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    Can someone please help me with the nesting of IF/AND functions?

    What I need, is if AB17=yes, then if X17=In-State, $7.50 but if X17=Out-of-State, $13.50. But if AB17 is blank and/or doesn't =yes, then no response. This is what I have so far: =IF(AND(AB17="yes",X17="In-State"),"$7.50","$13.00")
  2. R

    IF / AND with exceptions

    Hi All - Looking for help with a problem. I have an IF function with an AND inside it, the AND has multiple rules. Currently, the formula works great but I am looking for one of the AND rules to allow for an exception based on words in a separate cell. Current Formula...
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    Whats wrong with my formula

    Hello, anyone want to take a stab at what is wrong with my formula? =if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=6),6,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=8),8,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=10),10,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=12),12,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length...
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    VBA BeforeCLose

    Hi all, I have the below code and this is what I want to achieve: IF L1=1 AND B1="" AND C1="" then I want to prevent the file from saving. In all the other scenarios, the file should be saved. I need to also be able to specific Sheet name. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As...
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    If, and, or I've tried them all

    <tbody> I've tried all the functions and nested functions that I'm familiar with, but can't get it right. Below is what I'm looking for. If condition #1 is true and condition #2 is true, then do formula "A". Or If condition #1 is true and condition #3 is true, then do formula "B". Or if...
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    If Function with Multiple Conditions to be met first

    Using Excel 2016. Windows 7. I'm stumped and need help. A new real estate investment property was purchased that contains vacant and occupied units. There are two kinds of vacant units: Vacant Penthouse Units (PH) and Vacant Units (or all others that aren’t PH). There are a total of 14 Vacant...
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    Using IF, AND, OR together

    Since you are all so wonderful at helping, I have another question. I'm trying to nest IF, AND, and OR together. I want to tell it IF Q2<12, OR R2<12 AND B2=V are TRUE, then A5, if false then A4. My current working formula is however it doesn't have the AND function in it because I'm not sure...
  8. A

    Using multiple ranges in one fuction

    I need help putting together an IF(AND( formula that allows for multiple ranges. ...............1ST 2ND 3-5 6-10 3 X 5 ..... $100 $60 $35 $30 FOR 3-5 I tried: IF(AND(A76="3X5",B76>=3,B76<=5),((B76-2)*35)+160) which worked! But when I tried the second...
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    Using multiple ranges in one fuction

    I need help putting together an IF(AND( formula that allows for multiple ranges. 1ST 2ND 3-5 6-10 3 X 5 ..... $100 $60 $35 $30 FOR 3-5 I tried: IF(AND(A76="3X5",B76>=3,B76<=5),((B76-2)*35)+160) which worked! But when I tried the second range 6-10 it said...
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    Multiple arguments for using the if and function for a range betwwen numbers

    Hello! I am hoping someone can help me. Basically, I am trying to have a percentage populate based on the number within a cell. I run into issues with the multiple arguments. This is what I am trying to accomplish... Anything less than 57000 = 5% Greater than 57001 but less than 84000 = 4%...
  11. R

    Concatenate and IF Formula

    Hi Everyone! Below is the Row 1 is a commodity and in row 2 is the number of pallets. Anything that more than "0" the commodity will appear in "Output" but with "/" as a separator in each commodity, which I do not know what formula would it be? Thanks in advance...
  12. D

    Stringing together / nesting a series of IF and AND and OR functions / formulas

    Hi there, I am trying to create a new column in my dataset that will display a "yes" if ANY of the three criteria are met and a "no" if none of the criteria are met. For example if someone participated in year 1 and scored a 2 or above OR participated in year 2 and scored a 2.5 or above OR...
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    Populate cell with info from one column based on criteria from two other columns

    Hi there! I am new to posting on the forum, but have been an avid reader as I work on my Excel skills (after switching from another platform). Here's my question that is beyond my skillset: I have a large list that I need to pull subsets from. My master list contains names, phone numbers...
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    IF Function

    Hello. I am trying to get A,B,C,D to appear based on a different cells value IF U7 is less than 5; then "A" IF U7 is less greater than 5, but less than 20; "B" IF U7 is greater than 20; then "C" IF U7 is "N/A" (from a vlookup); "D" This is what I have now and it works for the "C" but returns...
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    SUMIFS & AND Function

    Hi everyone, I have a condition that I want to use sumifs with and funtion. Ex: The dropdown list (A2) is A, sumifs criteria of "123" and "456" I have tried separate the criteria to 2, "sumifs(X:X,A2,"123",A2,"456) but does not work. Please advised and I appreciate your help!
  16. R

    Modifying cell value based on contents of other cells

    So I really need help with this one here. Column H needs to reflect how many points you're over or under based on several criteria. Currently, I have column F setup as follows: =IF(D8="Excellent","$99",IF(D8="Pass","$99",IF(D8="Mid","$198",""))) The ideal setup is 9 in column g, Y in columns...
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    Using IF, AND & similar functions to determine cell value based on factors

    Hello everyone, I've been at this for 3 days now, all over forums and google with no luck. Refer to the picture I posted in this post for reference, but I need help calculating the monthly bill amount based on various factors. Basically: If there are no values in a row from columns K through...
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    VBA Apply Conditional Formatting Formula If Cell Contains...

    Novice here. I'm sure it's simple. I have some previously existing code that works fine, but I think I need to add either an "if" statement or an "and" statement to the formula somehow. I have a report that is generated and the code below provides conditional formatting if H>G starting on row...
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    IF, AND, and OR Formula #VALUE error

    Background: I'm working on a constructed language, and wanting to use an Excel formula to check that the rules are being followed as words are created. So the first rule I'm trying to check is that the first letter of a word, depending on the type of word (Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, and...
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    HELP! Apply a table of rules, using IF, AND and Ranges - at a bit of a loss!

    Guys n' Gals, My Excel is seriously rusty and i'm a little a bit at a loss as to how to deal with the problem below. I have 2 columns of data as outlined below, which depending on which rules they meet they are categorized as per the table below (see Example data) There are a set of rules...

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