1. F

    How to insert code into a workbook from another workbook

    Hi All, not sure if this is even possible but I'm trying to save a file from another workbook and then ensure that nobody can update any links in it, etc. upon opening, and so I'd need to insert the below two lines of code under 'Workbook_Open' but I'm unsure how to this, so I'd greatly...
  2. O

    VBA Code to Find Errors in a Sheet and Paste it

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will give feedback. The following is code to search for any errors and flag the cell by filling it red and bolding it. How would I then copy the entire row and past it into a sheet titled "Error.Log" when there is or more or errors in that row...
  3. D

    Power Query

    I have a query that's connected to a file that's supposed to automatically every day. Today, for some reason (not my issue), the file wasn't there, but my query didn't tell me the file was missing. Can I flag the query so that if the file is missing it alerts me? Thank you! Judi
  4. D

    application display alerts false...does it automatically save ?

    was curious if display alerts is false no prompt to save or not is given does it save the workbook automatically or defaults to not save?
  5. H

    IF Function with multiple outcomes???

    Hello all, new to this forum, and pretty new to excel, so here goes my first question. i have one column that has dates in it for 'Follow Up' alerts. have made a formula so if the date is between a certain range then a message shows in the next cell. my formula currently is...
  6. L

    Email alerts with an expire date

    I am looking for a way to receive e-mail alerts when an expiry date is approaching. This date would be located in a cell in excel. Would like to have 6 month, 3 month and 1 month warnings. Thank you!!!
  7. K

    VB Help: Pop up window alert in excel when a certain date gets reached

    Hello, I have worked with excel a long time but I have no coding ability to utilize VBA. I have an excel document that is updated daily and are need of alerts (is possible) that would help us stay on top of certain data. We enter data across the rows for every item entry we process. In column...
  8. S

    Suppress displayalerts when calling procedure in another workbook

    Hi all, I am calling a procedure in another workbook with VBA. The workbook is already open. I am trying to suppress all alerts with application.displayalerts = False. I added the application.displayalerts in both procedures. But after calling the procedure in the other workbook I am still...
  9. U

    Running Macro from another workbook when Application.Run doesn't work

    I have been using the Application.Run for a while but something changed and now it won't work! The only thing I changed is that I added the same command in another section of the procedure and I tried to use a goto to run this code but it skips the Application.Run without an error. Anybody have...
  10. C

    How to disable a Descriptive Statistics popup

    Hi all I have the following code that I am using to generate a set of discriptive statistics for a set of random numbers by using the . However when I try to loop through the action of refreshing the data set there is a popup. "That says Descriptive Statistics - Output will overwrite existing...
  11. F

    Alert Creation for milestone

    Hi, I run a sports club (cricket) and keep a tally of all the stats for the team. I am trying to create alerts when certain cells reach certain levels for the first time. Each year has a spate sheet with all the stats with a sheet totalling all the stats. So for example, over the last 4 years...
  12. K

    Disable all warnings with Application.DisplayAlerts = False

    Hello users! I have some slicers connected to graphs in a spread sheet. When I clear a slicer filter I get the warning: "the maximum number of data series per chart is 255". I don't need to rearrange my charts because of this, I just want to disable this warning. I tried several things using...
  13. W

    Fix "Data may exist in the sheet(s)..." message when opening workbook

    I need help identifying the source of an alert I receive when opening a workbook(s). The message "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data, press Delete" opens every time I open certain workbooks. I have been able to identify the "Sheet" in question...
  14. J

    VBA bypass Unreadable Content Warning

    I have a line of code that sets a workbook variable to each workbook in a folder and then runs some additional code over each workbook. Occassionally I will get an error (Run time 1004) on the line below. If I try to open the workbook throwing the error it almost always has an unreadable...
  15. G

    Rule for resource vs date clashing

    Hi, I'm looking to implement a rule so that when a specific resource is selected for an assignment, a check is done through the existing data to see whether they are already 'booked' for work within that calendar period. I've put together an example here...
  16. M

    Prevent Open Resource Pool Dialogue box when opening MPP Project File using VBA

    Hi </SPAN></SPAN> I have some code that I am using to Open a Microsoft Project file but despite all efforts I have been unable to prevent the opening dialogue box from appearing or auto answering it.</SPAN> i.e. "Open resource pool read-only allowing others to work on projects connected to...
  17. S

    Turn off alerts without using VBA

    Hi guys, Without using VBA can you suppress alerts in Excel? Specifically when you are creating copies of many sheets in a workbook, "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name "Month", which already exists on the destination sheet. Do you want to use this version of the...
  18. D

    Excel Alerts

    I am trying to create a stock trading template in Excel. The template/worksheet will be minimized/running in the background while other applications run in the foreground. When certain cells in the template/sheet populate certain values (based on formulas or by referencing other cells) - can...
  19. D

    POP-UP Alerts in Excel

    Is there a way to create Pop-Up Alerts/DialogBox - based on a cell value - (kind of conditional formatting) ... ?

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