1. T

    Applying Conditional Formatting to only the first 10 strings in a cell

    I want to apply color to the first 10 characters in cell B63. It has a formula in the cell. I selected conditional formatting, then New Rule, then Use of formula to determine which cell to format then I entered this formula =LEN($B63)=10. It worked and applied the color to the first 10...
  2. M

    Apply filter on one column of a pivot table

    Hi I need to use a filter on my pivot table. (Placing the field into the folder box) I only want this to apply to one of my columns - is this possible? Jess
  3. J

    Autofilter / Advanced Filter Copying over all data

    Hi, This is a bit frustrating. I've applied code to filter data using the autoFilter function but when I apply a new line with AdvancedFilter it appears it clears the filtered range and copies over all data With Sheets(1).ListObjects("Table13256").Range.AutoFilter Field:=22, Criteria1:="<>"...
  4. S

    spaces after figures

    Hi, I received 1 excel file contained values but having 2 or 3 spaces after figures, I think this is formatting issue, what formula can I apply to get figures only. In the below example x means space Current figures 100xx 300xxx 210x Wanted 100 300 210
  5. V

    Apply Formula to Entire Column that Already has Data

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with a column containing URL's. I'd like to apply a formula to the entire column so that, if a URL has a question mark, delete the question mark and everything right of it. I found this formula: =LEFT(A1, FIND("?", A1&"?")-1) Probably a basic question but, how...
  6. 8

    Need Help with VBA Code to Hide/Unhide Rows

    Hi, I have the following code, but how can I apply this to rows below A5 to act in the same way? For example, I need this to be applied to A5:A44 and then A48:A87 (possibly for more rows below so I need the code to only perform the hide/unhide within the specified areas). Also, is it possible...
  7. P

    VBA Array Formula

    Hi, can anyone help with this Array Formula? I have formulas that I add to sheet1 through vba that adds rows from columns "A", "B" & "E:K" to columns "AI","AJ" & "AK:AQ" and then apply autofill down to the number of rows required. The formula for Columns "AK:AQ" puts the values in order small...
  8. N

    VBA - Footer font colour with long date format

    Hello Mr Excel gurus, As the title says, I'm trying to make a simple macro to apply to a button, so I can update the footer details of a Worksheet. I can accomplish all of these steps individually, however when I manipulate the "font colour" property, I can't seem to get things to work with...
  9. T

    Macro to apply formula to a range of cell

    Hi, I have written a macro to apply a formula to a range of cell the following is working just fine 'Worksheets("TRANSPORT").Range("N15:N34").Formula = "=MIN(K15,MAX(D15*I15,J15))*INDEX(ROE,MATCH(G15,DEVISE,0),3) but this formula is not the complete version that does not work Here the...
  10. I

    Insert new row & apply Ucase

    Hi, Can you advise please the correct way to apply Ucase for when i insert a new row each time at A6:H6 I have this code below but keep getting Run Time Error 13 Private Sub InsertNewRow_Click()Rows("6:6").Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove Range("A6").Select...
  11. D

    Saving a "Sort"

    I have a standard report which I need to sort in the same way everytime. Is there a way to save the "sort" sequence and apply instead of re-creating each time? Thanks in advance!
  12. D

    VBA to cycle through selected rows and apply conditional formatting

    Hello, I have some conditional formatting to apply across numerous rows in my worksheet and I would like to speed up that process as much as possible by using VBA. Ideally I will select some cells and then the VBA would run through each row and apply the Red (High) - Green (low) cell colour...
  13. I

    How to apply a formula in a column next to data using VBA

    Hello, I have data in columns A:B that changes in the number of rows. How can I apply a function I wrote (RemoveChar(B2)) to column C2:End? I can't seem to figure out how to apply the formula downward until the last data point at the end of column B. Thanks!
  14. C

    Highlight Duplicate Values, Non Contiguous Cells

    Hi all, I am trying to apply a simple conditional format where cells with the same value are highlighted. The problem I am running into is that the data I want to apply the formatting to is in every other row (2, 4, 6, etc). The formatting works fine if the the duplicate value appears in the...
  15. M

    Conditional Format of Cell Range "A" Based on Value of Cell Range "B"

    I have a need to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells based on the value of a corresponding value in another range. I have managed to do this for a single cell, but can not figure out how to apply it to the range below is the formula that works on a single cell =$J$7<TODAY()-30...
  16. W

    VBA code to change fill color of a cell if it contains any string

    I want to conditionally format cells in the range A1:A200 that contain any string. If a cell is blank, no formatting should apply to that cell, but once any string is entered in a given cell, that individual cell should have its fill changed. Any ideas?
  17. C

    Conditional formatting rule

    I have a conditional rule in cell I2 if less than 02:00 and want to know how I would apply the rule so it colours the whole row from A2 through to K2 Thank you
  18. montecarlo2012

    VBA-macro require a for next loop

    Hello folks. PLEASE, I have a macro, and I see some kind of loop concept to apply here but still thinking, so PLEASE somebody can give me a hand here. Sub Coe_fficient_trend_line() Range("P5").Formula = "=TRUNC(TREND(B3:B20))" Range("P6").Formula = "=TRUNC(TREND(C3:C20))" Range("P7").Formula...
  19. C

    Conditional formatting with macro

    Hi I have a macro which refomats an excel file. I want to highlight rows where value in far right column is greater than zero. Last column position is variable which I can select and apply conditional format to column, but how do I apply to complete row. Suggestions would be much...
  20. P

    vlookup / hyperlink to e-mail

    Hello, Please could any help on a vlookup issue? i have the following lookup =HYPERLINK(IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),"")=0,"",IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),""))) I have a invoice and when i populate the suppliers details i would like to have a hyperlink to their...

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