would visualise the numbers of staff numbers available...
  10. G

    Checking Time blocks

    Hello, im trying to create a check for a bunch of time blocks for staff ID Staff Start End Total Time 1111 8:30 9:30 0:30 "Under 1 hour" 1111 10:00 10:30 0:30 "OK" 1111 10:30 11:00 0:30 "OK" 1111 12:00...
  11. Alphacsulb

    Feedback/Ideas for Email Group Generation

    Hello, I'm looking for feedback on developing an email group database that will turn into a macro to create a lists. I have 6 sheets: Primary (Primary Directors) Alternate (Alternate Directors) Secondary (Second Alternate Directors) Managers (Other Staff who also receive information) Staff...
  12. U

    Annual Leave Database - A-Z Sorting, Repeated Lists and User Access

    Hi all I have been asked to make a chart for staff in an office. Currently there are approximately 111 members of staff, however this is likely to increase in the coming months. I have prepared a workbook which has sheets for 2019 and 2020. Each of these sheets has the days of the year across...
  13. J

    Create hyperlinks to files in folder

    Hi Can anyone help with a VBA code that makes a Hyperlink to cells? This Workbook is a staff list where in column "E" it is possible to use a Hyperlink next to each person to see a photo The path to the file is e.g. C: \Users \ Division \ Staff \ 38543_Benny_Mcgee \...
  14. A

    Counting dates available

    Hi, I've been trying to use an already in use sheet and adapt it. Basically, it has the week beginning date in the top row for the year, with staff names in the first column. The rows are coloured various colours if they're busy, and are blank if they're free. I want to have a list of names...
  15. T

    Macro to extract column data into new rows

    I'm looking for help in creating a macro that can extract select column information and create new rows data but still keep the identifying information. Not all columns will have information and I only want to extract those that have data. Below is an example of the survey data...
  16. N

    help with VLOOKUP

    Hi everyone, please could someone help me. I've created a spreadsheet called example. In it I have 52 weeks of the year with each sheet week number all the staff members that we pay weekly, and their breakdowns. We print these out weekly to attach to their pay envelopes. I then have a summary at...
  17. K

    Help with data extraction

    So basically we have set up electronic cover sheets and the formula I am looking for is when i am putting names of the bank staff covering the shift i want the corresponding ward to appear above the bank person's name. Anyone help?
  18. B

    Macro to add rows based on conditions and sum/subtotal lines above

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone is able to assist me with setting up a code to add rows (based on a condition) and sum lines above. Raw data is is below. <tbody> State Store Staff Name Day Date Hours Category 1 Hours Category 2 Hours Category 3 Hours Category 4 State Store 1 Staff 1 Tuesday...
  19. G

    Conditional formulas

    Hello I am trying to set up a staff spreadsheet so I can track when the qualifications are due. I already have a spreadsheet with the dates the staff did the training an would like it to change colour so I can easily see when they are due this year. Could someone help with this please?
  20. anna82marie

    Complex formula problem

    Good morning! I may have over-stretched myself with a training matrix that I have created. I have figured out the formulas to return the number of red, amber, green based on the validity period for ALL staff, but can't for the life of me amend the formula to give me the results for a specific...

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