1. C

    Run-time Error '1004': Cannot access read-only document 'filename.xls'

    Hi, I have some VBA code where I create a new workbook for the active sheet and save that individual sheet to a file a close it. It works as expected the first time I run it but if the file exists and I run the macro again I get a run time error. Have done a bit of looking online and found...
  2. K

    VBA Creating a new sheet not working as expected

    So technically the following code is working: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Create_Sheet Import_All_Branches Delete_Sheet End Sub The actual sub is this: Sub Create_Sheet() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Add(After:= _...
  3. G

    Autosave every friday

    Hi Guys, Could you help me with the codes below? What I want to accomplish is for the codes to save back up ONLY ON FRIDAYS but my codes are not working. Sub Time_In() Dim FileName As String ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+e ' 'On cell and saves file Sheets("TITO").Select...
  4. A

    ListBox List Print data with sort

    Dim ws As WorksheetDim rng As Range Dim i As Long Dim J As Long Set ws = Worksheets.Add Set rng = ws.Range("A1") For i = 0 To ListBox1.ColumnCount - 1 For J = 0 To ListBox1.ListCount - 1 rng.Offset(J, i) = ListBox1.Column(i, J) Next J Next i Columns("A:A").Resize(...
  5. S

    Create new workbook, save using input box

    I've read a lot of the different threads on this forum concerning adding a new workbook but I cannot seem to get the macro to work the way it needs to... the code below doesn't work, it's not the proper syntax but it gives you an idea of what I'm trying to do: 1. add new Workbook 2. save new...
  6. M

    Saving to a Fpath and Fname not working

    Dear All, The folder path will change each month, the filename changes week on week. Im trying to use the data from the cell on the Control sheet to deal with the name changes and save to a specific folder with the new file name. But alas to no avail. Can someone please advise why it wont work...
  7. Gerald Higgins

    Problem with Application.DisplayAlerts = False

    Thanks in advance for any help ! So I've got a master file, and am writing some code to open individual files one at a time for each of a number of other company locations, suck data from them into the master file, do some other changes to the individual location files, close each of them down...
  8. R

    Create new workbooks out of unique data within a single column

    Hi all, I have been struggling to develop a VBA process that identifies unique values within one column of a single worksheet, within a workbook with multiple worksheets. I want the process to create a new workbook for each unique value with all of the same worksheets, but within the worksheet...
  9. S

    VBA - Oracle BI 12C SmartView Message Box

    All, Below VBA code I am using to refresh Oracle BI report data in Excel. It is connected to Oracle BI using Smart View. I am able to refresh data using below code. It shows a message once data gets refreshed such as 'Table1 is refreshed', Is there a way to suppress this message...
  10. M

    Importing Multiple TXT Files

    Morning All, I found the following code online hoping that it would allow me to download multiple txt files onto the same sheet from a memory stick however when I try and run the program it faults out on the underlined line with "Object Doesn't Support This action" any ideas or suggestions...
  11. Q

    Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed

    Hello, I am a basic excel user who is just learning to do a few simple things in VBA and only through information I have found in searches (like adding auto-complete to a dropdown list). My company just moved their server and now a form a previous employee wrote is not functioning properly. I...
  12. D

    vbe excel - WkBk SaveAs Error 1004 cannot access file

    I get an error running a SaveAs routine where the message says it cannot access the file 'C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Root\Reports\057B2600' I don't understand where the 057B2600 number is coming from at the end of the path name. Reports directory is where the file is to be saved as in. The...
  13. T

    Saving Sheet the wont CLOSE using VBA

    I am working with a script that will save a SHEET from my workbook to a location on my computer but it opens it up also. SO I am trying to get that NOT to open or at the least we I can get that file to close. Here is where I am at now: Application.DisplayAlerts = False ActiveSheet.Select...
  14. H

    Export Sheets as csv

    I have several sheet and have written code to export these to directory C:\data I would like to mend the code to only export that sheets that has data in cell A1 Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated Sub ExportSheetsToCSV() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim xWs As...
  15. H

    Macro to Unhide all worksheet fromsheet 2 except last 3

    I have written code to unhide worksheets from sheet 2 , except the last 3 workbooks. I want to unhide Cols A:M When running the macro, it only unhides the active worksheet It would be appreciated if someone could kindly assist me Sub Unhide_Columns() Application.DisplayAlerts = False...
  16. 1

    Hoping this is only a slight vba tweak needed.

    Hi all, I would like to be able to save a filename directly to our sharepoint. However, when I run the macro I get an error message from the upload center saying the path is not found. below is my code. Please can someone help me. Sub SubmitAandAData() Dim Sh As Worksheet Dim folder As...
  17. M

    run-time error '1004' copy area and paste area are not the same size

    i have the below code that has been working fine until today and can not figure out why any insight is appreciated Windows("CMT6 Master.xlsm").Activate Sheets("PRESALE LOANS - FNMA").Select Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "\\Fs1prod\cmt6\-- DAILY REPORTING --\Team - Daily...
  18. W

    Trying to Copy Multiple Columns from one workbook to another one

    Hey Everyone! So I'm working on a project to help me out at work. I'm fairly new to VBA so sorry if I sound dumb :P I'm making a macro to copy some raw data from WB1.xlsx to WB2.xlsm The code below is what I'm working with so far, and it works fine, but I need the ranges of the columns to be...
  19. J

    VBA Wb.Save causes Excel to Crash

    I have some code that performs a number of operations on some excels, saves them and moves them to a new folder. I have some currently that are crashing Excel on the Workbook.Save command. I turned on Alerts and created an error trap but Excel just crashes. How can I figure out what is going on...
  20. C

    VBA Insert rows

    Hi Everyone, I have been working on a string and having issues. I have the basic set out, but I want to add in where the rows should be inserted, not at cell A1, but starting at cell A8. Sub MyInsertRows1() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim i As Integer For i =...

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