area chart

  1. B

    Dynamic Dates on Chart

    Hey everyone, I have a fixed table with dates (x-axis on desired chart) that go for several years into the future, but data (y-axis) that only goes a few months. This will be a working file where new data is added each month. I'd like an area chart to show the data across the dates that have...
  2. X

    Area graphs ends on axis mid point

    Hello Excel Gurus, I want the gray area to go through December column rather than stopping on the mid point. Any ideas how to do this neatly? see screenshot: Forever thankful to this amazing community, Xavier
  3. J

    Rotate Area Chart (Toggle X Y Axis) - Visulize a Funnel

    I've been looking for a solution to this interesting dilemma and I can't come up with a great solution... all I need to do is rotate my area chart... it's time that I opened up my question on MrExcel as I am truly out of ideas. Hoping one of you can help me solve this. I would appreciate any...
  4. V

    Power BI Visualizations - Combo multiple metrics in chart

    Hello, I have a char that I'm hoping to chart multiple metrics. A total, an average, and percentage. I've tried the line and bar chart but I'm not seeing the full capacity of the average dollars due to the difference in dollars compared to the total. If i lined it up side by side, then that...
  5. K

    Area Chart Help

    I am using dynamic ranges to make an area chart so that there is a cliff instead of a slope down to zero. It is mostly working but I haven't figured out how to have the cliff go up from zero if it doesn't start on the first point on the x-axis. If I use a dynamic range then it simply shifts...
  6. G

    how to create overlapping area chart showing only % using Mac version excel

    I need to create charts like this for each priceband. my questions : 1. how to show % on both vertical axis? 2. how to make both areas overlap so that when these areas combined, it shows the total share of that particular category ? I m using Mac - would appreciate if someone could show me...
  7. D

    Area Chart Data Label

    I have a 100% Stacked Area Chart in Excel and I would like to label each area instead of using a legend. When I turn on the Data Labels it defaults to show the values and when I go to "More Data Label Options..." and select "Series Name" it only applies to one Series at a time. I would also like...
  8. R

    Variable Column width with stacked columns

    <tbody> Income Next 3 months 4-12m 13-24m aa 100 bb 100 cc 100 dd 200 ee 300 ff 400 gg 500 hh 600 ii 200 jj 100 kk 200 ll 200 mm 100 nn 50 oo 50 pp 50 </tbody>
  9. J

    Dynamic area chart using IF statement

    I'm having trouble drawing an area chart that ends sharply at a specifided value rather than drawing a diagonal line down to zero. Let me explain I watched an Excellsfun youtube tutorial that used the IF statement to chart a subset of normal curve data as the second series in an area chart...
  10. D

    Take the area of a plot and mark a percentage (based on volume)

    Hi I have an area chart that has two series. I first want to calculate the area of the graph, or more specifically I want to calculate the area within the two series lines. I would then like to mark the point where it is 70% percent volume (of area) on the left and 30% vloume (of area) on...
  11. C

    [CHART] Area chart with #N/A data

    Hi there, Currently I'm working with an amount of data that corresponds with one data point every day in one year. Not every day is measured thus nothing is entered, some days can also be 0. Therefore I've made an if statement in the column next to the raw data column with an if statement...

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