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    Advanced filter from another workbook

    Fluff very kindly posted the following code to enable the automation of advanced filtering from one worksheet to another in the same workbook for variable criteria without having to reinput the criteria each time. But how would this be done from another workbook? The data is in a workbook...
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    Advanced Filter

    How would you set up advanced filter if you want to collect records of a dataset that contain numbers stored as text, and you want them starting with the partial text 646&"*" or 647&"*". I have a dataset where a column contains account code in text format such 6****** and I want all of those...
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    Mixing Advanced Filters and Normal Filters

    Good afternoon! So I am trying to sat up an automatic report for my job where I can use advance filters to type the selected months into the criteria page and have it filter per those months. The macro however uses both Advanced and Normal filters and when I transition between, the entire table...
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    Excel VBA: First execution of Advanced Filter returns header, and then the filtered results

    I have an Advanced Filter set up in my spreadsheet, and rather than showing all of the filtered results at once, I have it set up so it cycles through them one by one. But I have noticed that the first time I click the button that executes the script, it returns the header value first and then...
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    Excel VBA Advanced Filter Multiple Comboboxes Userform Listbox - How to?

    Hi I'm a first time poster so apologies in advance if any of the below is not allowed or does not make sense etc. I'm more than happy to amend it/clarify anything. I have a userform which allows me to view values in worksheet1 using a listbox. I have several textboxes on the userform which...
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    Advanced Filter Macro Help

    Morning all. I have a column on sheet 1 with different numbers in it (150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500) ad would like to filter it based on the number given on sheet 2, cell B5 (I have the criteria listed on sheet 2 as well). I've tried manually writing the advanced filter macro, and when that...
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    Find Replace from a list of words

    Hello! I can't seem to be able to find any help in regard to this, nor can I find any excel add-ons that can do this seemingly easy task. I have a huge list of URL's on my spreadsheet, and I need to remove certain domains such as social media sites and various others. I can do this manually...
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    VBA Advanced Filter

    I have some code that currently looks for two criteria. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Requested Approved? 2/24/2019 Approved </tbody> I would like to add pending as a criteria under approved too. so that if the column has approved or pending it will show up. bellow is what i...
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    Advanced Filter for all colours on multiple columns

    Hi there, I am wanting to create an advanced filter to sort multiple coloured columns on a filter set from A1:Z1. The spreadsheet is a document that has been created to find any issues with any of the data in the document and highlights when there is an issue. The colours are often different...
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    refine advanced filter

    Is there a better, more efficient way to complete all these advanced filters? Sub Sort() Sheets("RequestLog").Columns("A:G").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Range("Calendar!l4:M5"), CopyToRange:=Range("Calendar!l8:m15"), Unique:=False...
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    Advanced Filter Too Long

    Is there a way to simplify the following code? It is not very efficient and it take a little while to run. each line sorts for different criteria. Sub Sort() Sheets("RequestLog").Columns("A:G").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Range("Calendar!l4:M5")...
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    VBA advanced filters with multiple data in one cell

    Hello guys, I need your help again,i have this as an input <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3808;width:89pt" width="119"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3744; width:88pt" width="117" span="2"> <col...
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    Advanced Filter to show all results, even rows with multiple blank cells

    I am trying to figure a way out to make advanced filter work by displaying results which has blank in them. Currently, my advanced filter will only show results which are complete (rows which do not have any blank cells in them). I understand that you can use ="=" in the cell to showcase blank...
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    Advanced Filter NOT Criteria with Partial Text

    Hello, I am having trouble with this as I would like to use Advanced Filter using NOT criteria for partial text. I have customer names in Column A and Revenue in Column B. The customer names contain various store name and numbers so I would like to filter out customers that don't contain the...
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    Advanced Filter ?

    On one sheet(RequestLog) i have employees names and the date they have requested off along with some other data. Id like to filter this data and carry it over to another sheet(calendar). Ex id like to pull all info if the date requested off is in June 2018. there is a third criteria and that...
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    Create a textbox search using Advanced Filter

    Searching for the meaning of acronyms at my company was tricky. Everyone likes Excel, so I pooled the data into a table, with the header range: "Header" consisting of cell entries "Acronym", "Description", "Notes". Above it, I have ActiveX controls "SearchBox", "SearchDesc", "SearchButton"...
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    retain copyto formatting with advanced excel filter

    Hi I may have done this by accident so I think it can be done, but now I am trying to do it again I can't! I have a master list/register which I want advance filter to produce certain records onto another sheet. That sheet then has an additional 2 fields (columns) per row where the user adds...
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    Advanced Filter - Criteria Range containing blanks

    Hello Everyone! Is there a way to deal with blank cells in a criteria range when using the Advanced Filter? In the illustration below, Column A:C is the 'List Range', Column E will contain data for the 'Criteria Range' and column G1:I1 is the 'Copy To' destination. When using the Advanced...
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    Advanced Filter with wildcards, Excel 2013

    I have an Excel list with many websites. Some end in .com, .net, .org. But some end in, .fr, .ru. How do I do an advanced filter to remove all, .fr, and .ru while keeping all .com, .net, and .org?
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    Advanced Group Filtering

    Hello All, I am having a bit of trouble developing a proper sort that I will eventually be turning into a macro in which data is sorted in order within its own sub-group and then those sub-groups are sorted by the lowest value in the subgroup in descending (A-->Z) order. The data is then...

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