1. K

    Select range from active cell to copy to other sheet.

    Hello, I have a code that will activate in a set range where the words "complete" are changed. I would like the active cell to select that row, however only from columns B:AB. All i have found is how to select the entire row. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)If...
  2. NewOrderFac33

    Keyboard shortcuts not working

    Good morning, - as a Lotus 123 veteran (!) I still use a lot of keyboard shortcuts within Excel such as Alt+f (File) followed by c to close the active workbook. Whilst these work most of the time, sometimes they don't and the above sequence will result in a "c" appearing in the active cell, and...
  3. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Is it possible to use conditional formatting to highlight a cell if it is the active cell and how would you do that? Thank you
  4. J

    count the number of columns before the active column

    Hi all. I'm trying to find the correct excel VBA code to count the number of columns in a named range, from the start of the range up to and including the current active cell location and return that value to a specific cell. Example: "mynamedrange" is columns AA thru AZ and the current active...
  5. S

    Go to cell in specific column of the active row

    Hi , small question. What is the code for going to the cell in Column AT of that specific row. For example : active cell is Z4 and when running macro it has to go to AT4 This is an easy one I think :-) Thank you Sapron75
  6. M

    VBA event to 1) print now, 2) print username & 3) prevent deletion

    Hi guys, I hope everything is going well with you. Look, I need your help please. I need to create Save event. So, once the active sheet is saved, the code acts as follows: Type the date and time (NOW function, I believe) in the active row, second cell (Column B). Type the username (Environ...
  7. S

    Sorting out of many similar

    Dear Experts, I have a some data as shown below <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Part Manufacturer Status Code 123-456 AA Obsolete 6 123-456 BB Active 3 123-456 CC Active 2 123-456 DD Active 3 123-456 AA Active 3 123-456 BB Active 3 </tbody> I want to look...
  8. S

    Delete ranged names

    So I have an interesting one for you all. I have a master workbook I made for a gradesheet and put it in the public folder. When a new class starts the instructor will make a new folder for that class and copy the master book into that folder. It is still in beta mode, so as the classes have...
  9. D

    I want my spreadsheet looking good

    Is it possible to centre a worksheet on the page and have only that page visible? I tried to hide the pages but greyed out pages are still visible. I want nothing to be visible, except the active page and I would like it centred on the page. Can someone help me please? Is there a way to publish...
  10. V

    Copy active sheet range and paste into new workbook

    I've seen various threads where many different variations of what I'm trying to do are explained but all seem to be just a tad bit different. What I'm trying to accomplish is write a script that will copy columns A:L in the active worksheet and paste into a new workbook. I would also like to...
  11. B

    select and copy

    I am looking for vba code to select all cells to the right of the active cell(s) (include active cells) and insert a copy below. Must include all conditional formatting. Thanks
  12. K

    Copy using active cell with VBA

    I would like to click on a cell then run a macro that would copy the cell to the left and 65 more cells below it to the active cell and the 65 below it. Anyone think of a good trick to do this? Basicly I want to click in cell N20 and have a macro that would copy M20:M85 into N20:N85, but I want...
  13. G

    Unfilter only the active column

    Dear Forum members Looking for some help here, I am relatively new to VBA so this might be elementary for some of you, although I do not know how to do it I have a large Excel spreadsheet with about 6000+ rows and 25+ columns I have filtered all the column headings using Data > Filter For...
  14. S

    Renaming an Active Workbook

    I've seen a lot of forums about this but wanted to inquire if there was a favorite way to rename an active workbook. The previous name (name being replaced) has to be dynamic, it could be any number of things while the new name is fixed. This is going into the middle of a macro that already...
  15. D

    Keeping open the notepad

    Hey guyz, I am working on VBA environment, would like to keep my notepad open all the time without switching the active screen. Is there any way we can do this ? Dinesh S
  16. M

    Active sheet, text box copy, check if cell empty

    Hi. I use the blow code to paste data from a textbox in a user from to a specific cell on sheet 1. I would like to refine this to: Paste to the active worksheet, instead of just Sheet1 and Paste to Cell N15 (of active sheet), only if empty. If not empty check if N25 is empty and then...
  17. N

    save as copy the active work book based on active sheet name add some other contains

    Hi am not able the add some contains if i save as the active workbook . I want to save as the excel file based on tab name with add additional contains in mid if my active tab name is ML51HJ0 MTD Aug(tab name not fixed it will change) my query is save as the file name ML51HJ0_AcntAnalysis...
  18. T

    Count the number of lines in an active x textbox?

    Hi everyone, Is there a vba that can count the number of rows in an active x text box (I have multi rows selected, I want to know how many there are?) basically if I was writing it in English what I want is Textbox1 number of lines = ??? please help if you can thank Tony
  19. S

    Create 3D Cell References with Macro

    Hi all... me again *sigh* I am trying to create a macro that will create a 3d-reference to another sheet - all references need to be added to the sheet 'Reminders' and will be based on the values in the active row on the active sheet. I kinda had two macros that did bits of what I wanted and...
  20. N

    rename the active sheet name after concatenate three criteria in vba

    Hi I am not able to change active sheet based on 3 criteria, I have done with first 2 criteria but third one is not able do do. 1- change tab name according the active workbook 2 should be add MTD in Sheet name 3- Add Month name (MMM) based on next sheet cell value. Example:- my file name is...

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