add rows



    I have a spreadsheet with POS SKU numbers and I want to create two rows below each SKU with the same SKU number with one adding cc to the end of the SKU and inserting it before the original SKU, and then below that another original SKU with the same original SkU with c concatenated for 1,000's a...
  2. S

    VBA to insert rows is not keeping cell contents or formula

    I have code to insert rows. A dialog pops up asking for the number of new rows required. Those rows are then inserted under. I am using "CopyOrigin" which by all accounts if to copy contents, formulas and formatting but it does not seem to be doing so. Can anyone offer assistance? I would like...
  3. G

    Systematically add 150 more rows every 51 cells down

    I have a sheet that has groups of 50 rows with a row to separate each group from the next. I would like to increase the amount of rows in each group by 150 (a total of 200). So starting on cell ("D55") add 150 rows above D55:AA55, then go down 51 rows and repeat for cell ("D106") [add 150 rows...
  4. T

    match / algn to columns and add rows where no match

    Hi I have the following that I need help on: column A ID (it has many of the same ID's as column B) Column B ID (it has many of the same ID's as column A) Column C to P is the rest of my data that aligns with column B. I want column A and B to align so that column A to P all align. In excel...
  5. B

    Macro to add rows based on conditions and sum/subtotal lines above

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone is able to assist me with setting up a code to add rows (based on a condition) and sum lines above. Raw data is is below. <tbody> State Store Staff Name Day Date Hours Category 1 Hours Category 2 Hours Category 3 Hours Category 4 State Store 1 Staff 1 Tuesday...
  6. S

    Push down rows when rows added to table ..... how?????

    I have a Table (Table1) in one of my sheets. Let's say it goes from A2:D45. From A50:D60, I have some additional cells (range) being used for other items. When I go to A46 and input something, the table increases by one row, now including the data input in A46. This is what I want it to do...
  7. G

    Automatically add rows based on inputs.

    First post so please be gentle, im a novice with Excel and this is a doozy I think? Ok so I have a problem. Ill start with what im trying to accomplish and what ive done so far and then the problem. (Sorry if its too detailed) End goal is users input information into a form I created and...
  8. J

    Unable to loop through all worksheets with my code :(

    Hello, I am teaching myself VBA (with a lot of help from MrExcel) and I am running into an issue when I attempt to expand my macro to more than one worksheet. I have successfully tested the code below, which searches column A - and when it finds a number, in column A, it inserts that many rows...
  9. K

    VBA Insert rows according to cell value AND number each new row

    Hello, I have code that inserts a certain amount of rows according to a certain cells value: Sub addrowsc() Dim r, count As Range Dim LastRow As Long Dim temp As Integer Set r = Range("A:AM") Set count = Range("T22") LastRow = Range("T" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row...
  10. J

    VBA inserting 1 row above each previously filtered row

    Hello hello again, As stated above, I have a list of data that i filtered by color. After the filter has been done I want to sort through the leftover list of rows and add a row above each. As of right now this is what I have to find the rows, the next step being to add a row above each row...
  11. T

    Button to add rows to different sheets & use formulas from row above

    I have a feeling I've over my head, and I may just have to back down from this idea -- more because my knowledge of VBA is limited... but I know how to generally read the code. My Set up: I have a 6 tabbed Book: Info, Main, Inventory, Images, No of Images, Manu Info The connections: Main uses...
  12. M

    VBA - Add X amount of Rows Based On Value of Cell

    Hello All - This is my first time posting so please let me know if I am in the right spot. I am looking for some vba code that will add X amount of rows based on the value of one of my cells. Unfortunately when a deliverable is being released in multiple states my source data dumps all of this...
  13. Fishboy

    Formula that has a dynamic ending cell reference

    Hi all, I have run into a number of problems with my Excel 2010 spreadsheet, but they all basically result to the same thing...Ranges in formulas when new data is added. For example I have the following formula: =INDEX('Raw Sales Data'!$J$2:$J$5000,MATCH('Dashboard'!J9,'Raw Sales...
  14. B

    Help needed - lookup two conditions within array, return results and add row

    Hi, I am fairly new to VBA and am looking for some advice. I am trying to write code that goes through two ranges in two separate columns, checks against a condition and returns a value if true. Crucially, for each value I'd like it to add a row below and return the next value. For the first...
  15. A

    Macro Help: Add 30 rows after selected row

    By way of explanation, I am going crazy breaking down some data that was compiled as totals rather than line by line. So..after each process type, I need to add 30 blank rows and then add the dates September 1 - 30, 2014 to those rows. And go through a lot of other manual stuff to normalize...
  16. B

    Column matching the new rows

    I have index,match functions on most of my cells to pull in data that matches multiple criteria from other worksheets. I'd like to now match across the rows and columns in this sheet and if there is not a match based on three columns matching three column criteria that the non-matching column...
  17. A

    Claculate no of rows in a sheet and add deficient no of rows

    Hi, I have a sheet where no of rows are 90 and I want to a VBA code which: 1. Check the no of rows in the sheet 2. if the no of rows are less than 90 then add deficient no of rows below row no 68. I will be adding the above code in my current code, therefore please send a very simple code...
  18. L

    VBA- add new rows if a condition is met (excel2007)

    Hi, I am new to VBA and I would appreciate any help on this. My question is how can I write a routine to add rows in one Sheet if a condition which involves a different Sheet is met (excel 2007). In Sheet 1 is a list of ("liquid") names (cells C4:C26) which will need to be expanded should the...
  19. A

    Command Button to clear form and add more rows in Excel

    Hi, I have assigned a code in Userform for the command button to update data as per the input in the Textboxes in Excel. However, after clicking OK (command button caption name), I want the data to be cleared in the form and also after inputting more data in the form, the OK button should add...
  20. C

    Dynamic rows with Formulas (adding below)

    Tried searching for this but couldn't find exactly what I needed. I have a page of data that users input for stats. Because the user inputs multiple items for the same client I have formulas on another page that add up hours and events of that one client. However, I would like that second...

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