1. K

    Excel Formula to show countif criteria from only visible cells.

    Hello, I need help with a formula to count if cell b2:b600 has the word "Alpha" when it has been filtered to display, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. the formula i have only counts not blanks. =SUBTOTAL(3,'Sheet1t'!B2:B600) Thank you in advance.
  2. MrDB4Excel

    number plus alpha character plus symbol custom format

    I need to create a custom cell format as follows: Example: 17a > This custom format would only require me to enter for example 6c OR 23d OR 3f OR 17a OR whatever #a OR whatever #b OR whatever #c etc. etc. etc. Do you get the picture? Before the need for an alpha character this was simple...
  3. J

    Mailmerge data layout - vertical or horizontal

    (Apologies of this needs to be in a Word forum, but it is 50% Excel related!) I have some data that I use to create a mailmerge, and in its raw form, the data looks like this: <tbody> hardware support price Alpha a1 £11 Alpha a2 £12 Bravo b1 £22 Bravo b2 £24 Bravo b3 £26 Charlie...
  4. M

    Maybe LOOKUP isn't the best function?

    Basically, you can see clients on the left and then different stages of the project next to it. These dates are manually entered. The "(IR)" is basically our internal review and has to get priority if it's in the same week as the same stage without "(IR)" Because it has to get priority I did a...
  5. T

    Excel formula(s) look at 2 non adjacent cells in same row, see if in another tab

    Hi I require a little help (scrub that change little for a lot of) please, trying to write a formula where is looks at 2 non adjacent cells in one tab, and looks in another tab to see if it can find the same info, if it does then to put from the 2nd tab another cell value. So in (tab1)W1 IF...
  6. T

    Userform Textbox Criteria

    I am wanting my textbox that I have named: ISSUE to meet the following parameters: 1. No Alpha at all - If an alpha character is typed instantly say no letters, please. 2. HAS to be a number between 1000000 & 2000000. I have OnlyNumbers set up already but failing on getting it to check the...
  7. C

    range.replace or other method based on <> string value

    Looks like the range.replace method has a findvalue and a replacevalue, is there a way to replace all values in a range which are not equal to 'alpha' for example ? already have code to iterate each cell. hoping for something more awe-inspiring :) thank you!
  8. D

    Microsoft Query data type incorrect

    I have an Excel spreadsheet where I'm pulling data from a CSV file using Microsoft Query. One of the fields is an invoice #. Most of the invoices are all numeric (34046), but some have an alpha character after the # (34046A). The query pulls all the numeric values fine, but the ones with the...
  9. W

    Data Validation

    Hi I have a team whose work is split alphabetically, each person has their own alpha split and associated workbook. I need to be able to restrict their input to only names within their split anything else should produce an error. eg 1 person has an alpha split for M - Mi. I have tried a few...
  10. D

    Clear contents of certain cells if condition is met

    Hi, Going down a table with a dynamic number of rows - If cell G contains the word "Alpha" I want to clear contents in the cell that sits in column S of the same row. Eg. if cells G20, G34, G49 say 'Alpha' then the contents of cells S20, S34, S49 should be cleared. Is this possible? Thanks...
  11. M


    Hi how do I change the formula below to search for multiple matches ie column B3 = "ALPHA / BRAVO / CHARLIE" A3 = ALPHA A4 = BRAVO A5 = CHARLIE A6 = DELTA A7 = ECHO A3 / A4 / A5 need to be flagged "a" A6 / A7 need to be flagged "b" if(COUNTIF(A:A,B3)>0,"a","b")
  12. H

    Formula not working as intended - also open to new way of achieving result

    Hi again! <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> My formula isn't working as intended anymore. Here is what I wanted: I have 3 worksheets: WS1 WS2 WS3 WS4 Vendor name Expiry date Formula field Vendor name Vendor...
  13. T

    Sum If

    I am using Excel 2016 ( not 365 ) and have a good spec i7 CPU computer. I have a large spreadsheet containing 250000 rows and growing. Within the sheet one column contains dates in the format 01/01/2018 and another an alpha numerical value in the form AA1234. I am counting the number of unique...
  14. K

    Find first Alpha Character from right side of a string

    Hi All, I'm trying to use a formula to find the first alpha character from the right of a string. For example, from the below, I'd expect "C" returned. <colgroup><col width="161" style="width: 121pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5888;"> <tbody> BABA US 09/21/18 C165...
  15. A

    Complex count and lookup criteria with multiple values - SumProduct???

    Following on from a question I asked a few days ago, I need to calculate the below I have a control Table, indicating whether each Team should be included in the results <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 Team Include 2 Team Alpha Yes 3 Team Bravo No 4 Team...
  16. G

    vba to find specific combination of chars in one column

    Hi all I have a column that contains free text, I need a way (using vba) to find specific chars in this column the format of the text chars will always be like .. one Alpha and 7 numeric(together).....Examples of this is are D1564567, A1235567, all the way through to Z2356457 and if and when...
  17. M

    Formula to confirm AA1234 format?

    I need a formula to tell me if in a cell; - characters 7-8 are alpha - AND characters 9-12 are numeric How can I do this? TIA
  18. G

    VBA Replace

    Hi Guys, Suppose I have a list on text that I want to replace a specific part of it with something. Column A 11346 XZ Alpha 91970 XZ Alpha 113974 YP Alpha 1135 YP Alpha 99786 XY Alpha 99786 XY from XZ to ZZ from YP to MS from XY to JA In my current code, I recorded a find/replace code...
  19. G

    Making data readable.

    My data exists in the following format and I've been asked to summarize it for the sales team. <tbody> 0.25 Austria Alpha 0.50 Austria Alpha 0.75 Austria Alpha 1.00 Austria Bravo 2.00 Austria Bravo 3.00 Austria Alpha 4.00 Austria Charlie 5.00 Austria Charlie 6.00 Austria Bravo...
  20. B


    I have a program that runs off of the data ID (which is for different employees) within Access that makes a barcode. Is there a way to make the data ID alphanumeric? so I want the data ID to be "BAY001 (Bill Brittain), BAY002 (Erick Vaughn), BAY003 (Johan Collins)" and so forth for each...

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