add 1 to a cell

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    Loop or forumla that adds

    Hi, my apologies I do not have any code to share, but my problem is I need a loop or a formula that adds +1 from the cell above it and runs as long as a number (from a formula in cell A11). In cell A11 I have a formula that counts the number of records on a different spreadsheet. In cell B11...
  2. I

    Flash fill number by multiples of four?

    I'd like to add a number in Sheet1 column A1 "6412" for example and flash fill the number down to auto fill cells by multiples of four. is that possible?
  3. E

    How to add value to current cell,

    Hello People I have made following code. The code loop through all cells in a master file column "H" for each value(example H cell contains "Hello") , open a new file check if the value is equal to any of the cells in column "H"; if the value is equal(this case "Hello") take the value same row...
  4. L

    Need Help with Macro Button to add 1 to cell based on dropdowns (Row/Column)

    I am having trouble with a macro button, that links to two drop-down boxes. My main sheet (YYD), has two drop-down boxes that reference my other sheet (Data). The first drop-down in YYD!F12 selects a row and the second drop-down in YYD!F17 selects the column on my 'Data' Sheet. I just need a...
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    VBA/Macro For adding 1 to Cell Value Based on 2 Drop Downs (Row&Column)

    Hi to whomever could help me, I am trying to create a Recognition progam in excel for my employees, and make it user friendly for others. I have created one sheet (Data) that has all the information stored Names and what we are recognizing them for. Then I have the User friendly sheet (YYD)...
  6. A

    Move Column values from One Worksheet to Another worksheet.

    Please bare with me here, i am a newbie trying my hand at creating MACROs. I have a column A in Worksheet 2, which has 3 values. I would like to copy the values an add 1 to each cell and copy all three values to Worksheet 1 on the first empty cell in Column A. Thanks in advance.
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    Help with a simple cashier task...

    Hi! AM I glas to have found this forum! I'm trying to create a SUPER simple excel sheet with 3-4 row taht are items to be purchased (bagel, beer, chips etc... it's for a Happy hour at school). The idea was to fill the number of item in a cell, press a go button and it would update antoher...
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    Add a 'go to next cell down' line in macro

    Hi guys, I have a simple macro: Sub CellValue_Add_1() ActiveCell.Value = ActiveCell.Value + 1 End Sub I would like it to automatically move down to the next visible line (its autofiltered, so it can't go to the next hidden line, incase one is there). Alternatively, I would love my macro...
  9. S

    A Timer question

    I have a sheet in which numbers keep being added to a cell until it reaches a set number. Say 1, every 3 minutes until it reaches 7. Alternately the time may need to be set to 5 minutes or 7 minutes. And the number it totals at may change. I read the timers that were put up, and...

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