1. S

    Pto calculator

    hello all i have a few formulas running and the breakdown is below. I have a page which is called PTO Hour Settings" which the sheet "Employees" references. A manager is to input what information applies to his account in the PTO hour setting page so this formula needs to be universal. The...
  2. R

    Dynamic Formula needed

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has a nice formula for a problem I am running into with my PTO accrual sheet. Where I am having issues, is when the anniversary date of the employee comes and the accrual would change. The problem I am having is, for instance, if someone started on May 5...
  3. B

    Date formula

    I have a tab in a spreadsheet that lists employees taking their vacation in advance. If an employee accrues a week of vacation late in the year and there aren't any more weeks for them to pick due to the limit of vacations being reached for that week, the company will allow them to take it at...
  4. E

    Vacation / Paid Time Off Accrual

    Hi all - new to the site, but am hopeful you can help! I found some options that are similar, but being an excel newbie, I wanted to get specific answers to my scenario so things don't get messed up when I attempt to plug in the formulas :laugh:. So, I need to calculate vacation for each...
  5. B

    Copy a Range of data from an extensive list based on Criteria from a specific column

    Hello guys, I have a list of purchase orders (PO's) in sequential order (one below the other) all in excel that begin with a company name in Column A, "Cardiac.." and ends with a "Signature" line also in column A. The PO's data are occupy Column A to Column I. Each purchase order is of...
  6. W

    First Payday Calculation using Hire Date (Bimonthly Payment)

    Hello Everyone, I want to get the first payroll of the new hires by using their hiring dates. The pay is given on the 15th and last day of the month. I am using the formula IF(DAY(Hiring Date)<=15,DATE(YEAR(Hiring Date),MONTH(Hiring Date),15),EOMONTH(F4,0)). It gives me their first payroll to...
  7. B

    Vacation/Sick Time Excel Spreadsheet help!

    Hi! I'm not completely new to excel, been using it for years but for simple things. I can do some formulas but that's about it. So I have no clue how I can get this done! I saw a thread similar to what I need but with different specifications...

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