add row

  1. K

    Index/Match multiple hits of same cell value and add rows to fit spill

    Hi guys! Not sure how to approach this - with lookup and aggregate, an index/match sub or something else. So In the sheet called Empty, when B2 is filled, it populates the Invoice column in D4:D with unique invoice numbers from an external order sheet. The Sales sheet has a list of orders where...
  2. D

    VBA buttons: add / delete a row where clicked

    Hi everyone, For the love of god I couldn't figure it out. I have a document (all on one sheet) that has multiple sections. In each section there could be multiple rows "problems". I'm trying to add two buttons at the end of each row ("problem") to either ADD another row below where it's...
  3. K

    .ListRows.Add doesn't shift my hidden row

    I'm having a little issue with the following VBA code interfering with my hidden row(s) Sub macAddRow() Dim loTbl As ListObject Set loTbl = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table1") loTbl.ListRows.Add End Sub Here's the problem. Let's say Table1 takes up the space A1:D5. I have data...
  4. A

    Add Row Above Date

    I am working on schedules and want to add blank rows to each schedule for any changes that need to be annotated. So I want to add 2 blank rows above any date that I find (except the first date because we're not scheduling for the past)). I have typed and retyped 5 or 6 different ways and I am...
  5. S

    Add Formula With VBA

    I have created a proposal process tracking sheet for my team and have included an "add new client" button. The "add new client" button copies information from a maintenance tab and pastes it at an offset from a cell named "OneAbove" below the last entry on the Proposal Schedule. Sub...
  6. J

    So I

    So this is a bit hard to explain... I have a sheet containing data of all 50 states in columns a sort of yes/no of availability in each state. There are instances when one row contains "READY TO SELL" in multiple cells in the row. I need to be able to return the Column header Value (ie, AL...
  7. K

    Add "placeholder" row to data set based on dates

    Hello, I have a set of data that keeps a rolling 12 months (currently Feb '19 - Jan '20). I have an InputBox asking for a start date of an employee and, for all rows of data that exist for that employee before the start date, I need a "-1" placed in column S. I have written the code to do...
  8. H

    Inserting rows with VBA too slow

    Hello, I'm using the current code to insert a row. Everything works but very slowly Is there any form of shortening this code and accelerating ? I wants to copy formulas and formatting from the front row during macro execution and add to the new inserted row Sub dodaj_dodaj_wiersz()...
  9. T

    Lock formulas in column, protect sheet, add and delete rows

    Hi, we have an Excel sheet which we send to the client for them to type in data for their employees and they're always messing around with the formulas in column G. We're trying to find a way to lock the formulas in column G, but still allow the client to add new rows by copying and pasting the...
  10. S

    Add a Row dynamically anywhere in a table besides the first row

    I want the ability to add a row anywhere in a table besides the first row (row 18) . The code I have to dynamical add a row is below. I already built in restrictions that only allow the user to add a row into a designated table. I just don't want them to add a new row to the absolute first row...
  11. S

    Add Rows Dynamically with a button in a row of data

    Hi All, I would like to build a sheet that allows users to highlight a row, click a button, and insert a new row of data after that row ( and consequently shift the data below the added row down). The sub I currently have just adds the new data to the bottom of the existing data, but I want...
  12. S

    Help with VBA code for button to add new rows with formula

    Hi, I have a code that I need help with adjusting as it almost does what I want it to do. I have added a button that quickly adds x amount of new rows from row 5 downwards. The issue is, I want them to be blank but still contain dropdowns and formula. The code I have is below, but I am unsure...
  13. J

    Userform code help - submission add row above

    Hi there guys. Building a user form currently and as it stands the data gets added to the last blank row: To achieve the last row input I've used the offset method and this target row code: "Dim TargetRow As Integer TargetRow = Sheets("engine").Range("B3").Value + 1" when clicking the submit...
  14. B

    Modify Code to Add Line Below Instead of above

    I have the code below that adds a line above the active A cell. Is there a way to change this so it adds the line below the active A cell? Sub insertRevBetween() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Dim iCountRows As Integer Dim Rng As Range iCountRows = 1 'Error Handling If iCountRows...
  15. M

    Maco: add new row, keep conditional formating and functions

    Hi all, I am trying to create a macro that adds a new row to the bottom of a table and keeps the conditional formatting and functions of the row above it. My knowledge of these types of macros is VERY limited so please be patient when asking questions. I currently have the following macro but...
  16. L

    Insert Row copy formulas but not content

    Hi, I am a bit rusty on excel and wanted to check how you would suggest I complete the below. I have a spreadsheet with various sections so for example Rows 3 to 6 are one section, rows 7 to 10 are another and 11 to 14 are another. I want to add a button to click in each section to add an...
  17. W

    Using macro button how to insert rows in two non formatted tables

    I have two unformatted tables in my excel worksheet. The tables are vertical from one another. I have successfully created a macro button that adds 1 row under the header of the first table. However, adding a row to the second table simultaneously is where I am having trouble. What I want to...
  18. C

    Macro: Add / Hide / Number Rows Based on Specific Cell Value

    Hi All, I'm looking for help on creating a sheet which will generate a blank list based on criteria input in a separate sheet. I have various macros in my sheet which have meant I can do some of what I'm looking for but not all. Separate to this one of my current macros, at times deletes all...
  19. Y

    VBA Adding copied rows after last used row

    Hi experts! I have a worksheet which always has data in the A column (as part of a merged cell). I am looking for a VBA program to help me select the last row and add a copyed set of 4 rows to add after the last row. The copyed selection will always be the same and origin from the same cells...
  20. E

    Add row when data is entered in a cell, but do not repeat it if the data is edited later

    I have a form, where I have a Worksheet_Change event which adds a new row once data is entered in a particular cell. So my form only has one row, but will keep adding rows as required. When data is entered in cell E12, it copies the current row and pastes it below it, clearing all contents but...

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