1. M

    assign Incremental numbers in new column based on criteria from two columns

    I am looking for assistance in setting up a formula to return incremental values to a list (including duplicates) only when selected values are present in a different column. Please see the example attached, if the produce is apples, banana or peach assign the number (1,2,3) representing the...
  2. A

    recognizes the addition of rows to the table

    Hello to all I need a code that recognizes the addition of rows to the table and executes some code. if data table increase row then...
  3. P

    Calculation after using IFERROR

    Hi, I have used IFERROR function which returns cell (B5) to blank cell e.g. Cell ‘B5’ shows blank cell. I want to display cell B5 as numeric (which comes from VLOOKUP) or blank cell (if value is not available in table). But I also want add cell B5 and cell B6 and display addition in cell B7...
  4. N

    Waterfall Chart - I am using a waterfall excel document template (linked above from team gantt website. Whenever I go to delete rows that I do not need (I only 4 rows in addition to the start/end) it does not show the end number correctly/at...
  5. A

    zero for answer

    I am using the following formula, =B84*C84+E84+G84. and when the previous cells are empty I get zero for an answer, is there some addition to the formula that will get rid of the zero's?
  6. R

    Copy/Store cell data to be use post Hyperlink?

    Hi, I've created a helpful Hyperlink+VLookUp formula that could really benefit from a small addition. But I just can't seem to figure out a solution. Here's my formula: =HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(A1,Tab2!$A$1:$B$52,2,1),"Name") Basically, it returns a webpage stored another sheet that matches a...
  7. K

    Leading Zeroes in a List

    Hi All, I am trying to create a list of numbers in one column. My list needs to have two leading zeroes. The problem is that once the list hits 10, it takes away one leading zero. For example, excel does this:001 004 ... 009 010 011 ... 099 100 101 I would like the list to increment...
  8. B

    Excel formula to add with conditions

    Please tell me an excel formula to add in following manner: If a1 = 1640, a2 = a1+65, a3=a2+65, a4=a3+65, a5=a4+65, a6=a5+65 until it reaches 2095 then a7=a6+80.........until it reaches 3135 then next cell=the previous result+100...................until it reaches 3635
  9. B

    Automatic addition from a range

    I have a range such as: 1780-25-1900-45-2050-65-2550-80.... Now I want an Excel formula so that addition from the range will be: 1780+0 in one cell, 1780+25 in next cell, 1780+25+25 in next cell, 1780+25+25+25 in next cell,..... until it reaches 1900, then 1900+0, 1900+45, 1900+45+45, until it...
  10. M

    SUMIFS: Two Dates/Criteria/Cost Column

    I'm looking to modify the countif formula below to sumif. The only difference is the addition of the the cost column ('Activity'!I:I). Any help would be appreciated. =COUNTIFS('Activity'!B:B,"WA1F&G",'Activity'!G:G,">="&A16,'Activity'!G:G,"<="&B16) Thanks in advance, Morey
  11. kelly mort

    Add non continous cells in a row to last used row

    Hi, I am adding F7, H7, J7, L7 and N7 into S7 . Then go down to S8 and do same addition till I get to the last used cell in column A . Can someone help me with a vba script?
  12. F

    Adding Numbers Surrounded by Text and Special Characters?

    In Column A i have a list of ingredients by percentage: 100% honey 98% sugar, 2% water 50% sugar, 40% flour (going on like that for hundreds of rows) Is there an easy way (formula) that I can have column B return only the numbers from A, added together for a total? For example column B would...
  13. H

    In cells addition

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is anyway to do in cells addition. As an exemple, the value of the cell A2 is 2. When I put another value in cell A2 exemple 3, I would like the value of cell A2 to be 5 and not 3. So an addition of the old value and the new value. I can deal...
  14. Z

    Formula help =SUMIFS

    This works: =SUMIFS($BV$6:$BV$72,$B$6:$B$72,"Operator")/BV77 Need to addition another column also in this, but I cant getit to go in red. Any help appreciate it. =SUMIFS($BV$6:$BV$72+$BZ$24:$BZ$65,$B$6:$B$72,"Operator")/BV77
  15. W

    Conditional Filtering

    Good morning I have a table that contains a column which has pairs of rows containing the same value. I want to hide all rows where the value in this column is the same as the next row. For example, in the case below I want to hide rows 5-10 and display only rows 1-4. I have achieved the...
  16. A

    addition decimal numbers in listbox error

    hello, i have a listbox contains a decimal numbers like 590100,423516 and i want to make an addition of all the lines of my listbox and display it in a textbox now i'm using this code but it's not working well here is the code dim x,i as double for i =0 to listbox8.listcount - 1 x=x+...
  17. C

    Creating Range with a Variable Starting Point

    I am trying to eliminate volatile/single thread functions to make my sheet run faster. The transition is proving difficult in many aspects for me. I have many numeric values that are variable in Col B up to row 214. They continuously descend in value. An entry can be made that will add to a...
  18. M

    [VBA] Adding a number to time with custom formatting

    At the moment I have the following Private Sub SpinButton2_SpinUp() TextBox_starttime.Value = Format(CDate(TextBox_starttime.Value) + 1 / 96) End Sub Which for the most part works fine, what's driving me crazy is that I have the textbox formatted as "13:00", however when I click the up...
  19. kelly mort

    Multiple Image Format On UserForm

    Hello All, Me.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(fPath & "/" & Me.ListBox1.Column (0 , i) & ".jpg") How do I get other formats to work in addition to the jpg files? Thanks Kelly
  20. M

    help with multiple criteria search across consolidated portfollio appraisal

    Hello, I was hoping for some help. I need to run a search across one excel sheet that contains information from 15 portfollios consolidated. in addition to searching by portfollio I need to search by security. lastly in addition to that I need to leave out a select few securities. any and al...

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