1. smozgur

    XL2BB - Excel Range to BBCode 1.0.0

    A new way to show Excel range in messages - XL2BB Although experts prefer to read your description and question instead of working in your actual file to solve your problem, there are times that it is difficult to explain an issue without providing actual data with formulas and extra...
  2. M

    Sequence Function

    I am not sure this forum is the right place to ask about this. I use Excel 2013 and have been looking for a downloadable add-in of the sequence function. Is there such an add-in? If so where can it be found?
  3. bfreescott

    Docking Station affecting add-ins?

    Hi all I have a client that uses a network-installed add-in. Several others use the same network-installed add-in without issue, but everyone works from a desktop that never gets disconnected from the network. Could undocking a laptop from the network break the link to the add-in? I have not...
  4. spacecaptainsuperguy

    very hidden sheets add-in

    Hi everyone, I used to have an excel add-in that had a form that allowed me to select multiple sheets from within that spreadsheet and select whether to hide, unhide or make very hidden the selected sheets. I recently upgraded my machine and office and that old add-in no longer works. I've...
  5. S

    Excel Inquire COM Add-in

    Hi folks, I inadvertently removed the Inquire Excel COM Add-in this morning instead of disabling it. Developer Tab > COM Add-ins > Highlight Inquire and press Remove. I'm trying to get it back but nothing seems to work. It no longer appears in the list of COM Add-ins. My ultimate remedy will be...
  6. N


    Hello Everyone, I am interested in learning about Add-Ins, specifically how to make them. Any helpful resource you know about??? Any links to guide, videos etc. Regards,
  7. W

    How to modify the load behaviour of Excel 2010 add-in (e.g. flexfind)

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and had a few useful add-ins like flex find installed., I do not use these add-ins frequently. Since it seems that Microsoft excel 2010 loads, these add-ins at start-up and it significantly increases the...
  8. Domski

    No more VBA

    Quiet in here these days isn't it? Anyway, the orgaisation work for is considering moving to Office 365 and a cloud based infrastructure. As part of this we are potentially going to lose VBA. This is a bit of nightmare scenario for me as I use it almos daily to automate processes or in add-ins...
  9. A

    Customize ribbon

    Hello I am working with Volpi's Fox Team Matrix and XNumbers add-ins that were not upgraded for Excel's ribbon versions. I created manually new tabs and groups to assign the macros that show the userforms. However, I did not find anywhere how to it using VBA to automate the process, so I am...
  10. X

    Save As w/ Password Protect

    I have a few custom add-ins using various coding for specific work related tasks. At work, we password protect all our files. I am wondering if there is a specific code that I can add to my custom add-ins sheet that I would click and it would automatically do a Save As with a specified pw I set...
  11. A

    Software to use older Excel and other Office software commands in the newer versions?

    I remember seeing a company that made this add-in for Office, but I can't seem to find it now.
  12. A

    Pivot Table Add-ins

    I do a fair amount of Pivot Table Work and was trying to compare Pivot Table Add-in tools. I was looking at Contextures Pivot Power Premium Excel Campus PivotPal There are things I like about both, but...
  13. C

    Connect to a database without a driver

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  14. C

    Connect to MySQL without ODBC

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  15. L

    Add-ins MenuBar Duplicates in Drop Down when opening multiple copies of existing workbook

    I have an Add-ins Menu Bar (which works fine) defined and processed in "ThisWorkbook" using the code below: The issue is that I need to have multiple copies of this workbook open at the same time. To get multiple copies of the workbook I copy the original existing workbook save it as a...
  16. JenniferMurphy

    Can't get MrExcel HTML Maker to work on my Excel 2007

    I am trying to get the MrExcel HTML Maker add-in to work on my Excel 2007 system. I've downloaded the install ZIP file, unzipped it, copied it to the add-in folder, and added it to the add-in list. If I click File | Excel Options | Add-Ins, I see it listed at the top under "Active Application...
  17. Johnny C

    Add-ins manager automation button

    Has anyone ever used one of the options in the automation add-ins? Just wondering why they might be useful, is there anything useful in there or is it just another Excel white elephant
  18. L

    Excel 2010 Error Message: Initialization of the data source failed

    I have Excel 2010 (32 bit), Windows 64 bit. Power Query and Power Pivot add-ins installed. My co-worker has the same Excel and Windows, but does not have the add-ins. I created Power Pivot pivot tables and inserted slicers to control the dashboard. Everything works fine for me (no error...
  19. O

    Excel Add-in but it won't display under the Add-in tabs

    I created an Excel Add-in but it won't display under the Add-in tabs. I tried with Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. The add-in is saved in the Microsoft folder for addins (AppData>Roaming, etc.)Things I've tried....Excel Options > Add-ins > Excel Add-Ins > Go .... Select it.Excel Options > Add-ins >...
  20. H


    Can someone explain Add-Ins to me? What they are most useful for, etc?

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