1. VBA learner ITG

    VBA Run Time Error 48 Error in loading DLL

    Hi Peers, Can I please get your advice as to why I am getting the above error code when I try to run the below macro which is stopping at this line of code: I have a licensed version of Adobe Pro DC installed and checked there are no other Adobe readers etc. Also I have made sure the VBA...
  2. E

    Replace pages of one PDF with pages of another PDF using VBA and Adobe 10

    I am trying to use VBA to replace pages of part1.pdf with pages of part2.pdf and create mergedpdf.pdf. I tried the following code: Sub Button1_Click() Dim AcroApp As Acrobat.CAcroApp Dim Part1Document As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc Dim Part2Document As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc Dim...
  3. A

    VBA print to PDF issue on windows 10

    Hi, I'm quite new with VBA coding and need to solicit help from you. I have an existing coding regarding the print to pdf using adobe acrobat. My laptop was upgraded to windows 10 and the adobe acrobat was removed and changed to microsoft print to pdf. Now my coding didn't work eventhough...
  4. R

    Save PDF to a folder using VBA

    Hello guys, I tried to search about this around here, but couldn't find anything. I have downloaded a PDF file from SAP, and I just need to save the PDF to a specific folder in my computer. How can I do this? I tried some solutions found on internet but none of them really worked. Thanks
  5. H

    Converting Excel Files to Adobe Forms

    I have a spreadsheet that I customize, then convert to an Adobe form, then send out to people outside my organization to fill out and return to me. We then enter their info back into the master spreadsheet. I save to PDF, then have Adobe convert it to a form. Generally, everything populates...
  6. M

    Embedded PDF File Not Opening

    I have a spreadsheet with an embedded .PDF file in it. I put that document there when I was using Adobe products and the formula for the document shows a formula as =EMBED("Acrobat Document",""). New documents I embed show up like this: =EMBED("PDF",""). And if I double-click the Acrobat...
  7. DippNCope

    stuck searching

    I need some help in searching. I have a list of software in Column C and a list of install paths in Column D . Both are in named ranges, softwarelist and installpaths. I want to enter Adobe in B1 and have formula return every instance of adobe it finds in softwarelist or C:C and return it's...
  8. E

    constructing a database for a school

    I’m still working on my workbook for the school I oversee. Iam looking for some more help though as I’ve hit an end to what I know and I’mlooking for ways I can make the operations easier for whoever comes in nextafter me. So far I have multiple spreadsheets, adobe, and word documents that Imake...
  9. P

    How to save PDF from link or manipulate Adobe

    Hi guys, As starts with the link I have (it won't work for you but it's not important)...
  10. M

    Loop Through directory files

    Hello, I have the below excel code that will open Adobe Reader. Then it will open a PDF file, copy data in 1st page and paste it into an excel document. Somehow I need to figure out the below: Loop through all PDF files in the directory Open one file at a time, copy the data in the 1st page...
  11. R

    Macro to Save as Adobe PDF

    Hello! I am trying to incorporate a button to save a selection to a PDF. If I do it manually, I use the option that says "Save as Adobe PDF". I have tried several different macros online for this and cannot get any of them to work. Any help would be great!
  12. B

    VBA Code to test string in Adobe PDF Password

    Has anyone ever put together some code in vba to open a pdf and insert a specified string to make a secure pdf unlocked? I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if that is of any importance.
  13. S

    Slaying the Excel Dragon Dvd Lanuch

    I can no longer launch the Dragon.html program in my browser (FireFox) form the Slaying the Excel Dragon Dvd. I get the following error "This content requires version 10.0.2 or higher of the Adobe Flash Player" . I have upgrade Adobe Flash to the latest version (27) but the error still appears...
  14. D

    converting pdf files to excel using adobe reader vba

    i have a computer with no internet that needs to be able to convert pdf files to excel, all i have is adobe reader, getting adobe proffesional is impossible, currently i have this code, which works great for opening the pdf file using excel(or any other office application): Option Explicit...
  15. H

    VBA Code to close adobe reader

    I am looking for code to close Adobe Acrobat reader via Excel if open I would appreciate any assistance to do this
  16. E

    Excel 2007 VBA write to PDF Reader forms

    I have just downloaded an example to write to PDF forms and to find out ONLY it works on Adobe Acrobat Pro (or above). Anyone who have previous experience on writing PDF forms (with PDF Adobe reader only) with VBA and save the original form under different names !? Any suggestions !? Thanks.
  17. A

    VBA Macro that finds texts in PDF files

    Hi guys, I have a VBA macro that searches for a specified texts (Cell C5) in PDF files that are in a specified folder (cell C7). I have attached the file. Macro is supposed to open the PDF's that contain the text, and then highlight it. Problem is, on my computer, the macro works fine. But on...
  18. M

    Embed PDF "Cannot insert object"

    I am trying to insert a pdf document into a worksheet. When selecting a PDF I get the message "Cannot Insert Object". I can insert it as a package, but do not wish to use that due to aesthetics. The curious thing is I already have the same PDF embedded on different sheets in the same workbook...
  19. M

    PDF Links Open in Foxit, Not Adobe as Desired?

    My PDF Links open in Foxit. Is there a way a can change it to open in Adobe?Adobe is my Default Program for my computer alreadyThank you for the help!-Mike
  20. O

    adobe pro to save word document (excel macro)

    Hello All, I have an uncommon situation where I fill out a word form using excel marco (IT disabled word macos...). To follow up on the existent code I already have, I would like to be able to save the newly created word document into pdf. I like very much the adobe pro plug in and wondered if...

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