1. M

    DAX formula for accruals

    I need a correct formula for calculating accruals and I hope a finance type has something ready-made as this ties me in knots. (I think everyone hates accrual accounting.) We calculate accruals in a somewhat normal accounting way. If I order a $100 widget from Zimmer, we put it on a...
  2. S

    Index match question

    Hello! I am trying to make a sheet that pulls accrual values. I want to pull text based off of a cell that contains a company name. However, there are multiple lines with different accruals for the same company. I want to pull a specific result (not multiple result). i.e.- I have a carpet...
  3. E

    Vacation Accrual Formula Help!

    Hello! I have been assigned to making a vacation accrual spreadsheet that will auto calculate vacation time for the coming year based on hire date. The parameters are complicated and I am stuck on how to do this. 6 months after their hire date they start accruing vacation at a rate of 3.07...
  4. S

    calculating vaction accrual by hire date

    i need some help fixing a spreadsheet to helps to calculate vacation accrual
  5. S

    calculating vaction accrual by hire date

    I have been asked to calculate vacation accrual for the end of the year. vacation is earned at the hire date. I was trying to calculate how much is earned monthly.
  6. J

    VBA for each

    Want to create VBA for each code to look for cells in i12:i50 and substitute the string Sep with Oct The string could for instance be: corp sep accrual which should be converted to corp oct accrual Sub journal() Dim describ As String describ = Range("i12:i50") for each describ if End Sub
  7. J

    VBA compile error

    Get an error message: compile error: method or data member not found at each of the two lines starting with selection Sub Accrual_Provision() Sheets("backing").Activate ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Accrual October" ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=+R[-8]C[-1]/9*10" Range("F41").Select...
  8. B

    Vacation Accrual Can anyone assist with the following vacation accrual attached is a dropbox link for what I have so far. I need to populate the accrued vacation based on the accrual date which we get 10 hrs a month or 120 a year. I need it to stop...
  9. M

    Accrual Calculation

    I'm hoping someone has done this already and has some quick formulas to offer - this could be a tough one otherwise. I would like to show accruals for various time periods. Accrual accounting is complex so my request here is a bit simplified, but it's getting the monthly report tied to a...
  10. R

    Dynamic PTO Accrual

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has a nice formula for a problem I am running into with my PTO accrual sheet. Where I am having issues, is when the anniversary date of the employee comes and the accrual would change. Given the following table : 0-4 years : 5 hours >4-9 years : 7 hours...
  11. A

    specific value returns to colour cells

    Hi Guys, I Need some help with regard to when certain cells have value and return to colour-shaped Status: I have 2 different workbooks: one indicating: <tbody> Jan </tbody> <tbody> <tbody> Serial number </tbody> Process fee Registration fee process cost Registration cost...
  12. S

    if cell contains VAC then add 8

    Hi ~ Need a bit of help. I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to incorporate an accrual usage calendar with columns that will calculate the usage based upon what is accrual is typed in a particular day of the month (cell). I have this so far ... =IF(OR(J7="VAC", L7="VAC"...
  13. F

    Sick leave accrual

    Hello. I need assistance building a simple spreadsheet to track sick leave that has a 1 hour for every 40 worked accrual rate. This needs to be a rolling balance set-up so if a PT employee works 25 hours one week and 30 the next, the accrual will be triggered by the 40 hour mark and start the...
  14. I

    Index/Match giving me fits again. Advice?

  15. S

    Paid time of accrual rate formula

    hi everyone im looking to have an accrual formula developed ive tried for a while works but not quite. This is the breakdown: i have a sheet that is universally used by many account and they just change they year and everything else follows. Recently i want to develop an accrual calculator for...
  16. D

    Vacation Accrual Formula

    Can anyone suggest an easy formula for the following vacation accrual: 0-1 year 4 hrs per month 2-4 years 8 hrs per month 5-10 years 12 hours per month 10+ years 15 hours per month Accrual is based on date of hire
  17. W

    First Payday Calculation using Hire Date (Bimonthly Payment)

    Hello Everyone, I want to get the first payroll of the new hires by using their hiring dates. The pay is given on the 15th and last day of the month. I am using the formula IF(DAY(Hiring Date)<=15,DATE(YEAR(Hiring Date),MONTH(Hiring Date),15),EOMONTH(F4,0)). It gives me their first payroll to...
  18. M

    Years of service stop accrual.

    I am looking for a formula for an years of service accrual. I have a formula to add the years of service, but I would like to add the fact of a termination date to stop accrual. Here is the current formula. =IF(D5=0,"",(TODAY()-D5)/366) I would like to add something along the line of **If a...
  19. T

    Pay cycle vacation accrual

    Hoping someone will be able to help me out with this accrual issue I'm having. I have looked at other threads and tried to make them work for what I need but keep getting errors. The issue I'm having is trying to calculate the accrual for vacation in hours for each pay cycle and having issues...
  20. S

    Linear accrual

    Hi, If I have an amount, which should be accrued due to a start date and end date. How could this be done? I've tried to read about accrual accounting, but I can't find any simple examples on just simple linear accrual.

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