1. B

    VBA Auto/Filter Assistance - Overcoming the limitations of "This column has more that 10,000 unique items"

    I have a column that’s comprised of 26,483 cells. Each of these cells has the following date and time stamp data in it yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss that records when an event first started. When I try to AutoFilter all the cells within this column I can’t do it because It doesn’t allow me to access all...
  2. E

    Hide or Filter Columns in a Pivot Table

    I want to apply a Column field to a Pivot Table but to only apply to one Value set. I have two sets of data in "Values" and am happy to have one split into separate columns using a different label, but the other I just want a total. Cannot find anything to help, or am using the wrong search terms.
  3. N

    how to get the sum of a range in which two specific if conditions apply

    i have so far =SUMIFS(a2:b18, a2:b18, a2<b2)<b2)<b2) i want to get the sum in column a. in which b is greater than a. and a is greater than 30. example: a b 10 11 11 10 12 10 60 12 100 150 60 120 in this exmaple the sum should returns 110</b2)<b2)
  4. H

    100% round down

    Hi I have an audit matrix document which calculates %age scores for multiple sites. The score should always show a full number (i.e 80%, 90%, etc...), and I am happy for standard rounding to apply (i.e round down for .4 and below, round up for .5 and above) However, I don't want this to apply...
  5. N

    Dual function within cell

    I want a cell to calculate a value (in one cell) x rate (in another cell) unless: I type text or a number directly into the cell. I want to be able to overwrite the cell formula as long as I type something in, but for the formula to come back and apply if I thereafter delete its contents...
  6. A

    VBA Find column by header and apply TRIM in that column

    Hello, Please can somebody help with VBA code?. I'm looking for VBA code to find column by header name and apply TRIM in that column. Column name is "Title". I'm also looking for vba code for VLOOKUP. Find column by header name "SKU" and apply vlookup in that column "=VLOOKUP("Should be SKU...
  7. J

    IF and ROUNDUP together

    I only want to apply the ROUNDUP function when N8<O8, otherwise return N8. This formula returns N8 regardless, even if I swap the < for >. Can someone help with the correct syntax? =IF(N8<O8,ROUNDUP((O4*N5),0),N8)
  8. F

    VBA Copy Formatting and apply to all tabs

    Good morning, I found and adapted this macro to take the formatting from one tab and apply it to any existing tabs. I want to place this in a separate workbook, instead of having to add it into every workbook I apply it to. I can't figure out what to update. Could you please help me to update...
  9. M

    VBA Apply autofilter for non contiguous dynamic ranges?

    Hi I've inherited a 'badly formatted' document which they need to be able to filter on. Since the document has to remain in it's current state, I can't 'clean' using Get & Transform nor can I convert to a table ...both of which I would love to have done. Is there any way I can use VBA to add...
  10. D

    Apply formula to Column AJ as long as column A is populated

    I am trying to apply this formula to column AJ where column A is populated My sheet has headers and this formula will result in some blank AJ cells. Column A is always populated =IF(AK2<>"",CONCATENATE(($AK$1&": "),AK2)&CHAR(10),"")&IF(AL2<>"",CONCATENATE(($AL$1&"...
  11. B

    Date conversion from MS Project to MS Excel

    I have a task where I export data from MS Project into Excel. The date comes across as text and accompanied by "day" and "time." What is the best formula in Excel that I can apply against the exported "date" data that will strip the "day/time" off and convert the date to a true julian date...
  12. D

    Fill from one colour to another

    Is it possible to apply a fade from one colour to another on an active x command button?
  13. R

    What is in Column E determines Column F

    I want to have what value is entered in column E which is Yes, No, or Blank to dictate what is in column F to list Yes = HI, No = N/A, Blank = Blank. I figured out how to do if for a single cell but how do you apply it for the entire column E and R? Sub Network() If Range("E3").Value = "No"...
  14. J

    Conditional formatting range based on reference cell value

    Hi Everyone, I'm struggling with getting my conditional formatting formula to work. I want to highlight a range of cells based on the value in a reference cell. I've got the range DK6:DW6 that I want to highlight green if the value in K6 is "Yes" or leave alone if it's anything else. Then I...
  15. A

    Suppressing Zeros Macro

    I need help suppressing zeros on my worksheet. I created a formula =IF(ISBLANK(B8),"x",IF(OR(D8<>0,E8<>0,F8<>0,G8<>0,H8<>0,I8<>0,J8<>0,K8<>0,L8<>0,M8<>0,N8<>0,O8<>0,P8<>0,Q8<>0),"x","")) , then a macro that would apply the filter. Sheets("Forecast Detail").Select...
  16. F

    Apply a named range to worksheet

    I'm using a named range in the name manger to populate a dependent drop down box. How can I apply that named range to the worksheet? Instead of seeing all the values in the drop down box, I would like to see them in a column. I know I can typically just apply a named range just like a...
  17. S

    Conditional formatting problem

    Hi, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to Cells D4:D80 that would change colour based on the value in each cell being lees than or greater than the previous cell... i.e. if D4 is £25.00 and C4 is £20.00 then i want D4 to turn Green if its less I need it to turn red. I can manage to do...
  18. S

    Too many cell formats

    Hi I have a huge spreadsheet that has evolved over a while and which also included worksheets copied in from other workbooks. As a result, we keep getting the "Too Many Different Cell Formats" message meaning we are unable to apply any additional, new formats to cells without formatting. I...
  19. S

    Need help in use of IF function

    Hello Friends Today my Boss give me some work in excel but i face some problem in it. So i need your help. I have one excel file like below, <tbody> Amt % of Cash 48000 55 55000 65 32000 32 56000 80 110000 78 130000 90 250000 66 260000 74 </tbody> I have...
  20. J

    Conditional Formatting row by row

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with Columns A-Y. There will likely be thousands of rows, and Row 1 contains my headers. Column K features a drop-down menu with a handful of selections. One of the selections is "None." If "None" is selected on any row, there is no need for data in columns K-X, so I...

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