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    Automating a task

    Every month I run a bunch of reports and then format them to a specific format. I have recorded a macro that will automatically format it for me. Now I am trying to add to this macro so that it will rename the tab it is on to the name I want. This name is something like ACT + the last two digits...
  2. D

    Select data based on criteria in VBA

    Right now the code I have takes the data I've selected and moves it to a new sheet then I have to save, it's a great code. Doing this around 300 times seems like there should be a better way. I'm always selecting my data based on the number in column A so if there are a list of different numbers...
  3. Z

    Need help on cleaning up this vba

    Hi this works for me fine. I know I shouldn't be using .Select and a lot of other stuff in here. I tried cleaning it up not using .select and active paste, but when I do so the code doesn't run the same. Some always gets placed wrong. I can definitely use a clean and efficient vba code here and...
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    Copy, paste, print + repeat

    Hi All, I guess there were a thousand of threads like mine, but I couldn't find the specific case to my issue. I've got Workbook with 2 Sheets: Source (with data) and Template (with tables and information to print). I've recorded the first macro with copying data 4 times from one cell Source...
  5. G

    Creating a summary worksheet that links to values on other worksheets.

    Hi, I'm trying to create a summary worksheet that allows a column of data from one worksheet to be compared to the same column in a big group of worksheets. I created a macro that did this.... 'Copy column from sheet "F1" to the summary sheet Sheets("F1").Range("c2:c150").Copy...
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    RunTime 1004

    We are moving from Excel 2003 to 2007 and we have a report that reads from another spreadsheet. It still runs fine in 03 but in 07 we get the following error Run-Time Error '1004' The information cannot be pasted because the Copy area and the paste are are not the same size and shape...

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