1. S

    COUNTIFS(AND( help

  2. L

    Power Query Transforming Column with Actual and Budget Amounts

    I have the following three columns of data in Power Query that looks like this: Category...……….Month...……..............Amount Sales...…………….Jan Actual...……………......$100 Sales...…………….Jan Budget...................$90 Sales................Feb Actual....................$200...
  3. C

    VBA - Prioritize, Generate and Fill Numbers with multiple criterias

    This is my first post and was hoping someone could help with my dilemma. I stumbled upon the Solver function in my search but I am not familiar with it and have no idea how to implement it. I will try to be as clear as possible. My client wants my company to use a particular time sheet. I...
  4. R

    Change Multiple Measures Using A Slicer

    Hello, I have a matrix in Power Bi structured as shown below. I would like to use the same visual to show different measures, depending on the slicer selection. By that I mean that if "Revenue" is selected the visual will show revenue values for Actual, Budget and Prior Yr. and the same for any...
  5. A

    VBA .xlam for multiple workbooks

    Good morning, I have several tools working with which include sometimes the same Subs . So everytime I found an effort on one Sub and change it in one workbook I repeat this in the other workbooks. Wasting time - isn’t it? I want to have one workbook with all Subs inside, soft coded. So they...
  6. R

    IF function with multiple logic?

    Hi all, I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is possible, and if it is, how to go about it :confused: I'm using Excel for a Sales Forecast - the data is extracted from a CRM and copied into my workbook - like the below table (first 3 columns only): <tbody> Est. Closing Date Weighted Total...
  7. O

    Automatic Rolling Months

    Hello Guys, I am actually having an issue where i am using dependant drop down with excel and i want to add to my existing formula data for 24 and 36 months planning, can someone help me please as my actual formula is as per below: =INDEX(ListeMois,MOD($AB$29+COLUMNS($E$54:E54),12)+1) in fact...
  8. G

    Getting sum total based on date input

    Hi, Im trying to get the sum total based on the Date input at D3 here is my formula =SUM(INDIRECT("Data!"&ADDRESS(MATCH($C5,Data!B:B,0),MATCH($D$3,Data!$1:$1,0))&":"&ADDRESS(MATCH($C6,Data!B:B,0)-1,MATCH($D$3,Data!$1:$1,0)))) The problem Im facing, in this example, the Data tab is auto pulled...
  9. Z

    [VBA] Pivot Table make column headers show Day 12 instead of xx/xx/xxxx

    I wasn't exactly sure how to word the title outside of providing the actual problem itself. I have a pivot table that has a dynamic amount of informaiton. My current pivot table has 27 unique dates, the next one I run could have 30 or even < 20. The column header we use is the Received Date...
  10. S

    Need formula for Point spread

    Need a formula for the following: Sales goal 77% 300 points to spread amongst 4 employees based on results Emp #1 Actual - 83% Emp #2 Actual - 80% Emp #3 Actual - 78% Emp #4 Actual - 69%
  11. C

    Check each row for criteria and delete that row and the 2 below it

    <tbody> SKU Type KW1 KW2 KW3 SUM SKU1 Actual Sales 30 41 28 99 SKU1 LY Sales 46 41 25 113 SKU1 Forecst 40 42 43 125 SKU2 Actual Sales 1084 793 2022 3899 SKU2 LY Sales 950 958 765 2672 SKU2 Forecst 871 790 1659 3320 SKU3 Actual Sales 44...
  12. R

    Need formula for Elapsed Time (negative values, times after midnight)

    Hello, I need to calculate how minutes late/early a train arrived (elapsed time) by comparing the scheduled arrival time with the actual arrival time. I have tried many different ways of doing this, but none of the ways seem to work for all four scenarios I've encountered with the data. Please...
  13. T

    Calculating actual numbers based on cohorts

    Hi everyone! Compiling buyers LTV model I ran into problem of calculating future periods active buyers basing on drop-off cohort & actual buyers attracted. What I got is: <colgroup><col width="65" span="7" style="width: 65pt;"></colgroup><tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 6 Cohort 1 0,28110628 0,209170244...
  14. P

    Loop through spreadsheet and replace static subtotals with formula

    Hopefully this make sense. I have this table I would like to loop through and change the subtotals to actual formulas. My Thought was to loop through the A column because the subtotals are placed the row after the name. I thought if I could calculate the range...
  15. M

    Ranking Groups with Multiple Criteria

    <tbody> A B C D E GROUP TARGET ACTUAL % ATTAINMENT EXPECTED RANK A 9 17 188.9% 1 A 7 13 185.7% 2 A 6 11 183.3% 3 A 12 18 150% 4 A 6 9 150% 5 B 1 11 1100% 1 B 3 9 300% 2 B 4 8 200% 3 B 1 2 200% B 6 6 100% 4 C 7...
  16. R

    Help Selecting Every Column Without Text

    Greetings ~ I have a sheet with records and the rest of the sheet (all the way out to column WXT) has some sort of formating so when I try to get a column count it brings back 16112 columns instead of the 64 with actual data My approach is to simply delete the cells in row 1 which lie...
  17. M

    Special symbols/font in data validation

    I have a specialist font for garment care symbols (Medium iron, do no wash, dry clean only, etc) which I need to show in a drop down. The font I have installed shows the actual symbols in the cell but when the drop down is clicked it shows the alphanumeric characters (t, f, x ,!, etc). Is...
  18. J

    Actual and Budget with different granularity

    Hey, together I'm currently facing a small challenge again.I have the following two tables. TblActuals <tbody> Product ID Group Quantity (Actual) Date A1 A 100 01.01.2019 A2 A 150 02.01.2019 B1 B 50 15.01.2019 B2 B 150 16.01.2019 C1 C 25 08.08.2019 </tbody> TblBudget <tbody>...
  19. G

    IF function failing to create blank due to formula

    Hi, I'm working with formula =IF(Finance2!D15<>"",Finance2!D14,"") So if there is data in D15 (Column actual) , D14 (target) value is used. If not it remains blank. Its basically creating a cumulative total as row 15 has a target every month already entered for the year, so the cell i have...
  20. Y

    Project Workplan Dashboard

    Hi guys, I am very new to VBA and I am looking for some help with some code that would help me at work, basically I am looking to optimize a simple dashboard for my projects Workplan for the year. The table on "2019 Plan" shows the number of projected days and to the right of it the actual...

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