1. T

    Transpose and Append Multiple Tables in a Workbook Dynamically

    Hi all, I have multiple tables in the same workbook that are formatted with the column headers in one column and the corresponding data to the right (formatted this way for easier visibility of the user). See Tables 1 and 2 for examples. They all have the same naming convention beginning with...
  2. A

    VBA macro for appending data from an excel file to a Master excel file sheetwise.

    Expected results - data in worksheet Sheet1 of excel file should be appended to worksheet Sheet1 of 'Master' excel file data in worksheet XYZ of excel file should be appended to worksheet XYZ of 'Master' excel file. If a worksheet named XYZ does not exist in 'Master' excel file, then creates one.
  3. D

    Power Query Tables Reading Each Other's Tables

    I am very new to using Tables and Queries. Basically I'd like whenever I add a line of data in one table, to have it added to the Power Query Table on another sheet. The other sheet will still have data on it, so the newest data I would like to add it, not replace it. I want to also have the...
  4. A

    Append/Consolidate Multiple Workbooks with Multiple Sheets retaining the Format

    Excel warriors, I have 38 xlsx files stored in one folder. Each file has a different count of sheets (15+)—all sheets have the same column count, same headings, but different counts of rows. I need a macro to append (consolidate) all of the sheets into one sheet in a new workbook. This...
  5. G

    Append to last row AND fill down

    Struggling with the following... This snippet of code consecutively pastes values from Sheet4 after the last row of data in Sheet1 as I loop through things on Sheet4. addRow = Sheet1.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).row Sheet4.Range("C2").Copy 'Run Sheet1.Range("A" &...
  6. G

    Copy Variable Value to another sheet and append

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out why this part of my code is not working... It is inside a bigger bit of code, but this is the bit that I have been working on. What I want it to do is to copy the variable values assigned (from sheet 4) above to a different sheet (sheet...
  7. O

    Power Query appending (different cells from) same table in sample file

    I have >100 files, all with the same make-up. I use Sample File to get a 'specific part of the table'. I also need '1 value' of this table from a specific cell, BUT this value is filtered out in the steps to get the 'specific part of the table'. I could Add (the '1 value') as New Query before I...
  8. O

    VBA to append data into columns (only tables) - excluding a random cell

    Hi friends, I am using Microsoft Office 365 and found a macros code to use for my project. However, I am facing some issues whereby my appended "Result" data contains random cell notes (Example: Updated xxx). Is there any way to only append the main table data? Please note that I am not able to...
  9. BPW

    Copy variable range from one worksheet and paste values into second worksheet at the next empty row below.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me get un-stuck with a wrinkle in my macro. What I'm trying to do is copy a variable range on WS1 and paste values to another sheet at the next empty row below. The idea is to enter data in WS1 and click a button that will copy that data and...
  10. L

    Power Query - Append Grouped Rows based on specific columns AND row values

    Hi! My data set has 117,000 rows and 14 columns. It is at an item and week level. There is a week column, an item description column, 11 columns of characteristics that describe/classify the item, and finally the value column (cost). Is it possible, via M code or otherwise, for me to group by...
  11. C

    VBA : Append New Data from one worksheet to another

    Hello, I was using JLGWhiz's code to append entries from a data source to to my target workbook. Currently, it looks from the bottom and removes the duplicates. How would I modify it to preserve the previous entries in the target workbook and add the new entries in order?. Dim sh1 As...
  12. P

    Power Query Merge or Append?

    Hi, I'm trying to combine 2 reports with inconsistent columns and column names into a single report. Is this possible in Power Query. For example report 1 has the following columns Fiscal Qtr Fiscal Wk BU Segment Rep Seg Alloc Territory PFAM Product Line Material Key Customer Customer...
  13. M

    Auto-Import XLS or XLSB workbooks with multiple sheets and append data to tables. (Access Tables and Excel Sheets = same name)

    Dear MS Access Community! I am actually quite new to this forum (a few months) and very new to MS Access (1 month or so). Earlier this week, I was having trouble with Excel, and now I'm having trouble importing data into my MS Access Tables. Please allow me to explain: Structure and...
  14. V

    Append table with another table and user input

    Hello guys, I have an issue which I assume is very simple yet I can't seem to figure it out. (Just started learning Access a few weeks ago) I have a table called Table1 with the following columns: <tbody> ID (autogenerated) SUB Month Total Comments 1 GOP 1901 500 Payment 2 GAP 1901 600...
  15. gheyman

    Adding Username to Append Query

    Is it possible to add the User Name to each record that's being added to a table? I am using an Append Query to add the new record(s). I thought I could create a field in my query to do that, by what I am trying doesn't work CreatedBy: Environ("Username")
  16. P

    Save same sheet to PDF multiple times - is it possible?

    Hello, I'm a new poster to the forum. I have a question and cannot find the answer anywhere so I thought I would ask here. I would like to know if it is possible to save the same sheet to a PDF in a loop (with different data each time) creating a multi-page PDF. As a test, I have been able to...
  17. T

    Append Qry

    I have an Append Qry where I am using 2 tables linked by a key and all have it to where I am providing pop ups to enter specific data. However it has stopped working. Anyone have an issue like this before? Trouble shooting has yielded nothing. The data exists in both tables and the data I am...
  18. X

    Append large data from CSV to Text file in VBA

    I have a large csv file (150K rows and 150 columns) that I open in excel, copy it then append it to existing text file. When I try to do this in VBA using either of the below codes that I found online, I get Null value from the clipboard. If I copy a smaller range, below commands work. If I...
  19. S

    Excel VBA : Appending string with a variable

    Hi Friends, I have a string and a variable called "Formula". I want to append this string with my variable and update this value in the Cells(Lastrow, 3) of my active sheet. String is : “=IFERROR(IF(O9=” + Formula + " ;””);”Missing Leader Price”) " Note : Orange part is my string I tried...
  20. A

    Append Query doesn't Run but doesn't Error

    Hello, i have a VBA code that sends data from excel to one of three access databases. Table1 and Table2 work great. but the data for Table3 is sent to a TempTable. From here, the all the data in TempTable is linked with 5 columns in Table1 in an Append Query. Up until here everything works...

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