1. R

    Table of Contents with Tab Colour

    Hey everyone, I've tried a few different things but can't seem to figure out how to add the tab colour from the worksheet to the cell within the Table of Contents I created for myself. Below is what I have so far, but something isn't working: Sub HyperlinkTOC() Dim i As Long Dim LinkCell As...
  2. T

    How to make this code faster

    I have a macro that works, but is actually slower than when I did it by hand. There are about 10000 rows that have to be looped thru and the purpose is to delete rows that meet certain conditions. Basically what it does is put the word "DEL" or "KEEP" at the end of each row and then loops...
  3. S

    Data not pasting to the next open row when copying from multiple workbooks

    The following code does successfully loop through all of thesheets in the directory however it does not paste to the next open row in thedestination sheet and instead clobbers the data in the same rows Sub copydatafrommulttomaster() Dim folderpath As String, Filepath As String, filename AsString...
  4. P

    Script is hanging up on a paste

    I have a simple code that navigates to a URL, copies a page and pastes the page onto a worksheet. The code is designed to cycle through a series of dates. The code is currently executing the first paste but it hangs up on the second paste. Any ideas? 'Application.DisplayAlerts =...
  5. S

    Excel Macro Errors!

    I have a master workbook called Paterson Bulk Service Records and then individual sheets in folders for each of the Master workbook sheets to link over (i've done it before for something else and I had no trouble but now i do) The bold line is the one that has a Subscript Error and changes the...
  6. R

    VBA Saveas Reference problem

    Hello, Can someone look at this and let me know if this is built correctly? Application.DisplayAlerts = False ' suppress overwrite warning message ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="\\\data\Data1\VMSSHARE\FS\FPSCOEASSO\Temporary Fleet Reports\313670 Avanir\Final Result\" &...
  7. P

    Text to columns

    Hi all Probably a very simple question, but I cant find an answer anywhere on line. What do I need following Other:True for a Colon? I know how to do it in the sheet but I need to do it with vba thanks Paul Sub TextToColumnsRangeSelection() On Error Resume Next Dim MySelection As...
  8. P

    Skip worksheet in macro

    Hello, I have this macro and I need help. " If Worksheets.Select = "Vykazy_data" Then End", this part dont work. Pls help with solution. I need to skip one worksheet in this loop Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim i As Integer Dim xTCount As Variant Dim xWs As Worksheet...
  9. J

    VBA To Stop Displaying "Saving File"

    I am currently running the below VBA. Pulls multiple workbooks 2nd sheet and combines them into one. Then saves that "combined" file. I want this to run as much as "in the background" as possible. Any Ideas? ****** Sub Auto_Open() Dim path As String path = InputBox("Enter a file path"...
  10. A

    sheet copying code halting

    The code below only copies a worksheet. Reason to use it that with manual copying, excel keeps asking for each range or cell name to accept it. With 50 or so names this means a lot of clicks. The last line in the macro avoids this. The macro is a bit clumsy as i had to fill in the sheet to be...
  11. N

    Saving a PDF using cell refrences

    I am using Excel 2013. I'm close to achieving the result I want but I need some help. Please, before it drives me insane. Lol. I have made a Purchase Order Sheet that auto-fills a lot of information based on the vendor chosen in a drop-down list in cell 'C10'. It also has the current date in...
  12. M

    Application object

    Hi, Is it possible to run a macro without "Application object" for example: Public Sub process() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False ' ' ' ' (program) ' ' ' Application.ScreenUpdating = True Application.DisplayAlerts = False ens sub in above example I...
  13. E

    Efficiency - DELETE ROWS

    Hello Guys! Help me speed up my code please. I need to remove rows that contains specific pair of values in columns L and M. 80 and 1, 80 and 01, 80 and 03, 80 and 10 (01 and 1 are different - its all TEXT) ex. <tbody> L M 80 01 80 03 80 10 80 1 </tbody> My working code is ...
  14. A

    Run time error 1004: says sheet protected when it is not

    Hi All i have two issue in below code. 1. its give me Run time error 1004: cannot proceed as sheet is protected, when it is not protected. 2. i want it to run from 3 sheet to run till last sheet,,,but it is keep running on 1 sheet only. Sub MacroTest() Dim i As Integer For i = 3 To...
  15. T

    VBA Macro making message "Out of Memory" apear???

    Hi Everyone, I have this macro that moves a sheet from one doc to another but I get this "Out of Memory" message come up when I run it, it happens at the point of trying to close the document Anyideas what I have done wrong? Tony Sub openmaster2() Application.EnableEvents = False Master1...
  16. D

    Code reduction exercise

    Hi, I was playing with a very small piece of code, essentially remove rows with X to new sheet and delete from Data sheet. I am trying to see how far I can reduce the code, all three work and it is only a small learning exercise for me. Is this as good as it gets or do you have some advice...
  17. W

    Why is this code not saving to folder??

    trying to get a worksheet to saveas .csv file to path when they hit macro button. however it opens TempWB and and does not save to path. Can someone tell me what I am missing here Thanks CJ [Code] Sub saveSheetToEQScan() Dim myCSVFileName As String Dim tempWB As Workbook...
  18. L

    VBA set printing area for all sheets in a workbook - takes too long to run

    Hello, I have the below codes that run really slowly, it loops each sheet and find the dynamic range then set the printing area on each. it works but takes a long time (the workbook has about 130 sheets and it takes almost 30 minutes to loop through!) Can someone please help me revise it to...
  19. H

    If file not not exist clear data

    I have the following macro below. Where file does not exist, the data to be cleared in active sheet from A19:AA100 Sub DataRefresh() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Range("E14").Select Selection.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=True Range("G19").Select...
  20. F

    Vba macro does not continue to next

    Hello everyone I am in process of creating a code to copy the data from 11 tabs of the same file - paste it in a tab of the same file and then create 11 different files so they are sent to diferent owners. I have tested the 1st tab and when I continue to the next one to make sure that the code...

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