1. V

    Macro to convert 1 row into multiple rows except for zeroes

    Hi guys here is the 2 macros I have for this issue. The first one transforms one row from into 4 different rows and the next one removes the rows that have a zero. This way seems to crude and I was wondering how would I improve it. I'm thinking arrays and ranges probably? Thanks a lot Sub...
  2. P


    Hi I hope somebody can help me. I need to repeat an action many time. I put a filter with initial from a list and copy the data in a sheet and save it. ActiveSheet.Range(A1:T788).Autofilter Field:=8, Criterial:"TFB" Range(A1:U788).select Selection.copy workbooks.add activesheet.paste How can...
  3. C

    Issue with multiple paste

    Hi, I am new and have self learnt VBA from the internet, hence getting stuck at a basic issue. I tried my best to google the solution- but failed. My code: Selection.Copy Sheets("A").Select Cells(b, c).Select ActiveSheet.Paste Sheets("B").Select Cells(b...
  4. A

    VBA for copy and paste between worksheets

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that has multiple sheets of data, and i want to consolidate the data into 1 page of unique values. I have this code written but want to shorten it by using some loops for the copying and pasting. What my code does: 1) copies data from column "Project Name" and...
  5. willow1985

    Macro code keeps getting hung up

    Hello, I have the below code that used to run fine but now it seems to be getting hung up and excel now freezes and the macro does not complete. Any idea what could be causing this? Thank you Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual...
  6. M

    Paste several worksheets into one worksheet

    I used to have this working but then we made changes. Can you help me? this macro opens up and pastes each sheet into one sheet. Sub Aisles() ' ' Aisles Macro ' ' ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 50 ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 48 ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 46 ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 43...
  7. V

    VBA Code Editing Help

    Thanks in advance, i have the following VBA code, Its o.k. no change required Range("IX10").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=IF(AND(RC[-253]=""Na"",R[1]C[-253]=""Yes""),COUNTIF(R2C[-253]:RC[-253],""Na"")-SUM(R1C:R[-1]C),"""")" Range("IX10").Select Selection.Copy...
  8. P

    Runtime error '1004' select method of worksheet class failed

    Hello, Getting above error when running the below Macro, and cannot figure out why for life of me. I have searched endlessly, but am new to VBA so hoping someone can assist. I understand the code I've used is problematic due to the use of .select and copying/paste back and forth b/n sheets...
  9. J

    Trying to get rid of select

    Hello: I'm trying to get rid of select on the following bit of code. This works: Range(ActiveCell.End(xlToRight), ActiveCell.Offset(0, 7).End(xlDown)).Cut ActiveCell.End(xlToRight).Select ActiveSheet.Paste But when I try the following, I get Object Doesn't Support this property or method...
  10. F

    'Select method of worksheet class failed' mid loop

    Hello, My code should filter each value and copy charts to different sheets. I looped this but it breaks mid loop. It works fine with 8 first values/sheets (should be 12 or so). I get error 1004: Select method of worksheet class failed. I highlighted the part in red when the error occurs. Sub...
  11. G

    Macros not running properly. Can anyone assist?

    Hi I have a workbook and run this macro first OK Sub Split_Extract() ActiveSheet.Name = "Extract" Range("A1").Select Cells.Find(What:="WFJ", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt:= _ xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False...
  12. T

    Copy row based on data validation value in cells in specific column

    Hello everybody. I am wet behind the ears with VBA/macro's in excel. I have a spreadsheet that I use to input information, but I want to copy specific rows from that "active" sheet to other sheets based on the values in the cells of colume"b". The rows will be copied to different sheets based...
  13. M

    VBA Copy columns from one sheet to another

    Hi, I have a probably very frightening piece of code below. It does the trick but is clunky I know. I just don't have the know how to streamline. Its a very simple request I'm sure... Copy columns from one sheet based on table headers in to another based on table headers (they are the same...
  14. K

    Loop columns copy/paste

    My question is probably very easy for someone who knows VBA more then me. I have *.xls file with five columns each column is x rows (let say 40000 rows ). I need to copy 200 rows from column D sheet 1 to sheet 2 column B. Then copy next 200 rows from sheet 1 and paste it in sheet 2 column C...
  15. M

    Understanding Macros per rows

    I am trying to figure out how to take a macro I have made for Row A. Then if i were to select another row, it would run the same as it did for Row A. My example macro: Sub Macro2() ' ' Macro2 Macro ' ' Range("D1").Select Selection.Copy Range("A1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste...
  16. G

    creating a macro that will work everyday copying formulas from row to row

    Hi, I am trying to turn this macro into code that I can use everyday without having to have to change all the ranges daily. i have a report that has several formulas in in row and each day I need to copy and paste the formulas into the next row. the report is daily and built daily with the...
  17. C

    Newbie - How to make this Macro repeat until is over and how do I make it delete the rows which value is Zero

    Hello, I have this Macro and I need it to repeat until there are no more lines. the tricky part is that the macro creates 6 new rows each time. also how can I make it delete the rows with zero balance? thank you Sub Create_Rows() ' ' Create_Rows Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+q '...
  18. O

    Optimize code

    Would it be possible to optimize the code below? Sub Graphs()Dim lr As Integer, lc As Integer, r As Integer Sheets("data_pivot").Visible = True lr = data.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row lc = data.Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column lr2 = data_pivot.Cells(Rows.Count...
  19. H

    excel vba : how to make hidden members visible

    Hi, I tried to copy a set of data from sheet "RawData" which was filtered and paste it at sheet c but there is something wrong in the code line "ActiveSheet.Paste", it says "cannot jump to active sheet as it is hidden". When I click excel help, it says "You specified a name that is in the type...
  20. T

    Loop qnd improvement needed

    Hi guys, I read this forum since a few months but this is my first post. Indeed, I need your help for the second macro of my life :) I am a financial auditor and I would like to create a macro that found the last coupon date of a bond, based on the maturity date, and before a certain date...

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