1. C

    Re: Number Selection - Extension

    Re: Number Selection - Extension Hi All, Extending from another thread posted Re: Number SelectionOct 24th, 2019 I am looking to analyze multiple alternate groupsizes combinations upon a Number Table and performing a similar type of ROW andCOLUMN analysis undertaken in that thread. Please see...
  2. 1

    Count streak of alternate 1 and 0

    Hi, I have ones & zeros in column C. Is there a formula that will show me a streak of alternate ones & zeros like at the bottom where there's six in a row? Thank you! <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> C 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 1 5 0 6 0...
  3. Alphacsulb

    Feedback/Ideas for Email Group Generation

    Hello, I'm looking for feedback on developing an email group database that will turn into a macro to create a lists. I have 6 sheets: Primary (Primary Directors) Alternate (Alternate Directors) Secondary (Second Alternate Directors) Managers (Other Staff who also receive information) Staff...
  4. D

    Alternate table row colours not changing in one column

    I have a table in a sheet where I enter information for quotes. I have uploaded my spreadsheet. Open it and press the button "Send to costing tool" that is on the sheet "npss_quote_sheet" about 4 or 5 times. It should paste the row on the first sheet to a table on the sheet "Costing_tool with...
  5. R

    Alternate column alert

    Hello, I have a data, basically to count product availability per day. I want to put an alert or something like that on the first 2 column for example in column B, that if there's any of the product on any given day is less than 5 then it will list all the dates that are on low availability...
  6. B

    Decompress Alternate Spellings

    It would be incredibly helpful if someone could help me solve this problem. I have a list of alternate spellings of words (Column B), coupled with a unique number (Column A) Essentially I need a list of all the alternate spellings. There are two rules / means or () means optional sounds...
  7. C

    Shade/Band Duplicate Rows Together

    I am trying to figure out how to band similar rows together and alternate the color. I would like it to looks like this example... As you can see, each row is alternating color based on the name. Some are duplicates. Ideas?
  8. E

    Shade alternating row where value in column "X" = 1

    Hi, haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere so here goes: I want to shade alternate rows in a selection when a value in another column = 1. So, for selection H11:T37, where the value in cell $D11 (through $D37) is 1, I want to shade alternate columns. The reason for this is I...
  9. S

    alternate autofill number in column and next row

    Hello, Please help to autofill a range of number in an alternate column then next row with blank rows in between. Just like this screenshot in this link: Thanks in advance!
  10. B

    How to fix a #Type! error

    I have a report that is based upon a query where I'm getting the dreaded #Type ! error. All the query in the report shows up as it should but when I go to the report (which is comprised of 3 fields in the detail) I get this error in two of them. In the header row, I have State Council Positions...
  11. M

    Fill formula in the alternate rows and live values

    Fill formula in the alternate rows and live values Hello, I am looking VBA solution, which can fill formula in the alternate row and live only values For example this formula =COUNTIF(Sheet1!$F$6:$F$63,$C6&" | "&$D6&" | "&F$4) I want to fill in the range F6:T28 but using alternate rows...
  12. K

    Compile Error : Loop without Do

    I have written a macro (see below) and when I step through it I keep getting a Compile error: Loop without Do. but there is a Do While statement. I have searched through the VBA and Macros book and the web and can find no resolution. In the coding below I have tried to be as transparent as...
  13. R

    Alternate between 1 and 0 for each unique row

    Hi, I would like to alternate between colors (or 0s and 1s) for unique row values. That is, if the row above is same, use same value, otherwise use other value. How would you do this? I have a solution which seems too complex... <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style...
  14. K

    macro to get data in alternate manner.

    Hi all , i am on a excel sheet where in i have 2 names "LIP" and "GIP" in column A. data is like GIP GIP LIP LIP LIP LIP GIP LIP GIP GIP GIP GIP GIP LIP LIP I need the rows should be arranged in alternate manner. like GIP LIP GIP LIP GIP LIP and so on........ Any macro or formula to do...
  15. K

    Alternate to sumif indirect

    Hi All - I have a worksheet where dependent on the data validation value selected, will alter the column to be referenced in a worksheet. This is slowing down my file like crazy when using data validation list. Is there an alternate formula I could try? SUMIF(INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("'data...
  16. M

    Formula in Alternate rows that do not reference alternate

    Hello everyone, How can I achieve this? I need to do this for over 10,000 cells. If I drag and drop, it picks up every alternate A and B cells. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. <tbody> A B C D 1 =IF(MOD(ROW(),2)=0,(IF(A1="","",A1)),(IF(B1="","",B1))) 2...
  17. M

    Excel Alternate between pages

    Is it possible to have excel alternate between pages. I have a sheet set up with purchase orders that i have coming into my warehouse the sheet is usually 40 rows and 23 columns and i update the info on it as i receive the items. So almost like the airport how they have the screen that switches...
  18. H

    Need help sorting values across columns

    I have an Excel worksheet which contains an ISO Country Code value in a cell and then the next cell to the right contains the Country name corresponding to that ISO Country code. For example, cell A1 contains the value "US" and cell B1 contains the name "United States”, cell C1 contains "CH"...
  19. M

    Dynamic Color Banding on similar rows with Filtering

    Hello Mr. Excel, I have been searching on multiple occasions for a solution to my highlighting needs. At one point and time I found a guide that showed me how to highlight all rows that had the same cell value, then when the cell value changed it would alternate the shading. It used a MOD...
  20. R

    Conditional formatting, perhaps?

    Hello! I have a table with a list of values, many of which repeat. It's a loooong table, and I'd really like to have the values alternate color, to make reading the table much easier. For example, if my column A contains: A A A B B B B B C C D I'd like the A and C rows to be blue (or...

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