1. V

    Append table with another table and user input

    Hello guys, I have an issue which I assume is very simple yet I can't seem to figure it out. (Just started learning Access a few weeks ago) I have a table called Table1 with the following columns: <tbody> ID (autogenerated) SUB Month Total Comments 1 GOP 1901 500 Payment 2 GAP 1901 600...
  2. gheyman

    Adding Username to Append Query

    Is it possible to add the User Name to each record that's being added to a table? I am using an Append Query to add the new record(s). I thought I could create a field in my query to do that, by what I am trying doesn't work CreatedBy: Environ("Username")
  3. P

    Save same sheet to PDF multiple times - is it possible?

    Hello, I'm a new poster to the forum. I have a question and cannot find the answer anywhere so I thought I would ask here. I would like to know if it is possible to save the same sheet to a PDF in a loop (with different data each time) creating a multi-page PDF. As a test, I have been able to...
  4. T

    Append Qry

    I have an Append Qry where I am using 2 tables linked by a key and all have it to where I am providing pop ups to enter specific data. However it has stopped working. Anyone have an issue like this before? Trouble shooting has yielded nothing. The data exists in both tables and the data I am...
  5. X

    Append large data from CSV to Text file in VBA

    I have a large csv file (150K rows and 150 columns) that I open in excel, copy it then append it to existing text file. When I try to do this in VBA using either of the below codes that I found online, I get Null value from the clipboard. If I copy a smaller range, below commands work. If I...
  6. S

    Excel VBA : Appending string with a variable

    Hi Friends, I have a string and a variable called "Formula". I want to append this string with my variable and update this value in the Cells(Lastrow, 3) of my active sheet. String is : “=IFERROR(IF(O9=” + Formula + " ;””);”Missing Leader Price”) " Note : Orange part is my string I tried...
  7. A

    Append Query doesn't Run but doesn't Error

    Hello, i have a VBA code that sends data from excel to one of three access databases. Table1 and Table2 work great. but the data for Table3 is sent to a TempTable. From here, the all the data in TempTable is linked with 5 columns in Table1 in an Append Query. Up until here everything works...
  8. P

    Append Query to Table Issues

    Hello, I have 5 Fields that append to a table. All can repeat but I only want one unique record of each type. When I do the append, it just keeps adding duplicates because I can't set a primary key. Any ideas? Fields: Order Operation ID Description Complete Bear in mind...
  9. B

    Append function for multiple files only possible for 2 files in Power Query/Excel 2016/64 bit?

    Hi i have worked before with Excel 2013/64 bit and used Power Query and the function Append, in order to consolidate data from multiple Excel files into one file. Now when i use the built-in Power Query in Excel 2016/64 bit i do not have the opportunity in Append to consolidate more than 2...
  10. M

    Access query that appends two tables

    Hello, and thank you in advance if you can help, I have a database that I am trying hard to not create physical tables in. I have two linked tables to the database, call them data 1 and data 2. I would like to create a query that will append these two tables together according to the fields in...
  11. B

    Appending values from different sheets

    Hi all, I feel like I have a question that should not be too difficult to solve, but I just can't figure it out. I have multiple sheets with identical layouts, I wish to append this values in one total sheets. No sums or anything has to be done, just clear and simple append the values in...
  12. B

    VBA - Appending one list onto another on different sheet

    Hi, I have two lists on two separate sheets and I am trying to append one list (ws6) to the other (ws). It should copy the relevant ranges per row in sheet ws6 and paste them into the relevant columns in sheet ws. Then it should add in two values on two columns to each appended row in sheet...
  13. R

    Excel VBA to add excel data to end of Access database with existing autonumber

    I have excel.xls spreadsheets that I would like to automatically select and append to existing Users.mdb databases. Sometimes there may only be 1 addition to one of the Users.mdb and it could add up to 500 more records. The Excel data must be imported because the program that originally...
  14. D

    Append new data from one worksheet to a master worksheet everyday

    Hi I'm after a little help, I've looked through various posts but can't seem to find exactly what I'm after. I have two workbooks one of which is a master, I want to copy the data from workbook 2 and append it to the master workbook workbook, then the next day do the same thing again. any...
  15. M

    Append Query duplicate primary key

    If I run an append query will it give me an error message if duplicates primary key field? I have an append query in my database and when I run nothing happens and it doesn't append but it doesn't give me a warning. I gotta figure this out before I start embedding it into macros because if it...
  16. M

    Append Query Functionality

    Hello, I am attempting to use an append query to move one record from onetable to another. I am using the below SQL code, but when I run it I get amessage stating that 2 rows will be appended, but I only want to append thecurrent record that is being viewed on a form. FYI - The tables being...
  17. S

    Append Existing Tables Variable Number of Times using Text.Combine

    So my question is... is there a way to repeat the Table.Combine append a variable number of times? My initial though was to use Text.Repeat nested in Text.ToList to create the range with the number of times being variable using a criteria created by a number count. let TC01 = TagCount...
  18. G

    Append a table with a query from access

    All, I have a connection from excel to a MS Access query that is located on my machine. At this point when I refresh the query it will reload the entire table. However after the initial load and getting my history set up I would like to only update weekly data going forward. This means that I...
  19. gheyman

    Append query, block questions

    When my Append quesry is ran the user gets the Pop questions (You are about to run.....) is there a way to stop this and just append the data. It confuses my users and out of precuation, they dont want to click anything and they come running to ask what to do. I want it to just go ahead and...
  20. G

    confused about relationships to appended query

    So I have a workbook with multiple tabs of a sales report. It’s essentially the same report, but just for different departments. I utilized power query to query each tab, and then append it into one. I then send that append to a pivot table so I can combine my multiple sources into one neat...

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