1. Worf

    Animating a worksheet with VBA

    This is a demo version of a larger project. It shows how to animate a worksheet that does not quite look like one. Here are the actions that can be performed: Filling a tank Recirculating a tank Transferring water from one tank to another To operate the pumps and valves, just click the...
  2. Worf

    Double chart animation with VBA

    The charts below represent the water level in two tanks. Each one has two series of stacked columns, and the data cells are A1 and B1. There is a link to the workbook on this post. The idea is to transfer water from one tank to another, so just enter a percent level variation for one tank, like...
  3. J

    Shape Rotation Animation Speed

    Hi all, I have created 4 gauges with shapes, the dials of the gauges are a shape that's been regrouped at the 0 degree mark on the gauge and moves according to the % of the value * the degrees of the gauge I've created. When I select a new set of values based on a data validation list, they...
  4. andrewb90

    Align Object to center of screen

    Hello all. I am animating a logo in my sheet, but I am having a hard time centering the object in the middle of the users screen. my only directional options seem to be Sheet1.Shapes("Logo").Left = 20 Sheet1.Shapes("Logo").Top = 0 Is there a way to have it centered in the middle of...
  5. M

    Enabling Animation To Add New Row Macro

    I think I already know the answer to this one, but.... The two lines of code below allow you to "add" or "delete" rows. Selection.EntireRow.Insert Selection.EntireRow.Insert If you use the built in tools to "add rows" or "delete rows" it contains an animation of the rows being added or...
  6. G

    Changing direction the arrow points when I draw it in with VBA.

    Hello, I am using VBA to animate movement between two points on a graph. I am also drawing an arrow to illustrate the movement. This macro works fine... I used the recorder for it, so there is probably some stuff to tidy. My concern is that it is drawing the arrow pointed the opposite...
  7. T

    Storing Gifs in Excel File

    Hello, I am pretty new to Excel and VBA, so my question might be too simple: I have to create an excel file which shows a .gif animation depending on some values in a table (when the values change, a different gif has to be shown). This workbook will have to be used by other people, so I do...
  8. E

    Userform GIF stop looping (bonus problem error wrapping)

    I am trying get a brief run once animation for a game project. Even when I save the GIF with the properties to only loop once, I still get a continuous loop when implementing it to the userform for this function. An additional frustration is that from my tinkering I have yet to find a way to...
  9. T

    Improving Animation Performance

    Greetings! I have a fairly advanced object animation script that I am using to animate various objects in my workbook upon user interaction. For example, I have an small image which serves as a button. The animation "macro" is assigned to that image. When a user clicks the button, the...
  10. W

    Animation issue with screen updating?

    Hi All I’m very new to VBA and have run into a problem while adding some simple “animation” (moving images around the screen) to a system I’m developing. I have a sub which moves a specified image around the screen, I have tested this and it seems to work fine. However when I call it...
  11. P

    Make Geographic maps Using Excel

    Question 1 The longitudes are across the 1st row. The latitudes are in column A. The values of my dataset are in the intersections of these. How would I create a contour map of this on the earth? <tbody> A B C 1 -80 -70 2 40 5.3 18.6 3 30 17.9 20.2 </tbody>...
  12. T

    Code that stops the copy selection animation (dotted flashing lines defining the copied rannge)

    I have code that successfully identifies a range, copies the selection, then pastes it on another worksheet. But when I return to the source worksheet (with the copied range selection), the animated dotted lines that define the range/selection are still there until I hit escape. Any way tor...
  13. F

    vba delay help

    i've been trying to make a simple blinking animation of showing and subsequently hiding an image on a userform. i used Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")and it worked great but i really need less than one second delay. then i tried using delay like so: Public Declare Sub Sleep Lib...
  14. E

    PowerPoint font animation error

    Hopefully someone can help me with my situation. In PowerPoint 2007, when I copy MS Excel data into a slide and attempt annimation (e.g. just making a section section appear), the font on the animated section changes - it gets bold and a little blurry. In 2003, this was not an issue - any...
  15. A

    Animation ideas

    Hi all, I am very inexperienced with macros, but had a strange idea about writing animations in Excel by writing an automated scroll (please humour me!). For the animation to work, the cells must be scrolled through visibly. I have done this successfully using a continuation of the following...
  16. C

    Excel - vba web browser

    I have a file which extracts employee entries when you put the employee code. Have created a form to show the progress % and estimated time for search. In this form i have added a animation .gif file and it runs fine on my PC but not on any other PC as the .gif file is store on my desktop. I...
  17. M

    Time - Accurate Vehicle Animation using Excel VBA

    I am a novice VBA/Excel programmer in need of help. I work for a small firm, Brach Engineering, that develops accident reconstruction software. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> To give you an idea of what we're looking for, Jon Peltier's “RollingWheel” example...
  18. B

    Faking an animated image in a userform?

    I've gathered that it's not possible to place an animated GIF like this: in a userform in Excel. As you might have guessed, I've created a macro that, depending on user inputs, can take a bit of time to run, and I want to display something to let the user know that Excel hasn't locked up...

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